My Princess- 1-2

8 Jan

First impressions- cute, fluffy and very watchable.

We were rather hesitant on whether we should venture into the murky waters of watching a drama with not just one but two notoriously beautiful Android Actors in the form of Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hung. However we’re happy to report neither of them make us want to throw the screen out the window or scoff at how bad they are.  In fact we really like both lead characters and find them rather charming.

Lee Seol played by KTH is adorable as the sunniest, hard working leading lady around- she is funny, savvy and has her head completely in the clouds- we already like her a lot, which is always a must if we’re to stick with a drama.

Then we’ve got Park Hae Young played by SSH, who is rather refreshing as the leading man- no cold iceman behaviour insight (thank goodness). Instead he’s practically perfect as the lead but manages to carry it off with modesty and an infectious charm that makes it impossible not to like him. Plus aside from being super rich and with a good job, he acts like a normal, nice guy- which is really rare to see in our leading man. K-dramas in the last few years have boxed themselves in with the characterisation of their leading men- they are either: neurotic, clean freaks or bad tempered egomaniacs or Ice Robots. It’s been ages since we’ve seen a lead who is rich, good looking but not a complete nutcase!  

The OTP are much better than we thought they would be together. They have lovely chemistry together, with nice banter and lots of tactile moments- which we definitely approve of. They’re not steaming up the screen just yet with their scenes together but there is still plenty of time…we hope! We love how the OTP have known each other for literally two days but they are firmly stuck in each other’s worlds. We like how they never treated each other like strangers and you can believe that they like each other’s company- like the outdoor movie scene or how he took her home and made her steak…when he barely knows her. Scenes like those could easily have appeared totally contrived but they came across very sweet and believable within the insane context that is this drama.

We know the drama is called My Princess but…frankly we don’t really care about the logistics of how and when Lee Seol became a Princess. That was all a bit dull, so we’re really hoping the drama doesn’t dwell on that too much and maintains the light, fluffy tone it’s presented so far and steers itself away from being a wannabe historical.

Final thoughts: Definitely enjoyed it enough to stay tuned in.


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