Mary Stayed Out All Night: episode 1-2/ general thoughts

13 Nov

Drum roll please…. Yep, we really enjoyed it! Let’s face it our expectations were practically rock bottom, hello did you see the trailer and those awful promo posters? However we were pleasantly surprised by it all.  This drama is not earth shatteringly original or is likely to join the ranks of our all time favourites lists but it’s ridiculously cute and rather charming.

We love Moon Geun Young as Wi Mae Ri- could she be any more different from her last role in Cinderella Unni? As a character she is so adorable that you can’t help but like her but its when the drama introduces her OTP played brilliantly by girly boy Jang Geun Suk that we found ourselves connecting with this drama. Mae Ri and Moo Kyul are so sweet together! We’re totally surprised by the amount of chemistry that these two actors share together. In a way it reminds us a little bit of the leads from Pasta– the storyline was nonexistent but the leads shared great chemistry together and we found ourselves tuning in every week to see their interactions.  

Moo Kyul is actually a rather refreshing leading man- he’s laid back, cool and so cute with Mae Ri! Not at all like your standard leading man (thank goodness). Although the scenario is totally unbelievable, we can actually believe that a guy like Moo Kyul could find himself taking fake wedding pictures to help out a girl he barely knows- he’s that care free and random. As much as we mock JGS’s appearance, we can’t deny the fact that the guy can act and even though he’s playing a half drunk, hippy type he has great screen presence and manages to make a character that could have been blah into a really interesting character and one we look forward to developing in the course of the drama.


Kim Jae Wook plays the love rival Byung Jung In and is the only character in the drama that actually resembled a man! Heheh. Granted that KJW is HOT, we’ve never rated his acting in any drama we’ve watched- yes, he is on our Android actors list (sorry fan girls) and frankly he hasn’t really shown any acting ability (so far) in this drama but how can we resist a hot guy trying his damnedest to woo Mae Ri for his own person gain, only for him to actually fall for her? We definitely look forward to watching that happen.

Korean drama cliché check list:

-A contract marriage x 2

-A leading lady hard done by her irresponsible family who have somehow landed her in a ridiculous situation- Naturally she is hardworking, spunky and very lovable…of course, she is our leading after all.   

-A parent who does nothing but cause trouble for the leading lady- seriously what is up with K-drama parents? You only get two types- bad gamblers who lose the family home or possessive crazy ones that have birth secrets and heart conditions.

-A perfect love rival- He is rich, slightly cold and did we mention HOTT!?- He will no doubt fall head over heels for Mae Ri and will cry beautiful Android actor tears by the end of it.

-An irritating female love rival who will annoy us all the way to the very end of the drama and will undoubtedly cut into the lovely OTP airtime.

Despite the fact that the storyline has every cliché going for it and we can probably predict everything that’s going to happen already, we won’t hold it against the drama because who’s really watching for the storyline anyway? It’s all about the OTP!

 Also we love the fact that Mae Ri watches Baker King and how the writers inserted multiple jokes questioning JGS’s gender! Haha.

So for now we’re enjoying the silliness and really like how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. 


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  1. Anonymous February 15, 2011 at 12:35 am #

    Thanks for the helpful post! I would not have gotten this otherwise!

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