The Fierce Wife

22 Nov


Is anyone watching the new currently airing T-drama- The Fierce Wife? More importantly is it worth checking out?

 It’s got Sonia Sui and James Wen together AGAIN! Looks like the network took notice of all the fan love for this couple and decided to cash in on it.  

Let’s face it; the best thing about P.S Man was Sonia Sui and James Wen’s unbelievable chemistry. It totally eclipsed the OTP’s relationship and the public were completely and utterly obsessed with this couple- there was even a poll!  So the news that these two actors are playing a OTP in a new currently airing drama will no doubt make lots of James Wen fangirls very happy. Hehe.

The actual concept is pretty iffy for our liking – It’s about a couple (Sui and Wen) who are happily married until he cheats on her with her cousin, which results in a bitter divorce and a battle of wits and love.

Which all sounds a little ummmmm??? When dramas have their leading men as cheaters, there’s a thin line and well it could all go horribly wrong. However it could be quite good, we can’t resist OTPs that share great chemistry but absolutely hate each other for the majority of the drama and then live happily ever after, of course.  

We plan to check out the first episode and report back. Heres hoping that it’s worth watching because seriously we’ve been wishing for a Sui/Wen drama ever since P.S Man finished months ago and its looks like we’re in luck. Yay!


What do you think?

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