Baker King

12 Oct

Sorry, we really wanted to ship you but it’s just not going to happen anytime soon.

We’re really sorry all you Ma Jun and Yu Kyung lovers out there but we refuse to ship this couple. We get it- they’re both crazy screwed up and when crazy and crazier are in a room together their chemistry is super HOT and Ma Jun looks like he just wants to throw her against a wall and take her there and then but as individuals we can’t stand them, so watching them together just turns us off completely.

Okay we don’t actually dislike Yu Kyung- we think she’s a pretty great character; she’s completely damaged, complicated and as a character she does the tortured look of desperation so well- she constantly looks like she’s trying to reign in all the anger and hate within her and be ‘good’ but it’s hard when you’re

 a. mentally screwed up from years of abuse and

 b. You’ve literally got someone just as messed up as you, telling you to get revenge.

We loved that scene where she went to Evil in carnet aka Seo In Sook and asked her to apologise or live with the consequences, Brilliant- so twisted and smart. Our only problem with her is the way she went about it all. She should have broken up with Tak Gu and made it clear she chose Ma Jun rather than allow him to ever have the opportunity to find out the way he did. After all Tak Gu happened to be the only good thing in her life- why on earth would she risk it and allow the one person who actually cared about her get hurt? We get that she’s messed up, but she’s smarter than that and she obviously knows how rare a guy like Tak Gu actually is.

The thing about Ma Jun we can’t stand is the fact that- yes, he’s life is/was pretty rubbish but it’s nothing in comparison to what Tak Gu and Yu Kyung have suffered in the past but in this drama he is the most screwed up and regardless of the number of times Tak Gu has forgiven him or taken his crap- Ma Jun will always throw it back in his face and go out of his way to do something worst to the guy!

He’s turning into such a villain that we find it near impossible to even allow ourselves to relate to him and let it slide just because we understand why he’s so messed up.

Ma Jun not telling his father about Tak Gu is pretty bad but we’ll let that slide, snatching Yu Kyung away from him is completely rotten considering he knows full well how smitten he is about her BUT buying poison to remove his sense of smell is EVIL! How could he go out of his way to do such a thing!? Then when Tak Gu is fed some of his poison he calmly claims that: IT’S HIS FATE! What a villain- what a rotten, crazy loser. UGH. It sounds harsh but we really can’t stand bullies who take it upon themselves to bully those weaker than themselves just because it will make them feel better.

So regardless of how compelling their OTP relationship is, we can’t bring ourselves to ship this couple at all. They can both get together and live miserably ever after with matching evil glares and twin couple T-shirts (designer of course) which read: How can we hurt Tak Gu some more?

So aside from hating on pathetic Ma Jun whenever he’s on screen we have to mention Tak Gu and his father’s reunion! Oh, it was so heartfelt and emotional- we absolutely loved it and we sat there with a lump in throats completely loving this perfect reunion. The last time we were so touched by a reunion was Eun Soo and her Brother/ father reunion in Shining Inheritance– just perfect but seriously, we think that Tak Gu and his father’s reunion may just rival that reunion because it was that good. The thing that made it so heartfelt was the fact that they both thought that the other didn’t want anything to do with them but as individuals they loved each other dearly- so for them to come together when Tak Gu was probably at his lowest point was perfect, not to mention the fact that his father sat their crying his eyes out while trying his bread! Ahhhhh, it was sooo good.

This drama sure knows how to make you laugh one minute and then want to cry your eyes out the next…  we bow down to you drama writers, you did good, now don’t ruin the end!


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