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Dream High: episodes 8-9

2 Feb

 It’s been so long since we’ve seen a K-drama where there has been such passionate support for who should be the OTP and frankly episodes 8-9 really didn’t make it any easier to work out who Hye Mi may (or should) end up with. Aigoo, our heads hurt from all the back and forth between Sam Dong and Jin Gook. Can’t she have both? If she’s struggling to decide, we’ll be happy to take one off her hands…just a suggestion. Hehe. 

Before we go into the whole love triangle debate, let’s talk about a far less complicated and possibly the sweetest OTP in this drama- Pil Sook and Jason! We love them together- which appears to be pretty much a universal feeling for everyone who has seen this adorable couple together. Although we loved the original set up of cute puppy love, we completely approve of the new dynamics in their relationship. That’s right Jason, it’s time to sit up straight and take notice- no more mister cool guy, it’s time for action. HEEE.

The whole ‘I will lose weight for you’ scenario played out so well. It could have been sticky and made Jason look like a bad guy and Pil Sook appear really pitiful but we love how it was spun to now make Jason appear as the weak link in their relationship and ultimately the one who will need to improve himself to match her. Love that.


Also how cute is Pil Sook now…we know she looks all lovely and thin but original Sushi girl will always have a special place in our hearts. 


Maybe it’s because we’re pro team Jin Gook but we really didn’t like the show down between Sam Dong and Jin Gook. Generally Sam Dong comes across as fair and good but the way he warned Jin Gook off came across as slightly darker and ugly. What happened to the days of dancing in the street together and play fighting over who wore whose underwear? Also Sam Dong’s love for Hye Mi is slightly off putting now and not just because we’re rooting for Jin Gook (seriously). He’s less obvious in front of Hye Mi but there is such a determination and possessiveness about his pursuit of Hye Mi that makes us think- wait a minute Sam Dong, have you even considered Hye Mi’s feelings in the equation? Then again, us Musthavesubs girls have always been independent and definitely don’t like guys that want to spend all their time taking care of us, which could explain another reason why Sam Dong just doesn’t appeal to us as a leading man.
We really liked how it took Hye Mi the length of 8 episodes to realise that her treatment of Beak Hee was wrong and that she actually had a long way to go. It’s more realistic than other dramas, where the leading lady learns the errors of her way after episode two and then suddenly she’s a saint that everyone loves. Hye Mi is still surly, blunt and very defensive but it’s the small shades of improvement that makes her progression week after week worth tuning in for and a character that you will love all the more by the end of it all because you will know exactly how far she’d come. After 9 episodes, we still love her- she’s such a complicated, interesting leading lady and such a pleasant surprise for a drama we had so little expectations of.

The table scene between Hye Mi and Pil Sook was so sweet and really tugged at our hearts. We love how Pil Sook is so emotionally open and expressive with her feelings, whereas Hye Mi is like a brick wall but somehow they managed to comfort each other or at least acknowledged problems with very few words.

We admit that Jin Gook’s recent behaviour was all wrong and his lack of open and honest communication with Hye Mi as friend, little lone as a potential love interest made him appear like a complete idiot that needed a good kick but we couldn’t bring ourselves to hate him too much because we know his motives and his heart. Also the fact that he must have tried like a millions to speak to Hye Mi really didn’t help- especially with Sam Dong playing the role of guard dog to an emotionally stunted Hye Mi.

Although he didn’t apologise in words for his actions, we have to say that him leaving her his helmet and his headphones was his saving grace- how utterly sweet! He knew that he caused her pain and the fact that his words were not being heard made him appear like a tool but if you’re going to do gestures, do them well and this one was perfect! This guy knows her so well.

Other quick thoughts:

-Noooo, Mr Kang can’t get sacked, we love him!

-Poor Jin Gook, how sad was the scene where he said his final goodbyes to his father? Imagine loving a man that thought so little of you and being completely aware of it? Oh, Jin Gook…sob*


– Yes, we’re enjoying Beak Hee’s deflated ego and general misery. Muhaha.

-According K-drama law Jin Gook should get the girl because in episodes 8-9 alone we got:

A wrist grab, a back hug and despite the fact that they had little airtime, their scenes together were hot!

Finally- how hilarious was Jin Man’s dance routine? Classic.