11 Things we learnt from dramaland in 2010

26 Dec

1. DON’T watch a drama because you crush (badly) on the leading man. We learnt that the hard way -cough* Down with Love and Jerry Yan. Base it on writing and acting.

Damn you Jerry, we wasted far too many hours on you and (Ella, yuck)!

2. Don’t watch a drama simply because it’s got lots of hype around it. *Snigger- Playful Kiss and Personal Preference.

3. Bromance can get us far in dramaland. 2010 had its fair share of bromance and once again we were complete suckers for it. –Sungkyankwan Scandal

4. Don’t allow sheer stubbornness stupidity to make you finish a drama that can only be classified as crap.  –I am legend, Down with Love.

5. Kim Bum really isn’t that bad. We took an instance disliking to him in BOF but strangely enough he totally won us over in The woman who still wants to marry. The same goes for Hyun Bin- hated him ever since MISKSS but it only took a really bad case of foot in mouth disease and a REALLY TACKY tracksuit to win us over. –Secret Garden.

6. Cross dressing never gets boring.

Question. What is about girls dressing up as boys and boys questioning their sexuality that gets us every time? Answer. All that good, hot tormented angst! – Sungkyankwan Scandal

7. Drama extensions still ruin good dramas. Smile, you!!!!! How dare they add 15 more episodes?!

8. Don’t allow stupid drama titles to put you off. – Prosecutor Princess, Baker King and Loving you a thousand times.

9. Warning- Time leaps kill dramas! – Cinderella Unni and Will it snow for Christmas. The only exception was Baker King but that drama was pure class.

10. Drama men are far too pretty (than us) weep* – Mary stayed out all night.

11. Good hair gets you far…Sometimes! (Sorry Kim Hyun Joong! We love you really)


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