Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea

21 Oct

We watched the first few episodes of Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea but we’re just going to call it Lawyers from here on out and you know what? We really enjoyed it!

The drama has lots going for it- first off, there is a great OTP (already) – They have plenty of chemistry and their scenes together are funny and charming.

The leading man played by Lee Sung Jae is brilliant in his role- naturally this being a K-drama he is a super rich business man with a somewhat bad temper. However he’s not typical in the sense that he’s cold and ruthless and then becomes soft as a marsh mellow due the influence his high spirited OTP. The drama has presented this misunderstood guy that is surprisingly compassionate (he has such a sweet relationship with his PA), plus he has an acid tongue- he gets some great lines in the drama.

The drama itself doesn’t take itself too seriously- it’s light and rather fluffy but at the same time the writing is sharp and funny and when each episode ends we want to watch the next episode, which is always a good sign for any drama.

We also like/ understand all of the major characters and do not (so far) have the urge to kill/ push them off a cliff! Plus the Love square is oh so sticky and complicated – you’ve got best friends, ex husbands, ex lovers- the works, we see it getting very messing in the near future. We can’t wait!

If we had one criticism it would be Lee Soo Kyung perm/ Ahjumma look. Boy, it’s distracting! However we’ll let that slide because we adore her and yes we’re aware we’ve seen far too many of this actress’s dramas but we swear it wasn’t on purpose, it just happened that way- promise!

 Oh dear! hahaha


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