Baker King: episodes 1-2

29 Sep

We started this drama without any expectations what’s so ever- if we liked it, great, if not, no worries there are plenty of other dramas around. However we’re happy to report, we’re pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it and definitely look forward to watching more of the same. Yep, we’re very aware that we’re a little late in regards to jumping on the BK bandwagon but we actually think this is a good thing, it allows us to judge for ourselves rather than be swayed by crazy fandom that naturally comes with 50+% viewership ratings.

So a few quick thoughts about Baker King-

In our opinion the drama gives off the same vibe as Shining Inheritance and Cinderella Unni (well when it was good anyway) combined. You’re presented with issues surrounding super rich families who also happen to have really screwed up family dynamics. Then there’s lots of focus on protecting and upholding the family legacy, throw in your standard greedy and manipulative characters and you get the picture.

 Being fans of family dramas we love the incredibly complicated and messed up family setup in this drama and we can’t resist family dramas that do angst, heart ache and betrayal really well because it’s always that much more personal when it’s within a family- so we definitely look forward to watching this ‘family’ interact in the course of this drama.

We really like the pace and feel of the drama. It’s so far got limited drag (thankfully) and it’s got a really good balance between serious and happy moments.

We really like how all the major characters have been presented so far. None of these characters are innocent (well except for the kids) – they have all done wrong one way or another  and as viewers its great watching these desperate characters be driven for so many reasons whether it’s by love or greed- sometimes both. It’s definitely refreshing to see that characters have been presented as neither strictly ‘good’ nor ‘bad’- which is so typical and boring of K-dramas in the past.

Although we’re at the start of the drama and it’s in the childhood proportion- we look forward to what these characters will become:

-Tak Goo is adorable -cheerful, funny and so sweet. How cute was it when he brought home the bread so he could share with his mother? Ahhh, so cute. 

-Yoo Kyung is shaping up to be a character that we will love as well. She’s an abuse victim with completely screwed up parents, plus Tak Goo’s first love. She will undoubtedly be completed messed up and bring lots of angsty goodness.

-Then there is the ‘legitimate’ heir to the family fortune (for now) – Ma Joon, who is currently a Korean version of Draco Malfoy. Bratty, rude and has that same evil smirk- we shudder at what he will become.  That said his upbringing hasn’t been a bed of roses with a seriously crazy grandma who openly hates him and an indifferent ‘father’.

Anyway we’re happy enough with how it’s progressing and look forward to seeing how the crazy madness unfolds over the course of the drama.


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