Secret Garden- final thoughts

17 Jan

20 episodes of absolute love- we’ll miss you drama!

Was Secret Garden technically the best drama? No, the writing was at times inconsistent, the characters irrational and illogical and people have taken umbrage to the waste of potential in reference to the body swap scenario- which is completely fair enough and we get it. However as drama fans, we’ve got to say we loved it and we’re so sad that it’s finished. Sob*
Essentially this drama was your standard rich man/ poor girl love story with a little extra thrown in – in this case body swapping. The body swap side to the drama was very entertaining but frankly we would probably have still loved the drama even if it didn’t happen. For us the drama was all about the OTP. Their relationship was your standard K-drama scenario; however the thing that escalated the drama from being just being average to something so much more was the OTP’s lovely chemistry and interaction.

We don’t know about you- but their scenes together were utterly engaging, we loved how very authentic and real it all felt even though we were watching a very unrealistic scenario take place. A prime example was the changing room scene. The premise of dragging a girl through your department store, throwing clothes around and then shoving her into a changing room to wear them- is very surreal (and insane!)- but you’re watching them together and the scene is so intense and emotionally raw that it’s hard not to be completely fascinated by what they’re going to do next and that’s pretty much how we felt about them throughout the whole drama- totally engrossed in their interactions and thankfully the writer never deviated too far away from providing us with lots of hot OTP airtime.

For us Hyun Bin’s portrayal of Joo Won was one of the best things about this drama- he stole every scene he was in. He had wonderful comedy timing, his chemistry with Ha Ji Won’s Ra Im was off the charts hot and he was far from your standard leading man- quirky, funny, immature and very honest. The drama did really well in developing a very sheltered type of character into the man he finally becomes. For us hopeless romantics, naturally we found it hard to resist a character that ultimately gave up his very existence to save the woman he loves. Come on, when was the last time you watched a K-drama where the leading man did a gesture as romantic and insane as SG’s Joo Won?

Also this quote pretty much sums it all up for us- just perfect:

“If we could be together even in that way… then that’s enough — let’s think of it as being together. That’s enough for us to consider ourselves as happy as other lovers.”

The drama managed to successfully give us a good balance between angsty and light heartedness throughout its whole run. We have to say, episode 17 was brilliant- we’re complete suckers for angst and that episode delivered in bucket loads. So much heart break and Hyun Bin provided us with lots of yummy tormented angst. The scene where he’s writing his farewell letter to Ra Im was OTP heart break at its best.

We also loved the development of Ra Im as a character. She went from bowing and apologizing at every turn to finally allowing herself to think her worthy of so much more than being just a stunt woman. At first we found her hesitation and overall characterisation rather frustrating to take- simply because you wanted her to move forward, do something…However we got it, we personally would probably give Joo Won a good kick and never ever see him again (even if we wanted to rip his clothes off and shove him against a wall). We really liked how her whole attitude changed after she woke up from her coma- confident both in actions but also in love. We guess a guy dying for us would also improve our self esteem, plus her father’s advice helped as well. It was so nice to see how utterly confident she was when dealing with a 21 year old Joo Won- such a lovely reversal of roles.

We’re glad that aside from the OTP’s story, everything else was a very distant second and never overshadowed the main focus. We were pleasantly surprised by Oska and Seul’s relationship. At first we assumed it would be very predictable and just something to fill in the rest of the time in the drama, however both characters were fresh and very likable. Especially Seul, who we originally wrote off as a typical spiteful LR- we would hate. However she was smart, headstrong and her interactions with Oska were really great. Also her jealous competition with Tae Ssun was so funny to watch!

Oska was fantastic as both Ra Im and Joo Won’s confidant throughout the drama. We loved his interactions with everyone- he’s so funny and such a fish wife but he was particularly adorable with Ra Im and his genuine concern and good natured friendship with her was really sweet to watch.

Oh dear, we’ve rambled far too much already, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead. If you’re looking for a drama with: a hot OTP, lots of comedy, romance and a little magic thrown into the mix. Watch this drama- its great viewing.

Hope you like it as much as we did.


One Response to “Secret Garden- final thoughts”

  1. missjb January 27, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    overall I like this series enough… the supporting character is as interesting as the main character, it has been a long time i’m invested the supporting character more

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