Secret Garden: episodes 13-14

30 Dec

Now this is what we’re talking about – how good was this week’s lot of episodes!? We got a Madam Kang style showdown between Gil Ra Im and Joo Won’s mother, a voiced admission of love from our super reluctant leading lady, a makeover and oh yes- a make out session from the OTP in front of V.VIPS!

Thank you, drama writers -we salute you.

First of all we wanted to weigh in on the debate about the forced ‘bed scene’- after watching it, we totally don’t get the fuss made by people- seriously assault?? Guys this is a K-drama; most drama take 6 episodes before the OTP’s hands even touch and even then it’s completely over the top. So the idea of the leading man in any way assaulting the leading lady is insane- the worst you’ll get is a nasty wrist grab (ow, seriously they look like they’ll hurt).

This OTP have been tactile from the very start of the drama- he has previously thrown her down and trapped her under his body, only for her to kick his arse and send him flying- so the bed scene for us was just an extension of past scenes with that extra layer of intimacy that comes from their developed relationship. We actually thought it was a really good way of showing her let her guard down and allow herself to be with him, even if she was hesitant at the start. It’s a scene that we, as viewers needed to see- she has been so reserved and cautious in moving forward with him that we were getting restless and were wondering whether we were ever going to get any type of admission that she actually liked him at all.

We really liked the showdown with Ra Im and Joo Won’s mother. The scene was hostile, cruel and a reality check for Ra Im of exactly what she was letting herself in for. It literally takes one thing to break your confidence and having your dead parents disrespected pretty much tops it. We completely understood where she was coming from and so having her move past such a scene and confessing her feeling to Joo Won made the admission that much more poignant and romantic. 

We’ve previously mentioned our love for Oska and Ra Im together but this week was so sweet- he was her fairy godmother! We really like how the writer never allowed their relationship to step past that innocent threshold of playful friends and into the murky waters of potential love rival/ serious crush.

We  love how Oska and Ra Im had matching hairdos at the party! 
Also Seul and Oska… not so annoying anymore. Wow we’re surprised by that statement as well. We really like how Oska is going out of his way to make amends and fix his broken relationship with her and it’s being done in a really sweet way as well- not too OTT or cheesy. Which we really appreciate, also it doesn’t take away from the main OTP at all (thank goodness- you know a drama is going downhill when suddenly you’re more interested in the side characters.)

There was another body swap! Why, why, why? We were loving the progression of the drama as it was- we wanted lots more angsty, chemistry filled OTP action. Honestly, we swear we would be just as hooked on this drama if there wasn’t any body swapping involved at all. However this being a K-drama we knew that something had to happen to ruin the happy bubble of the OTP- it’s like a rule isn’t it- Any K-drama cannot have a happy OTP for more than two episodes max or else your television screen will explode from the shock of it. Oh well we guess it’s better than the OTP being miserable because of evil mothers, stalkers ect.
How on earth are they going to explain their behaviour at the end of episode 14?? We would cart them off to the asylum as well. Can’t wait to see how they talk their way out of that one! 

Favourite quote- there were so many good lines but it has to go to Ra Im: 

‘I swore on the memory of my parents that I wouldn’t see you again/ my body has turned away but my heart won’t leave.’


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