Mary stayed out all night: episode 8-9

11 Dec

So they’ve changed the writer for Mary…with 6 episodes to go. Great-NOT.

We hate when drama makers mess with dramas that we actually like. As we’ve mentioned before we can’t stand drama extensions and we hate -hate with a passion mid drama shake ups- It’s nearly never the same, good/bad, doesn’t matter why did it have to change in the first place, we were rather happy watching the drama as it was?

Alright, we confess we found episodes 8 and 9 rather flat- it was completely a paint –by- numbers set up and totally lacked any originality or flair that is needed to take such a stereotypical K-drama scenario and spin it into something better as earlier episodes managed to do. In a way the drama has shifted away from mocking clichés in a funny and cute way to simply just being a cliché…which is really sad to report and we hope that it turns its self around super fast because we really do like this drama and would love to go ‘HA!’ to all those haters out there crying about illogical plots and insane characters- Sorry to sound like a broken record but- hello, you are watching a K-drama- it’s suppose to be insane, random and as far away from reality as it gets.

General thoughts from episodes 8-9

-MSOAN is a lot like the K-drama Pasta in the sense that the drama was rather flawed but we adored the OTP so much that we looked past everything else because we could happily spend hours just watching them interact with one other. Episode 9 had plenty of CUTE from the lovable OTP, which is always good- regardless of the fact that people think that this drama is illogical, blah, blah- you can’t dispute the fact that this OTP are good together- they share really authentic, charming chemistry.

With the arrival of the perfect day out for the OTP, it’s only nature that something horrible had to happen to ruin the happiness and crank up the angst barometer for the OTP but seriously did it have to be Seo Joon kissing Moo Kyul? He may not have been kissing her back but he definitely wasn’t pulling away either…how is he going to explain that to poor Mae Ri who in perfect K-drama timing just happened to arrive at that exact moment? We knew that we weren’t going to get any thing seriously angsty from this drama as it is far too cute and fluffy for that but still…a Kiss is going to be the big crisis, really???

-Mae Ri and Jung In need some chemistry! It’s like watching two moving corpses on screen- their interactions are sooo stiff. If Jung In is going to be presented as a viable LR, the guy needs to return to acting school and work on his skills because although he mastered Android perfectly, he lacks in other areas. So sorry fan girls and Kim Jae Wook but it’s true! KJW-Please take comfort in the knowledge that we love your hair and you look so good in everything you wear.  


-It’s not that we dislike Jung In and Seo Joon together but we really don’t want them to get together at the end- It’s all a bit convenient and predicable for our liking.

-All of the parents in this drama have successfully managed to screw up their children in spectacular fashion. Although Mae Ri and Moo Kyul’s parents are terribly dysfunctional, you can see that they do in their own special way love their children. However Jung In’s dad just needs to die already! What a horrible, horrible man. The man has never shown an ounce of consideration for his son- he’s so creepy and perverted with Mae Ri. When Mae Ri went to visit him – we wanted to scream- don’t get too close, he’s a pervert! Yuck.

 Despite our quibbles we look forward to next week and really hope that the new writer stays true to the tone and mood of the drama and doesn’t have the sudden urge to add killers or give Mae Ri a terminal disease. *shudder.


One Response to “Mary stayed out all night: episode 8-9”

  1. cwazy_weiven December 12, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

    Please take comfort in the knowledge that we love your hair and you look so good in everything you wear.

    You know you’re doing something wrong when you make JGS actually look normal and well put together.
    I kid. I actually love JGS’s style (most of the time) and his hair here is just…I don’t know which one is prettier.
    As for the drama, I know people have been commenting about wanting the drama to get its angst on. I personally would gladly watch 16 episodes of Maeri and Mugyul being adorable and utilizing every K-drama cliche in the book.
    I read that the obstacle coming is in the form of Seo Joon announcing her feelings for Mugyul in a press conference and Maeri finding out about Jung In’s secret motive to want to marry her and actually feels bad for him. I don’t know what to think of this writer change. I guess we’ll just have to see…
    Although I’m still crossing my fingers for 16 episodes of unadulterated M&M awesomeness.

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