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Mary stayed out all night: episode 5

28 Nov

Only one episode this week- yep we were disappointed as well, it’s easy to get caught up in all the cuteness that is this drama. However we still thoroughly enjoyed episode 5.

Episode 5 gave us the following highlights:

The funniest piggy back ride ever! Mae Ri’s dad stole the show with his stinking drunk performance, the whole sequence was better than any of Mae Ri’s piggy back rides combined.

Second best thing about this episode was Moo Kyul jealousy! Yep, finally Mae Ri is getting some romantic attention from the men around her. YAY. We love the pace of their relationship- she’s taken over his life and now he spends half his time thinking about her and doing crazy things like carrying her drunk father home or dealing with a love rival who wants his fake wife -of course. Seriously only in a K-drama will it get so messy (but so good).

We got a Mae Ri makeover- usually in dramas there is a big reveal and everyone is amazed by the transformation but this one was a little low key for our liking- however we did approve of Jung In’s facial expression when he clasped eyes on her.

Jung In as a character has slowly grown on us over the weeks. Yes, he’s still very much an Android actor and really needs to loosen up but we kind of like the way he sometimes looks at Mae Ri when she’s not aware- it’s a lovely look of curiosity at the things she does or says. Also we liked the whole scene where he tried to leave her a note- He was trying to be all cool and manly about it all, totally thinking way too much about the action but instead it came across completely awkward and definitely allowed us to see past his fake ‘I will have you, Mae Ri’ facade- which btw is still UGH.

If we had a complaints it would be the fact that the drama needs to crank up the overall pace and inject some form of action to the storyline or else the drama will forever be trapped in this lull of cuteness. Which will definitely get boring really quickly and that would be a complete waste of such a talented and pretty cast of actors.


Secret Garden episode 3-4

26 Nov

The writers of past favourites such as City Hall do not disappoint here- we love how the drama is all about this OTP and everything else is a distant second. As individuals they are great but together it’s magic! Ooo, it’s been so long since we’ve watched such a hot OTP together and we couldn’t be happier to watch an eccentric man/child fall head over heels for a tough but vulnerable woman who can’t quite shake off the HOT chemistry. What makes it even more appealing and refreshing for a K-drama is the fact that their relationship is so brutally honest and stripped bare of any facades.

Their relationship is outrageously twisted with insults and physical violence but seriously that makes it all the more intriguing when you see the way they look at each other… come on admit it- it wasn’t just us that thought they were going to rip each other’s clothes off and do the dirty against the dressing room wall, how intense was that scene!!? Ooo it was so good. It’s all very Que Sera, Sera like, which is most definitely a good thing in our opinion.

We love how he’s angry at her for:

a. Him being attracted to her.

b. Him being completely unable to work her out. You can literally see his brain tick as it tries to understand her actions.

c. Her being completely unsuitable for him.

Despite all of the reasons above he just can’t seem to stop thinking about her– we loved when he asked his doctor/friend what love sickness was like, how cute was that scene- even though he acts like a 1st class idiot half the time (don’t get us started on the bag incident!), we love how the drama inserts all these really adorable scenes which reveal his endearing and innocent side- which makes it near impossible not to love him as our leading man.

Other thoughts:

-We actually really like Oska’s relationship with both leads. We love how Joo Won has Oska of all people as his romantic confidante- he has to be the most inappropriate person to ask romantic advice from ever. HA! We also like his rather sweet relationship with Ra Im. We adore how she regresses into a shy love struck school girl around him; it adds that extra layer to her character and is definitely a great contrast to the way she is with Joo Won.

-We have zero interest in the Oska and Tae Ssun storyline what so ever. However Oska’s dance workout was funny to watch!

Favourite quote by miles:

‘I find you puzzling and amazing and right now I’m a mad man.’

Love, love, love this OTP!

As you can gather we’re enjoying the drama and definitely look forward to next week.

The Fierce Wife

22 Nov


Is anyone watching the new currently airing T-drama- The Fierce Wife? More importantly is it worth checking out?

 It’s got Sonia Sui and James Wen together AGAIN! Looks like the network took notice of all the fan love for this couple and decided to cash in on it.  

Let’s face it; the best thing about P.S Man was Sonia Sui and James Wen’s unbelievable chemistry. It totally eclipsed the OTP’s relationship and the public were completely and utterly obsessed with this couple- there was even a poll!  So the news that these two actors are playing a OTP in a new currently airing drama will no doubt make lots of James Wen fangirls very happy. Hehe.

The actual concept is pretty iffy for our liking – It’s about a couple (Sui and Wen) who are happily married until he cheats on her with her cousin, which results in a bitter divorce and a battle of wits and love.

Which all sounds a little ummmmm??? When dramas have their leading men as cheaters, there’s a thin line and well it could all go horribly wrong. However it could be quite good, we can’t resist OTPs that share great chemistry but absolutely hate each other for the majority of the drama and then live happily ever after, of course.  

We plan to check out the first episode and report back. Heres hoping that it’s worth watching because seriously we’ve been wishing for a Sui/Wen drama ever since P.S Man finished months ago and its looks like we’re in luck. Yay!

Mary stayed out all night- episode 3-4

20 Nov

We really like how the drama has kicked up a gear and given the love rivals some substance, although we do adore practically every scene between Moo Kyul and Mae Ri and could spend 16 episodes just watching these two interact, we’re pleased that the drama officially introduced the LOVE SQUARE.

We have Mae Ri and Moo Kyul who are just the most adorable couple on screen – they happen to share really natural, lovely chemistry- it doesn’t feel forced at all and their conversations are so ordinary but at same time completely random that it’s utterly engaging and we just want Moo Kyul to hurry up and realise how great Mae Ri is.

Then you have the love rivals and at first we naturally assumed that they would be your standard annoying LRs that cut into the air time of our cute OTP, however we were pleasantly surprised by their character development in episodes 3-4.

Seo Joon is quite interesting, we have no doubt that we will grow to hate her intensely but so far we actually don’t mind her. The scene where we realised that this LR had a little depth was the scene where she phoned Moo Kyul and they shared the most awkward call ever. It was the perfect depiction of a call between two exes that cared for each other once upon a time. It was totally awkward, slightly embarrassed but at the same time you could hear intimacy in their tone. It was a really good scene and was the first time we realised that Mae Ri had competition for his heart (damn her!).  Also her interactions with Mae Ri are really good; we liked how she brought Mae Ri a new phone and apologised for being a complete psycho, plus Seo Joon appears be a good judge of character and generally tells people how it is- which we respect in any decent LR.

Jung In on the other hand is a pretty Ice robot- it’s as simple as that. It’s a combination of factors that make this character less engaging than anyone else in the drama- first off, Kim Jae Wook is not a good actor at all (don’t shot us!). Yes, he’s totally hot and looks immaculate in every scene but he’s so robotic and his character is so stereotypical that we’re really hoping that the writers give his character some more layers ASAP- give him a quirk other than OCD, make him a closet ABBA fan, ect. (Now we think about it- why do all perfect leading men in K-dramas have OCD?) Anyway we really don’t like how he’s all business and has shown zero human emotion. The fact that he’s so confident in his pursuit of Mae Ri makes us look forward to the point where he actually does fall for her and loses out to Moo Kyul. Even classic K-drama scenes like piggy backing Mae Ri or tucking her in bed left us…indifferent to it all- however as it’s early we definitely look forward to watching Jung In transform himself from an Ice Robot to a human being with of course the influence of our leading lady.

Other random thoughts:

-Moo Kyul’s clothes are soooo girly- It has to be the same stylist from You’re Beautiful– why does JGS wear women’s clothes and why does he have better hair than us!?

-We wonder if Mae Ri will get a Piggy back in the next episode?

Can’t wait for next week- it looks like it’s all about Mae Ri’s make over!

Secret Garden: episodes 1-2/ first impressions

19 Nov

Okay, we had high hopes and really looked forward to watching this drama and we’re so pleased to report that we thoroughly enjoyed it! Yay.

While watching the drama we kept wondering when are they going to swap bodies and how was it going happen ect? However as soon as the OTP were introduced to each other on screen, we totally forgot about all the body swapping business and the madness that will result from it because seriously THEIR CHEMISTRY IS HOT! Honestly we don’t ask for much in our dramas- a good script, decent acting and a OTP that we can root for…okay we do ask for a lot but so far it’s all looking quite positive. The writers have achieved the most important challenge- making us want more and we do!
The drama had a great pace, a lovely combination of laughs, character development and a OTP that make us watch to watch more. We just hope that someone provides a steady stream of subs (pretty please, we would be eternally grateful.).

It’s a miracle we actually like Hyun Bin and his fugly sequined jumpsuit!

We sat down and braced ourselves to watch the stereotypical leading man act, you know it well- aloof, stiff, and rude but instead we got Hyun Bin playing a character we pretty much liked immediately. That’s right we said it- we like Hyun Bin and trust us when we say- we never thought we would say that after watching him in My name is Kim Sam Soon. Maybe it’s because it was unexpected but we really took a liking to Hyun Bin’s slightly eccentric, blunt, man/child routine- he’s perfected the art of making his character enduring, naive and very likable. Also we’re suckers for any drama where the leading man falls hard for his OTP, who happens to be completely oblivious to him. We’re so pleased that the writers didn’t waste any time building up a firm romantic foundation for our OTP and what’s even better is that despite the fact that they barely know each other neither of them shy away from speaking openly or avoiding physical contact with one another- we’re so bored of the *gasp his hand accidently touched hers routine.  Also he’s a character that is far from perfect, which is always more interesting and in this case more entertaining that you standard perfect K-drama leading man routine. We love that he’s a mamma’s boy, wears sequined jump suits and says exactly what he wants- even if it makes him look silly or insane.

Finally a leading lady with some balls! We’ve been waiting for a character like Gil Ra Im for ages.

Yes, if we were Hyun Bin- we would be totally smitten as well. What a great leading lady! We really liked how the drama inserted all the stunts and showed us exactly why she’s so great but we also love how she’s got layers- she’s kick arse tough but she’s got insecurities and is at times quite vulnerable and then there’s the fact that she’s an Oska fan- which is totally random- He’s on the same level of cheesy as Barry Manilow. Hehe.

The moment we knew we would like this leading lady- Pretty much straight away but definitely after she retrieved the stolen handbag in spectacular fashion and got her friend’s name tag back from a LR that we know we’re going to enjoy hating. To sum up- she’s soo cool and we want to be her friend!

First impressions  of Secret Garden– Loved it! We want more.

Our current drama rundown

14 Nov

As soon as both episodes of Secret Garden are subbed, we’re so there, we can’t wait for all the body swapping to begin! From what we’ve already read- it’s got solid ratings and a good first episode review, so all is looking good so far but as this is the year of the disappointing in regards to dramas- we’ll try not to get too excited….but it’s so hard! Hahaha.

Aside from that we’ve on episode 26 of Smile, You and still pretty much loving it. However apparently the 16 episode extension somewhat spoils the drama quality, damn those greedy drama bosses- don’t they know extensions always kill good dramas!? We’ve got to say we adore the drama so much and hope that  we can stick out the draggy proportion because if anyone is looking  for a long family drama to watch- this one is well worth it, especially if you like your OTPs outrageously cute. It’s been awhile since we’ve watched a drama where we fell for the OTP as much as we did with Smile, You’s Hyun Soo and Jung In. The development of this couple’s relationship was done so well and they share such lovely chemistry. The drama fits in so many cute, romantic moments between this OTP and unlike other K-dramas, you can believe that they truly care for each other- the drama is worth checking out just for the OTP alone. 

We also watched the first episode of Dae Mul. We watched it awhile back and enjoyed it but strangely enough it wasn’t instance love but rather a slow simmer of appreciation. We loved the leading lady
Seo Hye Rim played brilliantly by Ko Hyun Jung. How good is she? She’s exactly how we like our leading ladies-intelligent, compassionate and a fighter.  We really liked how the drama introduced her character and instantly knew we would look forward to watching her in this drama. We’ve got to confess that we didn’t like Kwon Sang Woo’s Ha Do Ya as much- we didn’t connect with his character at all but we can already see that he will have great chemistry with KHJ. The actual episode felt a little choppy and disjointed  but that may have something to do with the fact that the episode managed to introduce multiple key characters and cram in 10 years worth of action in a matter of 60 minutes! -which could be considered quite impressive.  Anyway we definitely plan to watch more and hopefully it gets better because we really did look forward to watching this one.

As well as that we watched 4 episodes of Queen of Reversals awhile back and enjoyed it a lot. Someone tell me that Park Shi Hoo is the love rival to Kim Nam Joo’s character?! That woman needs a hot young thing falling for her- her life is crap! Her husband married her for a comfortable life, her career went down the drain and have you seen her ugly hair cut? The person responsible for that needs to step away from the scissors immediately- it’s so bad.

So technically watching:

 Smile, You (obsessively), Mary Stayed Out all Night and Secret Garden (can’t wait!).

Plan to watch:

 Dae Mul and Queen of Reversals.

Mary Stayed Out All Night: episode 1-2/ general thoughts

13 Nov

Drum roll please…. Yep, we really enjoyed it! Let’s face it our expectations were practically rock bottom, hello did you see the trailer and those awful promo posters? However we were pleasantly surprised by it all.  This drama is not earth shatteringly original or is likely to join the ranks of our all time favourites lists but it’s ridiculously cute and rather charming.

We love Moon Geun Young as Wi Mae Ri- could she be any more different from her last role in Cinderella Unni? As a character she is so adorable that you can’t help but like her but its when the drama introduces her OTP played brilliantly by girly boy Jang Geun Suk that we found ourselves connecting with this drama. Mae Ri and Moo Kyul are so sweet together! We’re totally surprised by the amount of chemistry that these two actors share together. In a way it reminds us a little bit of the leads from Pasta– the storyline was nonexistent but the leads shared great chemistry together and we found ourselves tuning in every week to see their interactions.  

Moo Kyul is actually a rather refreshing leading man- he’s laid back, cool and so cute with Mae Ri! Not at all like your standard leading man (thank goodness). Although the scenario is totally unbelievable, we can actually believe that a guy like Moo Kyul could find himself taking fake wedding pictures to help out a girl he barely knows- he’s that care free and random. As much as we mock JGS’s appearance, we can’t deny the fact that the guy can act and even though he’s playing a half drunk, hippy type he has great screen presence and manages to make a character that could have been blah into a really interesting character and one we look forward to developing in the course of the drama.


Kim Jae Wook plays the love rival Byung Jung In and is the only character in the drama that actually resembled a man! Heheh. Granted that KJW is HOT, we’ve never rated his acting in any drama we’ve watched- yes, he is on our Android actors list (sorry fan girls) and frankly he hasn’t really shown any acting ability (so far) in this drama but how can we resist a hot guy trying his damnedest to woo Mae Ri for his own person gain, only for him to actually fall for her? We definitely look forward to watching that happen.

Korean drama cliché check list:

-A contract marriage x 2

-A leading lady hard done by her irresponsible family who have somehow landed her in a ridiculous situation- Naturally she is hardworking, spunky and very lovable…of course, she is our leading after all.   

-A parent who does nothing but cause trouble for the leading lady- seriously what is up with K-drama parents? You only get two types- bad gamblers who lose the family home or possessive crazy ones that have birth secrets and heart conditions.

-A perfect love rival- He is rich, slightly cold and did we mention HOTT!?- He will no doubt fall head over heels for Mae Ri and will cry beautiful Android actor tears by the end of it.

-An irritating female love rival who will annoy us all the way to the very end of the drama and will undoubtedly cut into the lovely OTP airtime.

Despite the fact that the storyline has every cliché going for it and we can probably predict everything that’s going to happen already, we won’t hold it against the drama because who’s really watching for the storyline anyway? It’s all about the OTP!

 Also we love the fact that Mae Ri watches Baker King and how the writers inserted multiple jokes questioning JGS’s gender! Haha.

So for now we’re enjoying the silliness and really like how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

What’s Up trailer!

9 Nov

All we have to say is: FINALLY! We’ve been waiting for ages for news about this upcoming drama and it looks pretty good as well! YAY.

Random thoughts

3 Nov

Birdie Buddy

Seriously we thought this drama came and went -haha.

Who thought this drama was a good idea, really? The idea of making a Golf related drama must have been formed around the realisation that UEE could wear really tiny shorts/ skirts throughout the show and those smart Group Eight people thought- now that’s a concept!  It’s beyond our understanding why else smart money orientated people would think this could be a winner.

Also did people actually watch UEE in You’re Beautiful, *shudder?

If the actual concept and actors don’t turn people off- we promise the promo material will. Yuck!

Smile, You-

We confess that we put this drama off mainly because we found Lee Min Jung really, really annoying  after her BOF performance and the idea of watching her play a rich brat brought down to reality with a  bump was very unappealing but surprisingly enough- we thoroughly like her character and her acting.

Her character is really funny- she is what she is and she doesn’t care how she comes across and the fact that she is bratty, bad tempered and rather mischievous makes it all the more entertaining when she gets into scrapes. Also we love her relationship with the other characters especially Hyun Su’s mother and of course Hyun Su. We really like how the writers developed the relationship between the OTP and literally within a couple episodes sneaked in unexpected and unwanted feelings between the two leads. Nicely done drama writers, we approve.

The Seo family were beyond annoying, however now that the tables have turned and the Kang family are no longer willing to play nice-the results are sooooo entertaining and funny to watch! We love when Karma returns to bite people in the butt in K-dramas- Muhahah.

Also we have to mention that Jung Kyung Ho who plays Hyun Su is so adorable to watch on scene- he’s like a cute puppy that you want to hug; also his character is so likable in a Beta male kind of way. He’s kind, thoughtful and rather lovable.

 OMO! so cute.

Although we’re still early on in the drama, we still enjoying it and look forward to watching the OTP develop as a couple- they are so charming together!

Ramble update

1 Nov


Posts have been on the nonexistent side of late mainly because life seems to be interrupting our obsessive viewing habits and also we had a general lack of enthusiasm for the currently airing dramas.

What were we thinking? That Love Comes realisation:

We have to retract everything we said about That Love Comes– frankly we must have been blinded by the novelty of a 30 minute t-drama, the fact that it was so pretty and cute and well most surprisingly of all how…appealing Joe Cheng had suddenly become in our eyes hehe, because having had a week’s break we returned to watch episode 5 with clear eyes and realised that this drama can only be described as FLUFF LITE. Granted we like fluffy but this is in a league of its own- so much gooey eye action and sugary sweet moments- UGH. Also we know that T-dramas love flashbacks of literally the last scene they showed but flashbacks in a 30 minute drama is too much.

A clearer verdict of TLC- very cute but zero substance.

Family Drama selection- Smile, You-

General thoughts: we’re actually quite enjoying it so far.


-A seriously adorable OTP

-Two great leads- funny, sweet and very likable.

– A lively script which delivers laughs and character development at reasonable pace considering it’s got 40+ episodes.


-We hate the leading lady’s family with a burning passion, they almost made us stop watching until the tables were turned and they got a swift reality check from their former chauffeur who finally decided not to be treated like crap by this outrageously snobby family.

So we plan to watch until the very end hopefully or until we can take no more and revert to hate posts. Muhaha.

Dae Mul = cursed?

We want to watch Dae Mul but we’re hesitant…  When you’ve got writers and PDs suddenly quitting and the rest of the production team scrambling to get everything else sorted you know it’s going to have an impact on the actual drama. So we’ve decided to wait until it’s finished and find out the general consensus like we did with Baker King, however if anyone is watching the drama, we’d love it, if someone gave us the heads up on whether it’s worth checking out because we can’t resist sticky, angsty OTP action. Hehe!