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Dream High: episode 10-11

13 Feb

Have you seen our happy, all dancing, all singing drama about a bunch of misfits trying to make their dreams come true, we seemed to have misplaced it?

We watched last week’s episodes super excited for more of the same but then we found ourselves tuned into emo central; where suddenly our sweet natured, charming and very lovable Sam Dong spent the majority of the episode wallowing away in misery.

First of all, what were the writers thinking giving him a degenerative hearing problem with no miracle cure insight!? We know that the later episodes in all K-drama dramas love to add the angst factor, make things difficult and get the leads to cry beautiful tears before the happily ever after BUT this is too much! It can’t just be us that feel that such a heavyweight scenario is completely and utterly out of place in this drama? What happened to the days of fake showcases to please the parents?

Despite the newfound angst being completely misplaced- we have to admit that Sam Dong’s monologue at the start of episode 11 was really heart wrenchingly good. This lovely, innocent guy has not only got his heartbroken but has found himself in possibly the lowest point in his life. We love a good hair cutting scene; we never get bored of the symbolism of cutting your hair off when you’re mourning.

Mother, you lied to me. You said that the heavens would only give me hardship I can handle. But that must not be true for me.

Frankly we were wavering in regards to our chosen OTP- naturally being the traditionalist that we are- we were all over the Jin Gook and Hye Mi OTP but if we got the SamMi pairing we wouldn’t have been completely gutted but now…we can’t help but feel that the writers have ruined the relationship by throwing in Sam Dong’s medical problem and sudden bad boy persona. Come on, you have to admit that: yes- Hye Mi likes Sam Dong to a certain degree but her ultimately choosing him over Jin Gook will be completely over shadowed by her sense of obligation and yes, we said it- pity!

Speaking of our chosen OTP- Jin gook and Hye Mi kissed! We know we are totally delayed and it is now old news but hey, life’s been busy lately and we haven’t had a chance to gush away- so forgive us.

 How many times do you think Jin Gook said the following lines?

Hye Mi let’s talk. (Insert Jin gook’s broody stare, followed swiftly by Hye Mi glaring and storming off.)

It has to be the most over used sentence in the whole drama. The poor guy is constantly misunderstood and spends the majority of his time trying to get himself heard. However finally after multiple episodes, he succeeded and got himself a kiss for his troubles (BTW totally lame-o kiss).

There is no denying the fact that Taecyeon is lacking in his acting and looks like a Ken Doll (totally stiff and plastic) whenever he’s opposite Sam Dong but still we can forgive him just because we can’t help but want to root for him. In many ways he’s more of an outsider and more pitiful than the other characters in this drama. Some of it is his doing (joining ‘K’) but the majority of it is down to outside forces backing him into a corner (Daddy dearest). There are multiple scenes where Jin Gook is simply looking from a distance at the others and you know he wants to join in but can’t. We seriously can’t resist a damaged guy with a heart of gold and Jin Gook fits the category to a perfect T.

How totally K-drama of the writers to have Sam Dong perfectly located to view Jin Gook and Hye Mi’s kiss? Yes, seeing the girl you crush on badly is sad but Sam Dong’s reaction was soooooo over the top and considering how great Kim Soo Hyun is at acting, it was cringe worthy to watch.

We have two issues with DH’s love triangle:

-If Hye Mi and Jin Gook are the OTP- surely after their kiss they should have built on their relationship and shown them united. However, strangely enough Hye Mi and Jin Gook didn’t share a single scene together in episode 11. Weird right?

-On the other hand if the writer’s end game is to make Sam Dong and Hye Mi a couple- was it really necessary to built up Jin Gook and Hye Mi’s relationship to such a degree? Writer, do you want us to hate you!?

Ahhhhh, it’s been a really long time since we’ve thought about a love triangle so much. Our head hurts but it’s so worth it.

Onto our other OTP:

Pil Sook and Jason!!! How good is their developing relationship- love them together.

Jason has got himself some matching glasses and now is striving to make himself a better person for Pil Sook- perfect. We love how the writer didn’t waste any time in transforming Jason into a better man. He went from being completely non character to being one we look forward to seeing in every episode. We loved his reaction to hearing that Pil Sook was sick- how adorable, plus his love rival Hye Mi’s teasing was hilarious to watch.

-Pil Sook’s solo in episode 10 was so heart-warming and lovely to listen to. She has such a great voice.

Other thoughts:

-Oh Hyuk is going to get some love- yay. We really like how the writers slowly but subtly developed Oh Hyuk and Kyung Jin’s relationship. Also we really like how Kyung Jin has switched sides. The scene where she gave Hye Mi and Pil Sook advice was cute. How surprised and freaked out did both girls look!

-Beak Hee is going to be redeemed isn’t she? Damn it. With two high fives in one episode, you know its coming. Plus the biscuit scene pretty made it crystal clear that the previous wannabe killer, fame hungry… bitch – we digress frenemy is going to get a happy ending as well.

-The dance off was great!