9 Dec

Smile, You

Damn you drama makers- how many times do we need to tell you extensions kill good dramas! We ignored the gentle warnings from others telling us, you’ll only regret it and now we see the errors of our way.

Smile, You- episodes 1 to 26 great viewing- lots of laughs, so much cuteness and a OTP that you will adore and because of that we stayed faithful and continued watching until suddenly the drama became this frustrating, annoying THING that needed to end- NOW! Episodes 26 to 38 are a complete and utter waste of time- it’s only out of sheer stubbornness that we intend to finish it. We think that the drama writers have finally dragged as much as they can and it appears that some of the charm of earlier episodes has returned (thank goodness-we’re currently on episode 39) so hopefully we can finish the drama (if we can ever be bothered to complete it) on a semi high and try and block out the horrors of past episodes. Why, oh why do writers of long family dramas think that a good way to prolong a drama is by making the mother of the main characters insane and so hated that you want to watch her be killed slowly by their future long suffering daughter in laws!?

Anyway if you don’t wish to see crazy mothers and really annoying love rivals don’t bother with episodes 26 to 38. Trust us; we’re doing a public service here.

Mary stayed out all night:

We totally don’t get the Mary bashing- yes, it’s not going to be critically acclaimed anytime soon but come on, when you’ve got the words ‘love contract’ in the synopsis- did you really expect to watch a master piece? We can’t believe that people are really moaning about the lack of reality in this drama or the believability of certain characters- it’s a K-drama! Leave all common sense at the door people.
We’re still enjoying it- it’s at once silly and endearing and we thoroughly adore watching every scene with the OTP. It’s just such a shame that the drama has such low ratings- where are all you girly boy fan girls hiding? – Your favourite cross dressing leading man needs your support!

Birdie Buddy:

Yep, we heard that this drama got cancelled and although we’re super relieved that a drama with UEE realising her dream of being a top golfer (yes, you read correctly) didn’t happen. We’re kind of disappointed- how much fun would it have been to mock this drama when it aired!? MUHAHAHA.

Oh well, there is always next time, we hope. J


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