Mary stayed out all night- episode 3-4

20 Nov

We really like how the drama has kicked up a gear and given the love rivals some substance, although we do adore practically every scene between Moo Kyul and Mae Ri and could spend 16 episodes just watching these two interact, we’re pleased that the drama officially introduced the LOVE SQUARE.

We have Mae Ri and Moo Kyul who are just the most adorable couple on screen – they happen to share really natural, lovely chemistry- it doesn’t feel forced at all and their conversations are so ordinary but at same time completely random that it’s utterly engaging and we just want Moo Kyul to hurry up and realise how great Mae Ri is.

Then you have the love rivals and at first we naturally assumed that they would be your standard annoying LRs that cut into the air time of our cute OTP, however we were pleasantly surprised by their character development in episodes 3-4.

Seo Joon is quite interesting, we have no doubt that we will grow to hate her intensely but so far we actually don’t mind her. The scene where we realised that this LR had a little depth was the scene where she phoned Moo Kyul and they shared the most awkward call ever. It was the perfect depiction of a call between two exes that cared for each other once upon a time. It was totally awkward, slightly embarrassed but at the same time you could hear intimacy in their tone. It was a really good scene and was the first time we realised that Mae Ri had competition for his heart (damn her!).  Also her interactions with Mae Ri are really good; we liked how she brought Mae Ri a new phone and apologised for being a complete psycho, plus Seo Joon appears be a good judge of character and generally tells people how it is- which we respect in any decent LR.

Jung In on the other hand is a pretty Ice robot- it’s as simple as that. It’s a combination of factors that make this character less engaging than anyone else in the drama- first off, Kim Jae Wook is not a good actor at all (don’t shot us!). Yes, he’s totally hot and looks immaculate in every scene but he’s so robotic and his character is so stereotypical that we’re really hoping that the writers give his character some more layers ASAP- give him a quirk other than OCD, make him a closet ABBA fan, ect. (Now we think about it- why do all perfect leading men in K-dramas have OCD?) Anyway we really don’t like how he’s all business and has shown zero human emotion. The fact that he’s so confident in his pursuit of Mae Ri makes us look forward to the point where he actually does fall for her and loses out to Moo Kyul. Even classic K-drama scenes like piggy backing Mae Ri or tucking her in bed left us…indifferent to it all- however as it’s early we definitely look forward to watching Jung In transform himself from an Ice Robot to a human being with of course the influence of our leading lady.

Other random thoughts:

-Moo Kyul’s clothes are soooo girly- It has to be the same stylist from You’re Beautiful– why does JGS wear women’s clothes and why does he have better hair than us!?

-We wonder if Mae Ri will get a Piggy back in the next episode?

Can’t wait for next week- it looks like it’s all about Mae Ri’s make over!


2 Responses to “Mary stayed out all night- episode 3-4”

  1. cwazy_weiven December 9, 2010 at 9:04 pm #

    LOL have you seen some of the things he wears in real life? Hell, are you aware of how he usually looks like in real life? I think Mugyul is at least 40 percent manlier than JGS at any given time.
    And I’m convinced that most of Mugyul and Taekyung’s clothes come directly from JGS’s own closet.
    Hello Tae Kyung shoes.

    He’s like that hot science teacher everyone in class had a huge crush on.

    I’m sure this is just the tip of JGS’s bizarre fashion iceberg.

  2. cwazy_weiven December 10, 2010 at 4:29 pm #

    You’re welcome. Anything JGS obviously makes everyone’s day that much better. Does he have a sister? He must be raiding his sisters’ closet at least twice a day.
    You mean that purple one with his grandmother’s pillow case tied around his neck? Would you believe me when I say that he was actually at a red carpet movie premier in that?

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