Dr. Champ- episode 2

4 Oct

Before we say anything about the episode- we too noticed Jung Gyu Woon’s SPOCK EARS! Hahaha- He provided us with a great deal of laughs in this episode, sadly for all the wrong reasons. Jokes aside from his appearance, people need to stop bitching about this guy’s acting- he really isn’t that bad! We can list off several actors that definitely come before him on that list ahem… Kim Hyun Joong and Han Ye Seul. As we’ve mentioned before we adored him in Loving you a Thousand Times and really can’t work out why there are so many haters for this guy- it’s totally beyond us. Sure he’s not going to win any Oscars anytime soon but it’s not like he’s offensive to the senses like Jang Geun Suk (we’ll stop now, we promise!!) Haha.

Okay back to episode 2 of Dr. Champ- maybe it’s because we’re completely engrossed in two OTT K-dramas at the moment (Baker King and Sungkyankwan Scandal) but this drama kind of leaves us completely underwhelmed. It’s nice enough that we enjoy sitting down and watching it when it’s on- it’s pretty to look at, the writing muddles along nicely and the acting (yes including JGW) is good BUT it all feels very paint by numbers K-drama style. In the sense that you have the following K-drama set ups:

1. A tough, hardworking leading lady finds herself in an awkward setting working with her future OTP, of whom she didn’t hit it off on the best of circumstances.

2. An adorable Love rival who is already smitten with the leading lady, even though she’s shown little to no interest at all in him.

3. A leading man that is confident, damaged and annoys the leading lady to no ends until their bickering turns to love and they live HEA- well not before a wrist grab, a hug and an awkward kiss( of course)

4. A past love that happens to be in the picture- who is always around to make the leading lady jealous/ uncomfortable and make the leading man brood miserably about their precious love that she abandoned.

5. Finally- naturally they all happen to work in very close proximity and will constantly run into each other allowing for awkward exchanges and distance stares of longing (Sooo, Que Sera, Sera).

We get it that this is the general formula for K-dramas and of course we don’t mind this or else we wouldn’t be here blogging our obsession but this drama needs to inject something into it to compel us enough to want to stay tuned in- it’s lacking ‘the drama’ in K-drama- You really don’t feel connected to these characters at all and we don’t care when people say…there have only been two episodes– hello the best dramas have you hooked and emotionally invested in their characters in episode 1!

That said we’ve going to watch another couple episodes just to see how Uhm Tae Woong and Kim So Yeon interact as a future OTP as they have so far shared little air time. We actually think they will share really good chemistry from what we’ve seen already. Plus we wouldn’t mind watching UTW for a little while longer- the guy screams leading man and although his character is a rip off of House, it’s nice to see him play such a funny and quirky character. You never know we may have to backtrack after watching the next lot of episodes; it wouldn’t be the first time! J


One Response to “Dr. Champ- episode 2”

  1. att123 October 5, 2010 at 6:59 pm #

    I can’t wait to see their interactions as well! I really like both of the actors so its really amazing that they’re in the same drama AND the otp as well!

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