My Princess: episode 3 and general thoughts

18 Jan

After we finished episode 3 our first thought was-
That was just meh.

We feel rather indifferent to this drama (at the moment); at least with dramas like Mary stayed out all night or Secret Garden you felt something regardless of it being good/bad. In the case of My Princess, there is only so many times you can say – it’s cute or the OTP are lovely together. We remember reading someone’s review (sorry can’t remember who) where they compared this drama to the K-drama Pasta BUT with plot- In the sense that you’ve tuned in to watch this charming OTP that have you fixed to your screen because they are that good together. However at least with Pasta, the writers knew what worked and that was the OTP being together on screen. They utilized it really well and ultimately the ratings, plus (unnecessary) episode extension spoke for itself.
When you’re watching My Princess, there is so much going on at once that it’s hard to stay focused and engaged not because it’s intelligently difficult to follow but more because we really don’t care.

You’ve got:

OTP romantic development– We adore them together. The OTP is the only thing keeping us tuned in.

All the princess business– Seriously so over it already. Not a good sign considering it’s called My Princess!

The political side – Blah

The historical stuff- Seol’s dad & the royal family business – Double blah. We know, so articulately put- but its soooo boring!

Grandfather’s quest for forgiveness and rebuilding a new monarchy – should be moved but don’t really care.

Seol’s family– Actually we really like her mother- very entertaining.

Not to mention two love rival competing for the affections of one another at numerous points in each episode – At this point the LRs are rather stereotypical. We really like the macho competitive side that both men seem to radiate whenever they’re around each other- sexual tension perhaps?? Okay more like overactive imaginations on our part- either way it could be fun to watch.

 Yoon Joo isn’t as boring as we thought she would be. She’s very ambitious, ruthless and the conversation where she told Seol to leave Hae Young alone and to go to her in future for any issues was really good. You could see how threatened she felt by Seol and she barely hid her hostility.

How tense was this scene?

Overall it’s all a bit much. We wish the writer would cut back and focus issues more evenly and thoroughly across each episode rather than have multiple snippets of lots of stuff all thrown at us at once. It all feels rather choppy and poorly edited at this point and makes it difficult to connect with the drama.

We’re sticking with it for now because when you’re watching its pleasant enough and we’re hoping that it improves. Plus we really do like the OTP and we’re intrigued by how their relationship will blossom considering how messy the set up is at the moment. You never know we might watch episode 4 and utterly love it, only to retract everything we said already- well heres hoping anyway.  


What do you think?

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