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That Love Comes

26 Oct

We checked out Joe Cheng’s new drama That Love Comes and it was lovely!

The drama is only 30 minutes per episode and in our opinion it has the distinct feel of a cute MV. The way it’s filmed and the interaction between the OTP is adorable and although the story is your typical story of girl meets boy- the simplicity of it all makes it’s really compelling to watch.

We’ve only ever seen Joe Cheng in It started with a Kiss and well frankly his character in that drama (any version) is hard to love but in this drama we can’t help but like him. There was a scene between him and his girlfriend where they’re breaking up and two things stood out for us:

 1. The girlfriend was a terrible actress who really needed to eat a sandwich and return to drama school asap.

2.  But more importantly- Joe Cheng is a really good actor very natural and when you’re watching him on screen you can’t help but be completely drawn in to what he’s saying or doing.

Although the story is very simple, we love the small things in the drama; like the way Joe Cheng‘s character stares at the leading lady with that look of intrigue, confusion and amusement rolled into one. We also love how their lives couldn’t be more different from each other but their feelings and thoughts reflect each other perfectly. Being the romantic saps that we are- we can’t resist a bit of serendipity between two people that ordinarily wouldn’t have met in life but find themselves drawn to each other- then again isn’t that every drama? No wonder we’re obsessed!     

Okay – we love the OTP, the way it’s filmed is rather indie and gives off a poetic vibe and did we mention that it’s only 30 minutes long!? We’re sold.


Secret Garden- trailer

25 Oct

As much as we dislike Hyun Bin- him playing a woman may be pretty interesting…

Drama rambles

23 Oct

Mary Stayed out All Night:

Did you see the trailer?! So much to mock, so little time. What’s with the waving, the leather skinny jeans and why the hell does Jang Geun Seok look like one of the girls!?

We’re hoping that the drama is so bad it’s good- we think it would be kind of sad if it’s actually quite good- where’s the fun in that, hey?! Muhahaha.

Secret Garden:

 We love the idea of a drama about soul swapping- add your usual OTP action, rich cold leading men/ high spirited hard done leading lady and we’re sold but why, why Hyun Bin?? Yes we’re in the very small minority that doesn’t swoon at the very sight of this man but we just don’t get it and from most of the dramas we’ve seen with him, he’s played a miserable git that takes far too long to be redeemed or made likable. (We took an instant dislike to him in MNIKSS).We would have loved it if Jang Hyuk was still on board- how good would that have been? Hehe.

Despite Hyun Bin and his stern ways-we definitely plan to check it out because as we said before we love the premise and haven’t seen a K-drama like this one before but also it’s by the same writers as City Hall which we loved! Yay.

Seriously- What’s with the OTP have matching haircuts? – Sadly it doesn’t look good on either of them.

Queen of Reversals:

Okay we checked this drama out for two reasons:

1. We loved Jung Joon Ho in My last Scandal. He was hilarious and had a feeling he would be just as good in this drama.  

2. Park Shi Hoo- Come on, he’s adorable!

Before we comment on the drama we just had to mention Jung Joon Ho’s appearance- He looks younger in this than he did in Scandal! It’s amazing how different he looks, he actually looks quite good.

Anyway back to the drama- first impressions:

– it was funny, with a good pace and a really nice assembled cast of characters- the way it’s presented and written is actually quite similar to The woman who still wants to marry– which we really enjoyed-  So it’s all looking good so far.

Lawyers of Korea- general thoughts:

We love Lee Sung Jae’s character Han Min Gook – he’s like a fishwife that snipes his way through the drama- He’s so funny and his crush on Yi Kyung is so sweet.  We’re still enjoying this drama and love the visual comedy on show – honestly it’s the small things that make this drama charming and worth tuning in for, also we pretty much love the entire extended cast as well- so many quirky characters to laugh at.

 We just watched the funniest man on man fight between Min Gook and Byun Hyuk aka love rival and we literally sat there laughing our butts off at how silly they both looked- like two old grannies brawling in a car park. It’s worth tuning in to the drama just to witness their fight.

Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea

21 Oct

We watched the first few episodes of Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea but we’re just going to call it Lawyers from here on out and you know what? We really enjoyed it!

The drama has lots going for it- first off, there is a great OTP (already) – They have plenty of chemistry and their scenes together are funny and charming.

The leading man played by Lee Sung Jae is brilliant in his role- naturally this being a K-drama he is a super rich business man with a somewhat bad temper. However he’s not typical in the sense that he’s cold and ruthless and then becomes soft as a marsh mellow due the influence his high spirited OTP. The drama has presented this misunderstood guy that is surprisingly compassionate (he has such a sweet relationship with his PA), plus he has an acid tongue- he gets some great lines in the drama.

The drama itself doesn’t take itself too seriously- it’s light and rather fluffy but at the same time the writing is sharp and funny and when each episode ends we want to watch the next episode, which is always a good sign for any drama.

We also like/ understand all of the major characters and do not (so far) have the urge to kill/ push them off a cliff! Plus the Love square is oh so sticky and complicated – you’ve got best friends, ex husbands, ex lovers- the works, we see it getting very messing in the near future. We can’t wait!

If we had one criticism it would be Lee Soo Kyung perm/ Ahjumma look. Boy, it’s distracting! However we’ll let that slide because we adore her and yes we’re aware we’ve seen far too many of this actress’s dramas but we swear it wasn’t on purpose, it just happened that way- promise!

 Oh dear! hahaha

Baker King final thoughts

21 Oct

Considering the majority of our posts lately have been about BK, it’s a clear indication of how much we enjoyed watching it and well when you’re sitting through a great episode of Scandal and you find yourself completely not interested because your thinking about Baker King and wondering WTF is going to happen next- you know it’s time to put aside any other dramas we’re watching or plan to watch (MUST WATCH DAEMUL  ASAP!) and finish this beast of a drama.

 So we finished it and we’re happy to report that we enjoyed it and can completely understand why it captivated a nation’s attention. Of course we must point out that it wasn’t perfect it and as we mentioned before it got a little silly towards the end but overall we adored this drama and would definitely recommend it to all drama obsessives out there.

Things we didn’t like:

-Ma Jun as a character- There is so much love for this guy and frankly its beyond our understanding why; because for us he played a villain right up to the very end and then he was ‘redeemed’ in the last couple episodes. Sorry, too little too late in our opinion. The guy spent the majority of the drama hating Tak Gu or scheming to do something evil, all so he can maintain his ‘rightful’ position as the head of Geosung Food. He threatened, blackmailed, cheated, lied, poisoned and stole his way through the drama and not once did he show any regret for his actions and we’re supposed to relate to a guy like that?! Really?

-Ma Jun and Yu Kyung as a couple- Once again, so much fan love for this dysfunctional pair but seriously we don’t get it at all. We would have been more than happy to ship this couple if we actually felt anything for them as a couple- it’s like the writers went from A- C and completely missed out B- where all the good stuff happens; such as any flipping development in their relationship!  Their relationship was rushed and difficult to understand- because aside from sexual chemistry- we were given very few romantic moments and definitely not enough for us to believe that these two will live HEA. Seriously, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ma Jun cheated on her again for some petty reason or Yu Kyung decides to abandoned him after taking his crap one day too many.


Yes, we get it- they’re both broken characters brought together through mutual misery but for us their relationship was missing vital substance to make it believable or even relatable. His relationship with Yu Kyang should have been that one redeeming factor that made all of Ma Jun’s evil doings in the past forgivable because he truly loves this one very broken person but he managed to screw that up too with his cheating and staying out most nights after their wedding- Which was completely an ego factor (again). These two as a couple  really needed to see a Therapist rather than a Vicar!

-Tak gu’s mother got so annoying in the middle- It was completely an UGH! moment- when she decided that maybe she shouldn’t reveal herself to her son because she might ruin his chances of success! Despite having a brilliant mother/ son reunion- which we loved, but we have to say, it was seriously dragged out.

-Tak Gu’s father spent multiple episodes ‘sleeping’ to find out the truth- really, that’s the best the writers could think of? 

Highlights from the drama:

-Tak Gu as a character- simple as that. We didn’t think we could love his character as much as his younger version but grown up Tak Gu managed to convey the innocence and charm of his younger self as well as add that rough edge exterior from having spent so many years by himself. He had great lines in the drama- managing to make us laugh and cry all at once and when we watched him on screen we could understand why everyone loved him. He definitely lived up to the expectations of being named after the drama. Yoon Shi Yoon and Oh Jae Moo both did a great job considering they are both relative new comers. We definitely look forward to seeing what they do next.  

-This drama had by far the best reunion between a parent and child we’ve seen in a drama in ages. Both separate reunions with Tak Gu and his mother and father were utterly perfect- so heartfelt, poignant and it made the wait well worth it. Loved it!

-The Yang family- Tak Gu’s adoptive family. We have nothing but total love for this family. The drama just kept knocking Tak Gu down and then suddenly the Yang family were introduced and finally someone was around to watch his back and take care of him for once.

Special mentions have to go to:

Master Pal Bong- what a sweet relationship Tak Gu shared with this old man. The man took him under his wing when he most needed someone and as a pair they shared some really touching scenes together. We dare you not to get a little misty eyed while watching their final scene together.  

Mi Sun- Adored her relationship with Tak Gu- For us this drama wasn’t about romance at all, so we’re not disappointed at all that more wasn’t made of their relationship. She was his constant friend who was always around through all the madness that surrounded his life. They were so cute together as a couple and we were more than pleased with how their relationship was handled at the end. Not cheesy but satisfying enough for all those romantics out there who may have felt cheated.

Wind Mill- okay not technically a Yang- but how great was his complicated relationship with Tak Gu?! The guy went from villain to saviour through the course of 30 episodes and managed to definitely become one of our favourite characters in the drama.

-We absolutely loved how the writers handled Seo In Sook and Manager Han’s punishment at the end of the drama- so good! The evil pair spent far too much time on top  carrying out crazy plans to make sure that their precious son kept the company as his own. We particularly loved Manager Han’s downfall. He started off as bad but with some compassion but by the end of it he was stark raving mad! Brilliant viewing.

For us, this drama had some of the best elements that we look for in our K-dramas-

It was well acted by all, excellent writing (except for a few hiccups here and there), outrageously addictive and so very OTT. More importantly it had plenty of heart- the drama managed that rare ability to make you laugh and cry in the same episode and get you so emotionally invested in the characters that you will no doubt want to carry on to the very end and see how it all pans out. We thoroughly enjoyed this drama and if you’re not one of the 50+% who haven’t already watched it- what are you waiting for?!

The year of the over hyped?

19 Oct

We feared that Baker King was going to go down the drain in the final few episodes as it had descended into sheer stupidity from  episodes 23- 27, however by some miracle the drama managed to salvaged  it’s self to have a satisfactory ending (thank goodness). Which we’re so pleased about because seriously what has been up with the dramas in 2010… So promising but completely failed to deliver.

Here are our list of dramas  which we had the misfortune of watching from 2010’s drama line up that we either utterly loved for like a split second but the drama quickly became crap or dramas that were tipped to be soooo good but turned out to rubbish or sleep inducing boring.

Cinderella Unni– By the end of it all it was painful viewing to say the least- wtf happened to this drama?? Those who watched will surely agree that this drama started off so well- all the angst, pain and so many sweet OTP moments but then they did the time leap and well it became a mess of melodrama at its worse- irrational behaviour, multiple crying scenes and a OTP that needed to have their heads banged together!

Oh! My Lady– Siwon and Chae Rim together- personal assistant and mega rich super star as the OTP, Siwon topless, plus a really cute child- sold. The reality- so boring!

 (She is so cute!)

I am Legend– it was completely buzzed about for months before it aired and we actually looked forward to the premise and we were pleasantly surprised by the first two episodes but honestly, what a waste of time- Don’t watch this drama people, it’s not very good! We wished we knew this before we watched it, we could have saved ourselves 16 hours!

Down with Love– so much fan love- the drama was even leaked online with fans going crazy viewing it but WHY, WHY, why? It was so pointless. The thing that makes us angry is the facts that we watched it all and each episode was an hour and a half! We are fools. We hang our heads in shame with this drama.

Personal Preference– Oh, Lee Min Ho, we had withdrawal symptoms after we finished BOF and we looked forward to PP soooo much but what was that about!? Apparently it gets better in the middle but still… we had such high hopes- man we can’t wait for City Hunter in January!

(He’s cute too)

P.S MAN– our other T-drama of 2010- it was an unexpected drama that we knew zero about and we fell quickly in love but after episode 10, the love quickly died as we only stuck around because we had a seriously unhealthy obsession with the Love rival and leading lady’s relationship that kept us glued to our seat, oh we can’t forget Blue Lan’s outrageous hair which seemed to become more and more out of control as the weeks past- he needed a comb asap! 

Hotaru No Hikari 2– Oh dear, what the hell was that about? EEEEW creepy OTP behaviour alert.

THE MOST AKWARD KISS EVER. We wish we never found out about this OTP HEA. SO WEIRD.

Plan B– Rain’s first drama in forever- the hype for this drama had its own hype that’s how crazy the expectation was!   Who are we kidding? We wanted to watch this drama because of Lee Jung Jin– sadly for us the drama looked pretty but has no substance at all. Plus as much as we can appreciate Daniel Henney- the guy can’t act to save his life!

Playful Kiss– Possibly the most hyped of all dramas of 2010?? For good and bad reasons we guess- the bad reasons- everyone wanted to see whether Ji Hoo sunbae’s acting had improved from his BOF days (well it couldn’t get worse could it? hehe) and for some strange reason the actual story is outrageously popular, which we totally don’t get.  To be fair, we gave it a shot, god knows there was plenty to mock but sadly for Ji Hoo Sunbae and the drama makers, it just didn’t work…for apparently anyone!

Gloria– Such borrring characters! When a rich business man/topless street fighter can’t hold our attention you know you’re in trouble! Not to mention the fact that the leading lady sang the same crappy song for 8 bloody episodes- BADLY!

Oh dear, we think we may have spent more time bitching about 2010 dramas than we actually spent gushing about them. A sad time for all drama obsessed fans- here’s hoping 2011 looks brighter. 

Mary Stayed Out All night

17 Oct


Baker King

12 Oct

Sorry, we really wanted to ship you but it’s just not going to happen anytime soon.

We’re really sorry all you Ma Jun and Yu Kyung lovers out there but we refuse to ship this couple. We get it- they’re both crazy screwed up and when crazy and crazier are in a room together their chemistry is super HOT and Ma Jun looks like he just wants to throw her against a wall and take her there and then but as individuals we can’t stand them, so watching them together just turns us off completely.

Okay we don’t actually dislike Yu Kyung- we think she’s a pretty great character; she’s completely damaged, complicated and as a character she does the tortured look of desperation so well- she constantly looks like she’s trying to reign in all the anger and hate within her and be ‘good’ but it’s hard when you’re

 a. mentally screwed up from years of abuse and

 b. You’ve literally got someone just as messed up as you, telling you to get revenge.

We loved that scene where she went to Evil in carnet aka Seo In Sook and asked her to apologise or live with the consequences, Brilliant- so twisted and smart. Our only problem with her is the way she went about it all. She should have broken up with Tak Gu and made it clear she chose Ma Jun rather than allow him to ever have the opportunity to find out the way he did. After all Tak Gu happened to be the only good thing in her life- why on earth would she risk it and allow the one person who actually cared about her get hurt? We get that she’s messed up, but she’s smarter than that and she obviously knows how rare a guy like Tak Gu actually is.

The thing about Ma Jun we can’t stand is the fact that- yes, he’s life is/was pretty rubbish but it’s nothing in comparison to what Tak Gu and Yu Kyung have suffered in the past but in this drama he is the most screwed up and regardless of the number of times Tak Gu has forgiven him or taken his crap- Ma Jun will always throw it back in his face and go out of his way to do something worst to the guy!

He’s turning into such a villain that we find it near impossible to even allow ourselves to relate to him and let it slide just because we understand why he’s so messed up.

Ma Jun not telling his father about Tak Gu is pretty bad but we’ll let that slide, snatching Yu Kyung away from him is completely rotten considering he knows full well how smitten he is about her BUT buying poison to remove his sense of smell is EVIL! How could he go out of his way to do such a thing!? Then when Tak Gu is fed some of his poison he calmly claims that: IT’S HIS FATE! What a villain- what a rotten, crazy loser. UGH. It sounds harsh but we really can’t stand bullies who take it upon themselves to bully those weaker than themselves just because it will make them feel better.

So regardless of how compelling their OTP relationship is, we can’t bring ourselves to ship this couple at all. They can both get together and live miserably ever after with matching evil glares and twin couple T-shirts (designer of course) which read: How can we hurt Tak Gu some more?

So aside from hating on pathetic Ma Jun whenever he’s on screen we have to mention Tak Gu and his father’s reunion! Oh, it was so heartfelt and emotional- we absolutely loved it and we sat there with a lump in throats completely loving this perfect reunion. The last time we were so touched by a reunion was Eun Soo and her Brother/ father reunion in Shining Inheritance– just perfect but seriously, we think that Tak Gu and his father’s reunion may just rival that reunion because it was that good. The thing that made it so heartfelt was the fact that they both thought that the other didn’t want anything to do with them but as individuals they loved each other dearly- so for them to come together when Tak Gu was probably at his lowest point was perfect, not to mention the fact that his father sat their crying his eyes out while trying his bread! Ahhhhh, it was sooo good.

This drama sure knows how to make you laugh one minute and then want to cry your eyes out the next…  we bow down to you drama writers, you did good, now don’t ruin the end!

Marry, Shag or Cliff?- 2010 dramas

11 Oct

We don’t know about everyone else but this year has gone by far too quickly and in regards to dramas it’s been a mixed bag of good, bad but mostly disappointing and naturally the general lists/ reviews of the dramas viewed this year are being formed and well of course we’re right there forming our lists. We thought we’d start off with a silly but fun list in the form of:

 Marry, Shag OR Cliff? -2010 dramas viewed

 Oooh, so many drama guys to pick from, sooo little time. Hehehe

So for those who don’t know about this unashamedly superficial game- it’s quite self explanatory in the sense that we select standout drama guys from our dramas viewed from 2010  and choose whether we would Marry, Shag or throw them over a cliff. If we’re honest we have a feeling that 2010 provided us with more drama guys that deserved to be thrown over a cliff than shagged, which a shame but there you go.

Marry list: The dramas were absolute crap and a complete waste of time but for these guys we endured them because we crush on them badly and only wish were half as lucky as their leading ladies.

Down With Love’s Jerry Yan– oh dear, our crush on this guy is irrational and we may need to seek medical help because we hate to admit the fact that we sat through the whole of this really, really rubbish drama and also we never thought we’d ever say we were jealous of Ella but man she was one lucky girl in this drama! He played such a sweetheart and looked so good- that of course we would have to marry him- come on- just look at him!

 P.S Man’s James Wen– There was an actual poll for this guy to get the girl in the drama- that’s how passionately people felt about this guy! He happened to share HOT chemistry with the leading lady and made Blue Lan look like an idiot in practically every scene they shared together. His character was hot, rich and the guy nearly died trying to save the leading lady’s life, only for her to dump him for crazy haired Blue Lan- who wore the ugliest outfits ever and looked like he literally just woke up in every scene he was in!

My country calls’s Ryu Jin– Our favourite love rival for 2010, sooo funny and we really did want him to get the girl. So of course we want to marry him, but we fear that he may run off in the middle of the night with another man because of his fashion sense and mannerisms are questionable to say the least (Jang Geun Suk) hehehe

Shag list:

Ummmmm, this is kind of hard because well this year few drama guys have ignited the pervert in us enough to crush on them badly that we would want to shag and discard but we’ll try our best, hehehe:

Oh! My Lady’s Si Won– technically we watched the first episode but it brought out the narcoleptic in us, it was that boring but Si Won will always make our Shag list because honestly look at him! So hot, have you seen him topless (crazy)? He can sing, dance and act (ish) – we would happily have him any day. Hehehe. 

Que Sera, Sera’s Eric– Not a 2010 drama but we watched it this year and well it’s our game so our picks. The brooding stares, the insane chemistry and DID YOU SEE THAT KISS IN THE RAIN SCENE?!!! How can we resist..

Sungkyankwan Scandal Crazy horse/Yoo Ah In– We would rather marry him but we have a feeling that he would be too temperamental to live with but we can’t help ourselves and we would happily shag him because we adore him.

Cliff list (our favourite selection!):

Gloria’s  Suh Ji Suk– The guy is rich, good looking and a street fighter shown topless multiple times in a drama. But still nothing!!!! This android actor needs to be thrown off a cliff and land straight on top of Ji Hoo Sunbae. Hopefully they both go hand in hand to find a drama teacher!

P.S Man’s Blue Lan– What happened to this “man”? He looked sooo bad throughout this drama. It was the only thing that kept us watching. For god sake he constantly wore shoes without socks and  don’t get us started on all the zebra prints he wore.

Cinderella Unni’s Moon Geun Young – She was the only real man of the show. She was so screwed up she spent half the time crying in a dark corner or rejecting her OTP, for that she needs to be thrown off a cliff and made to lose her memory K drama style!!

Honourable mentions:

Loving you’s Jung Gyu Woon – Kang Ho is perfect husband material, so adorable! If he can get over the fact that you had a baby with his brother and was willing to give up his whole family then you know he’s a keeper!

Pasta’s- Chep/ Lee Sun Gyun – Prime example of Shag and discard! He so temperamental that we would end up killing each other… not before a quick shag though!!

Down with love’s Chin strap– His face just pissed us off every time we saw him, he would be off the cliff first. Ugly love rivals HOW DARE THEY!!!

And finally Roy Qiu and Go Soo– Just because… *giggles*


Quick Drama ramble

9 Oct

Aside from Baker King, we’ve really not had a chance to watch anything else- which isn’t a bad thing because BK pretty much rocks and is outrageously addictive. However we found some stead-ish links for Sungkyankwan Scandal with English subs- so yay, we can return to fan girling on this gem of a show. More people need to watch this drama, it’s so good and well considering this year has had so many promising dramas which fizzled out super quickly, people should know about the dramas that are actually worth watching rather than the overexposed ones- ahem… Playful Kiss and Oh! My Lady.  

Speaking of such dramas, it looks like Runaway has an all round poor first episode review for practically all sources;  the dramas said to be- all looks, no substance, lacks soul ect ect. Also the negative reviews/ opinions seem to be reflected in the ratings for episode 2 as it dropped drastically- yikes! Poor Rain, better luck next time.

However more promising news is the fact that Dae Mul is doing well both in regards to the ratings as well as the actual drama- hurray. Although we’ve been harping on about watching Dae Mul for months now, if we’re honest, we were a little put off by the promo material, especially the trailer. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t how we envisioned it and KSW in the shiny gold suit was…weird and tacky. Also we really don’t like the idea of watching Lee Soo Kyung as a conniving love rival (we love her- we adored Soulmate and My Country Calls). However we’re always ones to cheer for substance over star power, so we’re pleased that it’s doing well and as soon as we get a chance we intend to watch this drama. Seriously, there is not enough time to feed our outrageous obsession!

Shame about Runaway– we won’t get to watch Lee Jung Jin in action- we like him J

Okay, a quick mention of the only drama we actually watched in the last couple weeks:

Baker King- Everyone knows we can’t resist a bit of Bromance-

What’s a girl to do when bromance is thrown into the works? Oh dear we were resided to the fact that we would dislike Ma Jun wholeheartedly and then the writers go and throw in tonnes of bromance making it impossible not to soften to the scary eyed illegitimate heir/ son of evil in carnet!

Just look at the follow shots- Hello, there is a double shower scene, PLUS a very intimate bed shot, hahaha.- drama makers we salute you for giving us exactly what we want.

Shame all goods have to come to an end and Ma Jun has to return to being a complete git to Tak Gu. It was nice while it lasted.