The Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea: overall thoughts

1 Nov


Funniest Love rival/ leading man fight we’ve seen in a K-drama!

This is the one drama that we’ve been properly watching and we finally finished it today. To be honest this drama didn’t break any new ground but it was funny and romantic and thankfully kept the legal side strictly to a minimum- seriously who’s really watching a K-drama for the serious legal matters?- it’s all about the OTP!

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed this drama- It never took itself too seriously- the leads were brilliant- especially Lee Sung Jae’s character Han Min Gook – not your typical leading man; he was slightly eccentric, unpredictable and very entertaining. K-dramas do love to redeemed their flawed leading men- usually in a cheesy, artificial manner but in this instance the development of Han Min Gook was done so well as he learned that money really wasn’t the most important thing in life. His relationship with Yi Kyung was really sweet and rather sensible for a K-drama- The OTP had very little drama and kept the angst barometer to a minimum, which was rather refreshing to watch after finishing the heavy angst fest OTP action in Baker King.  They were funny, cute and had great banter together- also we adored the way they would look at each other- lots of chemistry.

We’ll give this drama: 7/ 10- We deduct 3 marks only because the last couple episodes were completely unnecessary and there were a few scenes in the drama that were really bizarre.

Reasons to watch: Lots of laughs and a nice steady pace. Throw in some seriously funny fight scenes and a lovely OTP and it’s not a bad way to fill in some spare time.


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