Mary stayed out all night- episodes 15-16/ final thoughts

4 Jan

Was Mary stayed out all night the best drama of 2010? Nope, not even close but was it the worst? No way, we can think of at least couple that were worse or very close. So why were there so many haters for this drama?? People literally tuned in just so they could ‘accurately’ bitch about the show! Seriously it’s amazing reading other blogs, websites ripping this drama to shreds  and the reason, well aside from the crazy writing is that it failed to live up to the expectations of what it could be.

On paper this drama could have been gold:

The drama had a great OTP:

-Moon Guen Young- who is incredibly talented- such a wonderful actress and she’s like 12…okay she’s really 23 but still pretty impressive.

-Then you’ve got Mr. Girly boy himself: Jang Guen Suk- who never really does wrong in our eyes- well aside from blinding us occasionally with his hideous fashion sense but that’s a different matter all together.

-Neither the writer nor the director had any major dramas in their repertoire that were complete duds.

Everything looked good; this was surely going to be a ratings winner, right? In this case unfortunately not; all the hype and those super high expectations hit rock bottom and it appeared that most people were far too disappointed to be rational and judged it strictly on what it should have been rather than what it was. Well that’s our theory anyway…because seriously, we judged it with no expectations what so ever and frankly it really wasn’t that bad. Okay so we’ve said it’s not that bad in practically every recap post and having finally finished it- we completely stand by that statement.

Episode 15 was a non episode with Moo Kyul acting like an unreasonable brat- he knows full well that Mae Ri is all about loyalty, so the fact that he would ask her to pick between him and Jung In after she clearly explained her situation and her feelings made us groan in utter frustration and made us want to pull his girly conditioned hair!

Moving swiftly on to episode 16 and to a final episode that we actually liked- We’ve got a bitter sweet relationship with K-drama final episodes in the sense that we would thoroughly love a drama all the way to the last episode and then wham, bam- the last episode kills the drama for us (Coffee Princes and any drama with an extension!) however Mary’s last episode was not so bad. Yes, it was really predicable –Paint by numbers K-drama style predicable, but there were plenty of elements that made it enjoyable enough and thankfully it was good enough for us not to regret completing the drama altogether like other dramas ahem (I am Legend and Down with Love).

We’re glad that Jung In and Mae Ri went through with their wedding and publically humiliated their fathers- it’s exactly what they deserve. We also really liked how Jung In vowed to love Mae Ri forever…sigh*- what a sweetheart.  

We liked how Moo Kyul ran to the wedding and witnessed their union- after his pathetic behaviour in the episode 15; he deserved some real angst to put his past behaviour into perspective. Is that mean of us? Okay we just like seeing that manly pained look on the leading man face and JGS does man pain really well.

We loved all the bromance!!! Yes, this was what really made the last episode for us. We think that the writer had decided that there was no way of fixing this mess of a drama, so why not give in to fan demand and fill the last 10/15 minutes with really cute bromance. We approve.

Favourite bromance scenes- All of them! Okay, Jung In trying to feed Moo Kyul Kimchi was outrageously cute and Moo Kyul’s secret smirk when he heard that ‘Wonderful Day’ was picked for broadcasting oh and not forgetting Moo Kyul falling asleep on Jung In’s shoulder, we think that Jung In might have enjoyed that a bit too much. 


We liked how Seo Joon was resolved as a Love Rival- loyal in a psycho kind of way. We’re just glad a sudden realisation that she loved Jung In never happened. Shudder*- how predicable would that have been? Also we like how her being a bratty diva is who she is- we hate last minute personality transplants nearly as much as we hate last minute love interests.

Although this OTP are as cute as kittens and they practically carried this drama, we’re glad that the writer ended the drama with a semi open conclusion. We had no happily ever after scenario; no wedding, no visuals of future long haired children running around in rags- nothing: thank goodness- we always find that type of ending sooooo cheesy. Instead we got a rather realistic but sweet ending where Mae Ri admitted to having broken up with Moo Kyul around 12 times already but she knew they would make up again.  It was rather refreshing and it was a really nice way to conclude the drama.

Things we’ll take away from Mary stayed out all night:

-An unhealthy obsession with JGS’s fashion sense.

-More gratitude for sane rational parents that DON’T push you into a marriage to fulfil a sick twisted fantasy.

-A greater appreciation for Kim Jae Wook’s hair and okay him in general…he’s rather pretty isn’t he?

– A lot of love for the second writer that stepped in. Not because she saved the drama or made it better but because she gave the audiences what we wanted- yes, that’s right more Jung In air time… we think she loved him nearly as much as we did…nearly.


One Response to “Mary stayed out all night- episodes 15-16/ final thoughts”

  1. cwazy_weiven January 7, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    I just read that apparently the writer had intended to KILL OFF MUGYUL IN EPISODE 15. Like…WHATTHEFUCKCAPITALCAPITALEXCLAMATIONMARK.
    It’s like…what did the writer want? To turn the cute and adorable and fluffy Mary into some Hong Kong gangster drama? I mean just to think that the writer had even THOUGHT of doing such a thing is absolutely mind boggling for me. WTF WTF WTF WTF?
    If she had indeed asked the cleaners for advice, or the garbage man or the coffee barista from across the street, the plot might have been better.
    I’m so glad I found your journal. It’s great to be able to fangirl over something with someone else who shares your passion.
    I’d recommend your to read this journal; Ockoala is perhaps one the biggest Mary fangirl on the internet. Her journal is where I get all my Mary info and to meet other people who have stuck with Mary through thick and thin and enjoyed and loved it as we have.

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