Mary stayed out all night: episode 10-11

18 Dec

We weren’t happy about the writer being changed at the last hurdle but it looks like this may be one of those rare occasions when it’s actually had a positive impact (thank goodness).  We enjoyed this week’s lot of episodes and are so glad that it’s focused on what we as an audience really want- that’s right lots of Mae Ri and Moo Kyul time and kept annoying Seo Joon and Jung In’s evil dad to a minimum.

11 episodes in and we’re in for the long haul, we wish people would stop tuning in just so that they can have a bitch about how it’s not lived up to the ‘potential’ of what it could have been. This is what it is- so, enjoy the abundant cuteness that is M&M together or go and actually watch a drama that you like.  

To be completely honest episode 10 really didn’t have much to mention, it was all the same old stuff, so we’ll move swiftly on to episode 11 which we thoroughly enjoyed and which also had some plot development- hurray!

A few things worth mentioning:

-Mae Ri is now living with both Jung In and Moo Kyul. When Moo Kyul suggested that they both live with her and really try out being married, we couldn’t help but think it had less to do with loving Mae Ri and more to do with his male ego. We get that he’s jealous and doesn’t want Jung In anywhere near her but still… sometimes it just comes across like male pride and trying to outdo Jung In (because secretly he wants him- haha). Okay maybe it’s just us on that one…

-Moo Kyul told his mum where to go! Yay- we would have thrown an empty ice cream carton at her and sent her on her way- the silly cow. We love how he’s emotionally developed as a character with Mae Ri’s influence and has seen that despite the fact she’s his mum- family shouldn’t treat each other that way.

-Mae Ri stayed up the whole night and knitted Moo Kyul’s jumper. We know the real reason why she went without sleep and worked so hard to complete the jumper and it has nothing to do with having a cute date at the ice rink.

It’s because she can no longer stand the looks:

Example 1: LOOK AT HIS OUTFIT! That look on Mae Ri’s face is pure embarrassment at the fact that everyone is staring at him because he’s wearing women’s clothes!

-Jung In may be losing the battle to win Mae Ri’s heart but he sleeps well at night with the knowledge that he looks and dresses better than his lady boy rival. Honestly it’s so distracting watching Moo Kyul on screen- Be a man please!

-The ice rink date was sooo adorable. We felt that last week’s ‘perfect’ date where Moo Kyul and Mae Ri ran away and went to the beach was all a bit too contrived for our liking. It was cute but lacked any feeling, where as this week was much better. It was so sweet because you knew full well how much they wanted to see each other, have that particular date and just forget the crap in their life and just be together. Also Mae Ri wanted to see how Moo Kul looked in men’s wear. Hehe. 

-Jung In is such a sweet heart. He’s just so upstanding and such a nice guy that we’re really going to be sad when the drama finishes and he loses Mae RI for good. Seriously, he’s considerate, sweet and looks sooooo hot. Anyway, we like how the writer has added a few touches to his character- like showing him practice having lunch with Mae Ri and then actually get caught in the act- so cute! Also the books- ahhhhh, we’d love that. Then again, we’re complete suckers for smart well read men. Also we like how he tried to get Mae Ri’s dad drunk so Mae Ri would be forced to stay at his house. We know it’s sneaky but come on that guy has played way too fair so far, so we’ll forgive him.

-Final thought- Seo Joon is such a diva! Why the heck would Moo Kyul date her in the first place? He’s all about having an easy life and she’s a prima donna that needs a slap!


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