Mary stayed out all night: episode 5

28 Nov

Only one episode this week- yep we were disappointed as well, it’s easy to get caught up in all the cuteness that is this drama. However we still thoroughly enjoyed episode 5.

Episode 5 gave us the following highlights:

The funniest piggy back ride ever! Mae Ri’s dad stole the show with his stinking drunk performance, the whole sequence was better than any of Mae Ri’s piggy back rides combined.

Second best thing about this episode was Moo Kyul jealousy! Yep, finally Mae Ri is getting some romantic attention from the men around her. YAY. We love the pace of their relationship- she’s taken over his life and now he spends half his time thinking about her and doing crazy things like carrying her drunk father home or dealing with a love rival who wants his fake wife -of course. Seriously only in a K-drama will it get so messy (but so good).

We got a Mae Ri makeover- usually in dramas there is a big reveal and everyone is amazed by the transformation but this one was a little low key for our liking- however we did approve of Jung In’s facial expression when he clasped eyes on her.

Jung In as a character has slowly grown on us over the weeks. Yes, he’s still very much an Android actor and really needs to loosen up but we kind of like the way he sometimes looks at Mae Ri when she’s not aware- it’s a lovely look of curiosity at the things she does or says. Also we liked the whole scene where he tried to leave her a note- He was trying to be all cool and manly about it all, totally thinking way too much about the action but instead it came across completely awkward and definitely allowed us to see past his fake ‘I will have you, Mae Ri’ facade- which btw is still UGH.

If we had a complaints it would be the fact that the drama needs to crank up the overall pace and inject some form of action to the storyline or else the drama will forever be trapped in this lull of cuteness. Which will definitely get boring really quickly and that would be a complete waste of such a talented and pretty cast of actors.


One Response to “Mary stayed out all night: episode 5”

  1. sergiodaniel November 29, 2010 at 1:58 am #

    Moo Kyul jealousy was too fun šŸ˜€
    I really prefer Mae Ri s old look šŸ˜›

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