It’s okay, Daddy’s girl:1-4

24 Jan

We are currently watching Dream High (utterly adore) and My Princess (meh), so naturally being the drama obsessives we are- we needed to add something to our watch list that would balance out all the fluffy, breaking out into song cuteness that we’ve been submerged in since Secret Garden finished and so we decided to check out It’s okay, Daddy’s girl. Frankly we wanted to watch something seriously angsty and OTP centric but we couldn’t think of any dramas that we haven’t already watched…if anyone has any suggestions, we’d love some recommendations please.

Anyway after drawing a blank we thought we’d check out this drama and we’re really pleased we did- we’re only four episodes in and yes, there is plenty of time for the drama makers to screw things up but we’re really enjoying it for now and everything looks hopeful.

For us the drama has a very similar vibe to Shining Inheritance and How to meet the perfect neighbour in the sense that the drama is centred on a family and their trials and tribulations. Like Shining Inheritance and How to meet the perfect neighbour– the drama has a clear cut divide between the goodies and the baddies- naturally this being a K-drama, the baddies are really bad and the goodies are pure hearted and kind, which we don’t mind, especially if the writing makes up for it.  So far the drama has had a decent pace- it has managed to introduce the main set up really well as well as clearly presenting a family dynamic that is both believable and very likable. The thing that made us really connect with the drama was the main family- they are so similar to ours -it’s eery. Aside from seeing a lot of our own family reflected in this family, we were seriously relieved that Moon Chae Won’s character Eun Chae Ryung wasn’t completely annoying or outrageously bratty…just a little spoilt but she’s got her family priorities right and she truly does love her dad.

Her father played brilliantly by Park In Hwan has stolen the show so far- He’s a lovely father that does the best he can by his family and others. His relationship and general personality was presented really well and developed quickly so even though we’re four episodes in, we are already emotionally connected to the character and really, really hope that nothing bad happens to him!

As well as being family centric, the drama has a clear mystery/ hidden crime that needs to be solved and thankfully the right people are already asking the right questions- we can’t tell you how utterly frustrating it is watching dragged out mysteries within K-dramas (it’s so boring). So we’re glad that this drama isn’t wasting too much time laying out small clues here and there but instead getting key characters to use their brains instead- hurray!

Apart from the Eun family- every other family in this show is seriously screwed up and needs mental help ASAP. As soon as the drama introduced the Choi brothers we knew that we’d fall for them pretty quickly. How could we resist two brother that obviously really care for each other but are stuck with horrible parents in terrible living conditions just barely making a living and despite their grief and heartache they manage to think of others and do all they can to help the Eun family…? Oh K-dramas we do love when you us give us men we can fall for!  We haven’t really been given must of an impression of the leading man’s character but his younger brother- Wook Gi is so sweet and considerate.

Although the drama is rather rough around the edges- the acting is occasionally laughable- especially Jun Tae Soo, who plays a villain (again) and it appears that he only knows how to glare or scowl in a really over the top fashion. (We think he might have gone to the same acting school as Kim Hyun Joong.) Also the actual story and directing is very standard but still…we’ve really enjoying this drama but it’s strange because we don’t why! Okay we have an inkling it may have something to do with the fact that the majority of the characters are all very likable and are decent human beings and well frankly it’s rare to see a K-drama where the majority of characters are so appealing. The drama manages to suck you in and make you really root for the characters on a very basic level. They are so likable, you want them to be happy and overcome all the crazy evilness that surrounds them. So although this drama may not be particularly well produced or very flashy- it’s accomplished the most important challenge faced by any drama- it’s made us connect and want to watch more….and more!

For now we’re happily hooked and pleasantly surprised by how much we’re enjoying this drama. Heres hoping it keeps up the good work.


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