Baker King final thoughts

21 Oct

Considering the majority of our posts lately have been about BK, it’s a clear indication of how much we enjoyed watching it and well when you’re sitting through a great episode of Scandal and you find yourself completely not interested because your thinking about Baker King and wondering WTF is going to happen next- you know it’s time to put aside any other dramas we’re watching or plan to watch (MUST WATCH DAEMUL  ASAP!) and finish this beast of a drama.

 So we finished it and we’re happy to report that we enjoyed it and can completely understand why it captivated a nation’s attention. Of course we must point out that it wasn’t perfect it and as we mentioned before it got a little silly towards the end but overall we adored this drama and would definitely recommend it to all drama obsessives out there.

Things we didn’t like:

-Ma Jun as a character- There is so much love for this guy and frankly its beyond our understanding why; because for us he played a villain right up to the very end and then he was ‘redeemed’ in the last couple episodes. Sorry, too little too late in our opinion. The guy spent the majority of the drama hating Tak Gu or scheming to do something evil, all so he can maintain his ‘rightful’ position as the head of Geosung Food. He threatened, blackmailed, cheated, lied, poisoned and stole his way through the drama and not once did he show any regret for his actions and we’re supposed to relate to a guy like that?! Really?

-Ma Jun and Yu Kyung as a couple- Once again, so much fan love for this dysfunctional pair but seriously we don’t get it at all. We would have been more than happy to ship this couple if we actually felt anything for them as a couple- it’s like the writers went from A- C and completely missed out B- where all the good stuff happens; such as any flipping development in their relationship!  Their relationship was rushed and difficult to understand- because aside from sexual chemistry- we were given very few romantic moments and definitely not enough for us to believe that these two will live HEA. Seriously, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ma Jun cheated on her again for some petty reason or Yu Kyung decides to abandoned him after taking his crap one day too many.


Yes, we get it- they’re both broken characters brought together through mutual misery but for us their relationship was missing vital substance to make it believable or even relatable. His relationship with Yu Kyang should have been that one redeeming factor that made all of Ma Jun’s evil doings in the past forgivable because he truly loves this one very broken person but he managed to screw that up too with his cheating and staying out most nights after their wedding- Which was completely an ego factor (again). These two as a couple  really needed to see a Therapist rather than a Vicar!

-Tak gu’s mother got so annoying in the middle- It was completely an UGH! moment- when she decided that maybe she shouldn’t reveal herself to her son because she might ruin his chances of success! Despite having a brilliant mother/ son reunion- which we loved, but we have to say, it was seriously dragged out.

-Tak Gu’s father spent multiple episodes ‘sleeping’ to find out the truth- really, that’s the best the writers could think of? 

Highlights from the drama:

-Tak Gu as a character- simple as that. We didn’t think we could love his character as much as his younger version but grown up Tak Gu managed to convey the innocence and charm of his younger self as well as add that rough edge exterior from having spent so many years by himself. He had great lines in the drama- managing to make us laugh and cry all at once and when we watched him on screen we could understand why everyone loved him. He definitely lived up to the expectations of being named after the drama. Yoon Shi Yoon and Oh Jae Moo both did a great job considering they are both relative new comers. We definitely look forward to seeing what they do next.  

-This drama had by far the best reunion between a parent and child we’ve seen in a drama in ages. Both separate reunions with Tak Gu and his mother and father were utterly perfect- so heartfelt, poignant and it made the wait well worth it. Loved it!

-The Yang family- Tak Gu’s adoptive family. We have nothing but total love for this family. The drama just kept knocking Tak Gu down and then suddenly the Yang family were introduced and finally someone was around to watch his back and take care of him for once.

Special mentions have to go to:

Master Pal Bong- what a sweet relationship Tak Gu shared with this old man. The man took him under his wing when he most needed someone and as a pair they shared some really touching scenes together. We dare you not to get a little misty eyed while watching their final scene together.  

Mi Sun- Adored her relationship with Tak Gu- For us this drama wasn’t about romance at all, so we’re not disappointed at all that more wasn’t made of their relationship. She was his constant friend who was always around through all the madness that surrounded his life. They were so cute together as a couple and we were more than pleased with how their relationship was handled at the end. Not cheesy but satisfying enough for all those romantics out there who may have felt cheated.

Wind Mill- okay not technically a Yang- but how great was his complicated relationship with Tak Gu?! The guy went from villain to saviour through the course of 30 episodes and managed to definitely become one of our favourite characters in the drama.

-We absolutely loved how the writers handled Seo In Sook and Manager Han’s punishment at the end of the drama- so good! The evil pair spent far too much time on top  carrying out crazy plans to make sure that their precious son kept the company as his own. We particularly loved Manager Han’s downfall. He started off as bad but with some compassion but by the end of it he was stark raving mad! Brilliant viewing.

For us, this drama had some of the best elements that we look for in our K-dramas-

It was well acted by all, excellent writing (except for a few hiccups here and there), outrageously addictive and so very OTT. More importantly it had plenty of heart- the drama managed that rare ability to make you laugh and cry in the same episode and get you so emotionally invested in the characters that you will no doubt want to carry on to the very end and see how it all pans out. We thoroughly enjoyed this drama and if you’re not one of the 50+% who haven’t already watched it- what are you waiting for?!


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