Dream High- episode 3-5

19 Jan
Drama don’t do this to us!! Please make Hye Mi and Jin Gook the OTP in this drama! How can you shove such lovely OTP moments in our face in each episode only for them not to get together?


How sweet was Hye Mi’s serenade to Jin Gook! We knew it was coming but still it was such a heartfelt scene and it definitely cemented our love for the OTP that might never be. Sure Sam Dong is sweet and we love his scenes with Hye Mi but come on, Jin Gook has to get the girl!

If he doesn’t it goes against all K-drama laws:

-They share a history – She gave him his fake birthday!

-He’s rescued her from baddies- multiple times

-They bicker constantly – Never get bored of OTP bickering scenes

-They’re both damaged goods- which only adds to lots of hot angsty scenes.

-They get each other – more so than any love rival could. He knows her weaknesses and still likes her.

-Did we mention that every episode so far has had at least one adorable scene?

Okay, we’ll leave our desperate OTP promotion (for now) and focus on other matters from the last few episodes.


We know full well why we like this drama and that’s simple- all of the leads are rejects, misfits, underdogs-however you want to put it and well it’s ingrained in our nature to root for the loser. It’s probably why we have such a fondness for all love rivals, well except from when they’re raving psychos (of course). Also all of the mains are so likable and because they’ve got everything working against them, we can’t help but root for them to succeed.

Look how the tide has turned in regards to Hye Mi- we knew it would happen and it has. At first the general consensus was that Hye Mi was horrible and the audience really didn’t like her and now everyone’s gushing about her. It’s so refreshing to see a leading lady like her and we’re glad that people are appreciating the fact that the leading lady doesn’t need to be squeaky clean and wonderful from the start to be a good leading lady. She’s got a lot to learn both as a person and as a performer and when they are as temperamental and stubborn as her; it definitely makes for interesting viewing. We love how the writer has thrown her and Sushi girl / Pil Sook together- could they be more different from each other? It’s nice to see Hye Mi interact with a girl that doesn’t want to scratch her eyes out and they’re interactions are so cute!


Jin Gook has finally been given a past- Our bet is he’s an illegitimate love child born from a mistress. Naturally he’s not acknowledged and he’s a got a father who is stern and would prefer that he never existed. Jin Gook’s cold father is played by Choi Il Hwa -who seriously must be the go to guy for this role. He’s obviously been type cast because he’s played this same role in both Cinderella Unni and City Hall– the exact same character! Back to Jin Gook- the fact that he was so polite and obviously desperate for a little affection from daddy dearest makes us love him even more- poor Guy. We swear if he ends up with Baek Hee, someone will pay!

Quick rambles:

Sam Dong’s makeover was CUTE! We really love how utterly enduring he is as a character and he’s such a country bumpkin.

We anticipate either really adorable bromance between Sam Dong and Jin Gook or really great Love rival behaviour- Lucky Hye Mi- we’d happily take either one of them off her hands!



2 Responses to “Dream High- episode 3-5”

  1. dangermousie January 20, 2011 at 2:01 am #

    I am not the only one shipping Hyemi and Jin Gook. Yay!

  2. missjb January 30, 2011 at 3:33 am #

    sorry mate, But, here……. we are a different PATH!!! It’s time for a good guy to get the girl!!! *evilaugh*
    SAM DONG FOR THE WIN!!! Go Get Hye Mi, boy! YOu deserve it!

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