Long Family dramas- A complicated love

25 Jan

We’re watching It’s okay, Daddy’s girl and although we’re enjoying it, we can’t help but wish this was a long family drama instead because we have a feeling that by the time we reach the finale the drama isn’t going to be able to successfully flesh out all the issues addressed.  We would have loved it if there were more episodes to truly give this drama justice for what it could be. It’s got all the components of a really good long family drama and it just kills us to think of all the potential wasted.


It’s got psychos, birth secrets, a murder mystery, multiple OTPs that we can’t wait to see get together (so excited), marriages and lots of tears.
Hello- there is so much to work with and you’re telling us this drama only has 17 episodes? Gutted.

Long Family dramas (LFD) – a quick rundown:

-The script has a nice combination of the mundane and outrageous all in one scene. You will probably watch a scene where war has been declared because someone finished all the rice or someone forgot to flush the toilet and then out of nowhere- a vital character will get a headache or a stomach bug and wham bam- its Cancer! Only in a LFD will you get such extremes and despite how insanely unbelievable it is- it’s all so damn addictive that you will leave all common sense at the door and go with the madness.

-The acting varies from good (Loving you a thousand times) to outrageously over the top or damn right bad – see Dae Pong in Sons of Sol Pharmacy House and pretty much every character in Gloria (sorry fans of this drama but it’s true).


-Having never been to Korea we don’t really know the reality of life for the average Korean family but strangely enough in LFD pretty much every household will not own a washing machine or have a real bathroom but they will all have half decent jobs and wear well assembled clothes, with nice high heels and yes, the main characters will be dirt poor but will all have the latest mobile phone model.  What is with that? Main characters getting nose bleeds from working so hard to keep loan sharks at bay but by some strange miracle they always have credit on their phones and it’s always a touch phone??? Ummm interesting. Daddy’s girl makes us laugh- the leading lady has a giant arse IPad but no money to get on a bus!

-Speaking of clothes- pretty much every LFD we’ve watched- the families manage to buy bulk loads of matching tracksuits.- So tacky but so cute.

-There is only one type of mother in a LFD- violent, crazy screaming types that love their sons far too much and as a result you will surely go insane from the annoyingness of it all. You will hear the following statements in pretty much every LFD:

‘You are not good enough for my son!’ or ‘how can you marry a girl like her?’ or our favourite – ‘You will marry her over my dead body!’  If you can get past this reality, you and LFD are a perfect match and will spend far too many hours together in the future.  


-In our opinion- LFD tend to have lots more laughs than your average 16 ep drama. Aside from the odd except we’re never laughed as much as have when watching a LFD. There is a lovely mix of silly visual comedy and a sharp script that makes this type of drama irresistible. Seriously, the first 20 episodes of Sons of Sol Pharmacy are comedy gold- so funny! Also early Assorted Gems was hilarious at times.

-LFD’s characters are redeemed the best. Every LFD we’ve watched there have been multiple characters that we utterly hated with a passion and spent many hours scowling at the screen whenever they were on it. However by some miracle the writers manage to effectively manipulate our fickle feelings and before we know it we’ve actually grown to like them.

-You are guaranteed the following in every LFD: A death, a marriage, a baby and a happily ever after! The best thing about a LFD is that you quickly become invested the lives of the family and by the time you’ve come to the end you’ll be rather sad to see it end.

Now if only there were more hours in a day…Yes, we’re aware we need help for our obsession- don’t judge us too much!


4 Responses to “Long Family dramas- A complicated love”

  1. att123 January 25, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    You did a good tribute to LFDs! But I’m really glad that you all are watching It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl! Its such a good show, I’m almost finished with it and I’m devestated that it’ll be over so quickly. But I definately think that the further along Daddy’s Girl got the better it gets.
    Which is your favorite LFD from your list? I’ll need a new LFD after I finish Family’s Honor and Loving You a Thousand Times.

  2. att123 January 25, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    Really? Aww, you pretty much made my day! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have!
    Sons sounds good, thanks for your help! I have cried a LOT watching Loving You. I feel so bad for Eun Nim and the lady who couldn’t have a baby. I really feel for both of those two. And the OTP is so awesome, hes so cute when he gets all excited about her texts.

  3. missjb February 1, 2011 at 3:03 am #

    I heard “Life Is Beautiful” is the best family long drama. Hope u will watch it, and please make a review, so i can decide whether or not this drama worth my time, Hahahahah *hides*
    just kiding..
    I hope u watch Family honor, where PSH is in it, PSH’s character in the end of the drama really make me rolling on the floor laughing, hahahha
    he is so damn funny.

  4. missjb February 1, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    I know, the one which i don’t like about family honor is the leading lady. SHe is so DULL! (eventhough, where the time she start singing, she really make me LOL. ;D) It’s PSH who make their relationship fun to watch. He is so funny!
    But you can watch it for the other couple sake… overall, it’s a good series.

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