Hotaru no Hikari 2

28 Sep

As we impatiently wait for Sungkyankwan Scandal subs to be completed, we decided to finish off Hotaru no Hikari 2.

The verdict: Honestly we kind of wished we didn’t watch the second season and allowed our imaginations to come to a satisfactory conclusion for Hotaru and Buchou’s HEA.

Eeeew how weird is Buchou’s and Hotaru’s relationship!? We swear if it wasn’t for Hotaru acting like a complete freak over the lack of intimacy in their relationship, Buchou would have been happy to have a platonic relationship with her forever. Also when this couple finally did share a kiss, it was lame arsed! Bawhahaha.  Their relationship was so strange and we swear- as much we adored this OTP in season 1, watching them as a couple was just plain freaky. Plus we really didn’t notice until they shared lots of air time together but we hate to admit it but Hotaru and Buchou share practically zero chemistry together… it was all a bit awkward and stiff. EEK!

As viewers, we were a little alienated by this OTPs very strange relationship- by the end of it all we wondered why they actually liked each other- yes they told each other enough times that they liked each other ect but we just didn’t see or get it. This definitely wasn’t helped by the fact the writers decided to present ideal and very likable love rivals both of whom we couldn’t help but hope ended up with the leads. Especially the lovely Seno played by Mukai Osamu; how could we not root for a guy who was the exact male version of Hotaru? – The guy understood her so well and god knows she doesn’t think like most. They complimented each other brilliantly and as we watched the drama we couldn’t help but wonder why Hotaru didn’t like Seno over Buchou, which isn’t a good sign for any drama.

Although season two had it’s funny moments and it’s always lovely to see characters that we love return, watching season two was a mistake and reminded us that sequels rarely work- even knowing this fact we couldn’t resist, damn our greedy ways!


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