The year of the have-a-go actor in drama land

24 Dec

As we’ve previously mentioned this year has had some highs but mostly lows in regards to drama quality. We noticed that there have been lots of idol stars/ pop band members branching out into the big bad world of K-dramas with some mixed reviews.  We couldn’t help but also notice that the upcoming K-drama Dream high has pretty much every have-a-go actor going and we fear that it will either be okay or really, really bad. We’re hoping for the latter. Hehe.

The idea of band members branching into acting sends shivers down our spines with visual images of OTT circus style acting or worse wooden, expressionless acting and previous years have done little to put us at ease.

However surprisingly 2010 hasn’t been a bad year for these have- a- go- actors. In fact we’re quite impressed by some- which is such a shame because we really wanted to mock away and laugh at how bad they are. Muhaha

The ones we wanted to hate but actually did an upstanding job and can return again!

-The most surprising boy bander would have to be JYJ’S Mickey Yoochan aka the biggest boy band in the world. He played the lead in this year’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  This guy has never acted before, little lone play a lead in a much buzzed about fusion drama. The results…not bad. Frankly he played a stiff, robotic type of character but still, it’s impressive that he managed to hold his own against such a stellar cast of actors. Also his chemistry with his leading lady was so good that there was far too much speculation on whether they were an item in real life. Come on when you’ve got fans gossiping- you know you’re doing a good job. Nice work!

-Hero also from JYJ- He was in this year’s J-drama Hard to say I love you and in our opinion the guy was really great! First off it was a Japanese drama, second he was playing a rather sad, complicated character and lastly did we mention it was Japanese!? The drama was really disappointing and descended into annoying territory really quickly but he still held his own and definitely made the most of a poor script. Plus we think he’s hot!

-2PM’s Taecyeon in Cinderalla Unni as the adorable Jung Woo. We loved pretty much everything about him- from the way he would look at the completely screwed up Eun Jo, his cute country accent to how all he wanted to do was protect her and make the crap hole that was her life better. Man we’re suckers for a good LR and he delivered the goods.

– Choi Si Won- Our beloved Si Won from Super Junior was upgraded to leading man in this year’s Oh! My lady. Aside from giving us lots of fan service with a wide range of topless scenes and being provided with a really cute accessory in the form of a daughter- he was actually really good in this drama. Yep a have-a-go-actor that held his own against heavyweights including Chae Rim may definitely return.

OMG- choco abs alert! how insane is that body.

-Clazziquai’s Horan and Alex- The musical duo both stepped away from music to be in two dramas  we happened to watch this year and again- they didn’t make us want to scratch their eyes out and write hate posts about how bad they are.

Alex played it safe with his role as an extremely shy and the typical ‘perfect’ LR in Pasta. He was okay, a bit wooden but he’s forgiven because he character was a little on the bland side anyway and he was completely inoffensive.

Horan, on the other hand was great in the underrated My Country Calls. Once again playing a LR but we couldn’t hate her, as much as wanted to. She was tough, honest and actually made us laugh at times. Also she provided us with the funniest fight scene against the leading lady we’ve seen in ages.

People that should stick to what they’re good at and avoid dramas all together:

-Kim Hyun Joong- aka Ji Hoo Sunbae:


Dear Kim Hyun Joong,

We were willing to forgive and forget your amazing impression of an Android in Boys before Flowers but why, why hadn’t you taken our advice and gotten yourself a decent acting coach!?

Love, The Musthavesubs girls. Xxx

P.S- RoRo loves you despite everything and wants to see more of you.

P.PS. Shaps and Shams thinks she needs help.

He was just as bad in Playful Kiss and to make matters worse he was playing a teenager in a school uniform with a 5 o’clock shadow! KHJ is really great in his band SS501 and when we watch him perform we suddenly understand why he has so many fan girls. The question is why mess with that?

Please find below a rare example of a video where KHJ can actually act:


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