Mary stayed out all night: 6-7

4 Dec

Oh, Mae Ri just when we thought we couldn’t love you anymore…

We asked for the drama to crank up a gear and it definitely delivered and suddenly within the adorable cuteness that had become the signature for this drama there is now angst, tears and jealousy and we couldn’t be happier! Hehehe.

Now that we’ve watched up to episode 7 and the fake marriage scenario has been officially revealed, we actually think that this was the perfect amount of time for the OTP and LR to develop their relationships with Mae Ri. Some may say it was slightly too long for a K-drama and that there was a little too much repetition but when you’ve got two very emotionally stunted/damaged guys falling for a girl that they ordinarily wouldn’t look twice at, it was just right.

Jung In- damn you ice robot, we really didn’t want to like you but we do and we suddenly feel so sorry for the guy! Ahhhh, what is wrong with us- we always feel for the LR, well when they’re not complete psycho freaks- so most female LRs then!

There were a few scenes that changed our minds about him and elevated his status from boring standard LR to our endless list of LRs that we end up making whimpering sounds of sadness when the inevitable happens and they get rejected by the leading lady.

-Every scene with his father (how yuck is this guy!?). Jung In has been forced into this position as much as Mae Ri. It’s not like he thought: why the hell not, how hard will it be to woo some poor random girl? He’s doing it to ensure that he can continue working in the area that he loves, he’s doing for a father who he looks up to as a ‘god’- (why that is we will never understand- it’s his dad’s fault he got kidnapped in the first place!) and also there is the fact his dad is sick with Cancer, which makes kicking up a fuss harder for most.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that Kim Jae Wook has limited acting range and he’s unable to convey much emotion but he manages to present a sadness to his character that works so well- he comes across as really lonely and so reserved and all we can think is he needs someone like Mae Ri who won’t emotionally blackmail him or take advantage like his nasssty dad.

So aside from doing a 360 degree turn on our feelings for Jung In, we also noticed a couple other things with this LR.

It can’t just be us that think that Jung In has far too much chemistry with Moo Kyul. These two would make a HOT OTP! Hehehe. Come on, they hate each other but openly respect each other, they now work in close proximity, their families will oppose the relationship and when you throw in a couple love rivals we think we’ve got a K-drama worth checking out. Also they both have such lovely hair. J

Okay but seriously now, Jung In and Moo Kyul really do have more chemistry together than any other pairing in the drama, a close second is Jung In with Seo Joon- we definitely wouldn’t mind if these two got together at the end of the drama. Although currently Seo Joon has become increasingly annoying and obsessive over a guy she broke up with a year ago!!! She need to get a grip, she no longer has a claim on Moo Kyul and all that  talk about Moo Kyul marrying Mae Ri made us want to slap the girl- she really does think she’s better than her. We’re disappointed; we actually thought she might be a half decent LR but then she had to go all possessive psycho on us- here’s hoping for a personality transplant in the next 9 episodes. (Please!)

Okay enough LR talk, Moo Kyul needs a holiday after the month he’s had- poor guy! We love how he went from the guy who cared for very little in life to unexpectedly falling for a girl who he now sees as family. Giggles*- that’s huge for a guy he has just a flighty mother to call ‘family’. We love how Mae Ri and Moo Kyul complement each other as characters even though they couldn’t be more different from one another. We love how they went from complete strangers to this unexpected couple so naturally over the course of 7 episodes with all their bickering, fighting and oh so lovely chemistry and regardless of the fact that the drama premise is rather standard with clichés galore, it’s the characters and relationships that will definitely keep us tuned in right to the end.

Now that Moo Kyul and Mae Ri  have no obligations to each other we can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses and watch Moo Kyul try and come to terms with the fact that he loves Mae Ri. Hehehe.


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