Secret Garden: episodes 15-16

6 Jan

Where do we start? So much good stuff worth gushing about but we’ll try and restrain ourselves (try- being the key word in that sentence, no promises though!).

Three major things happened in this week’s lot of episodes that have to be mentioned:

-Oska and Director Im know about the body swap! Personally we would have dragged both of them off to the funny farm until they came to their senses but surprisingly enough both men took it rather well. We really liked the comedy twist to the situation- both Oska and Director Im looked rather disgusted and physically repulsed whenever they would have to interact with the OTP.

-The elevator scene!

OMG- How intense was that scene- that must be Joo Won’s deepest fear personified! Aside from Joo Won nearly dying, this was the moment that we’ve been waiting for; the moment that Ra Im showed that she truly cared about Joo Won more than anything else in the world. Joo Won has previously done lots of big gestures and we’ve always known that he loved her but watching her give up her audition aka the chance to fulfil her dream- has to be the biggest gesture, we as viewers needed to finally confirm that she truly loved him. The best bit about it was the fact that after she finished crying (well wouldn’t you?) she took it like a grown up and got on with life- no mopping, no resentment, nothing- We love leading ladies like that; strong and rational. It appears that in recent years you only get one or the other or they start off strong and rational and then quickly turn into weak cry babies that cry in dark corners. UGH.

Side note regarding the 2nd swap:  the first time they swapped we wondered why? What exactly did either of them take away from the experience other than visual comedy for the audience? However the second swap was much better- as soon as Joo Won realised that Ra Im missed her audition he did everything he could to ensure that she had the chance to fulfil her dream. It wasn’t so long ago when he looked down on everything and everyone but here he is a little wiser and a little more considerate.

-Last, but by no means least the big revelation at the end of episode 16. Thank you writers- we approve! Oh the angst coming their way is going to be sooo HOT and messy.

 Honestly, how are you supposed to feel when you find out that your beloved father died saving the life of your OTP???

Even the most rational, practical person will feel conflicted in such a situation… we are so excited to see how this one plays out! As much as we adore the OTP happy and functional, they are far more engaging when they’re angsty and screwed up. So we happily welcome this new dynamic to the storyline and eagerly await the consequences of KJW mother’s confession.

 We loved how she pieced it all together- it was done really well. Her reaction after seeing Ra Im at the memorial site was perfect- seriously, fate + K-dramas= INSANE! We really liked the flashback of last week’s fight scene where Ra Im passionately told her that her father was a good man ect, we love how that was the first thing Madam Kang aka KJW’s mother thought of- the irony of it all was just brilliant. 

Other quick mentions:

Oh, Oska we adore you but sometimes…you’re so dense. We laughed when he asked Tae Sun who he had a crush on. Seriously, you’ve got to be joking. Tae Sun wants Oska’s floppy haired babies and he looks like he’s ready to go into battle with Seul to get them!

We also like the slow but steady development of Seul and Oksa’s relationship- the scene where he gate crashed her Yoga class and begged for forgiveness using signs was rather sweet.


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