Dream High: 12-13

17 Feb

Thank you writers for keeping Emo Sam Dong to a minimum and providing us with lots of laughs and a further appreciation of how much this drama rocks!

We have a distinct feeling that all DH fans breathed a sigh of relief when our favourite country bumpkin returned from the black pits of misery where he reigned as the King of Emos with just the perfect look of tormented angst and self pity.

We missed you Sam Dong, we’re glad your back.

Although we find him rather annoying at the moment… which puts us strictly in the minority as this character has soooo much fan love that we don’t actually feel that bad about hating on him. Muhahaha.

How can Sam Dong be annoying? – We hear you scream with venom in your tone.

Okay annoying is a bit harsh, more frustrating. It was that scene with Jin Gook where he declared himself his rival and that they both needed to work hard for the ‘prize’- in this case Hye Mi. UGH!!! We’re sorry, as much as he’s a darling, we can’t tolerate love interests that describe their leading lady as a ‘prize’. Don’t objectify a leading lady that we love- she’s kick arse cool, head strong and is definitely no one’s prize! Oh Sam Dong, we’re disappointed.

We’ve discussed this issue week after week but with three episodes (+ a special?) to go, we’ve concluded the following in regards to our headache inducing love triangle.

We’re happy with whatever Hye Mi decides. It’s as simple as that. The writers have developed enough of a relationship between her and both men that whoever she ends up with is both plausible and well neither guy make us want to throw our screen out the window, so we’ll live.

In a way we wish the following would happen with Sam Dong and Hye Mi:

After Sam Dong returned from Emo land, we would have loved it if he officially gave up on Hye Mi and allowed her to fall properly in love with him. 

Sam Dong deciding to chase after her AGAIN, is more of the same and rather frustrating to watch the second time round. It’s like he doesn’t want to take her thoughts and feelings into consideration at all. He thinks that working really, really hard will suddenly make her look at him in a different light. However in our opinion that type of response isn’t like Hye Mi at all; she’s driven and generally goes for things when she wants them. How good would it have been if Sam Dong became totally awesome and cool despite his illness purely for the love of music rather than his stubborn pursuit of Hye Mi? That type of attitude change is so much more appealing and we would happily acknowledge him as Hye Mi’s OTP but his current mind-set is frankly plain annoying.

 We really appreciate the fact that guilt and pity was quickly squashed from the equation for Hye Mi and Sam Dong’s relationship and now she’s purely with him because she wants to be. However we can’t help but feel that their relationship will be too contrived if she chooses him at the end simply because he worked ‘sooo hard’ to better himself for her (and yes for himself as well). That said, this drama has never failed to surprise us in a good way, so you never know -we may love it and retract our numerous rambles over the weeks. (It wouldn’t be the first time!)

However if Jin Gook is Hye Mi’s OTP, we wish the writers would hurry up and give them more substance. What’s with their inconsistent airtime as a couple? Episode 11 had notably ZERO scenes with Hye Mi and Jin Gook, strange considering they kissed in the previous episode and then the writers made up for it by throwing in lots of adorable, sweet moments between this couple in episode 12 and back to practically no scenes together in episode 13…sort it out writers, it’s time to make a decision and stick with it!

The scene where Hye Mi congratulated Jin Gook on his number 1 single (BTW cheeeesssy song or what!?) was a perfect way of showing her lack of certainty of who she wants to be with. The scene was filled with Jin Gook and Hye Mi completely engrossed in each other, laughing and joking.  We love how they manage to share effortless chemistry together and as a couple they are believable and engaging to watch. Then suddenly when Hye Mi spots Sam Dong, she jumps and pulls away from Jin Gook as if she had done something bad, which she might think is true because she knows full well how Sam Dong feels about her or is it more….??? The best bit about her response was Jin Gook’s reaction to it, the guy never misses a thing- he’s so perceptive about everything and despite Sam Dong declarations that he knows Hye Mi best, we still think that Jin Gook does and he definitely knows that something is up.

We have no doubt that whoever Hye Mi doesn’t pick will be heartbroken and will return to Emo land where they will spend the rest of their days weeping pretty man tears and listening to Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’ on a  torturous loop.

Other thoughts:

Although we never got that pervy vibe from ‘K’’s manager, we knew as soon as Beak Hee went to visit him in that outfit all alone that we were going to get trouble!

It’s shame that Jin Gook had to pay the consequences for it though. We really like his interactions with his father and was surprisingly pleased by the father and son scene in episode 13 where Jin Gook’s father tried to get the truth out of his son. We were certain that he would be furious with him and blame him for being a fool but instead we got a father that seemed to know his son better than he previously let on and aside from wanting to save his electoral campaign, he also wanted to save his son’s music career. 

We can’t wait to watch Hye Mi save the day!!! Come on, we all knew as soon as this happened that Hye Mi was going clear Jin Gook’s bad reputation and also save his father’s campaign.

 It’s rather predicable but who cares when it’s this good?!

Jason’s phone has to have a photo of Pil Sook before her diet! Please, please let it be- how utterly adorable would it be. There is only so much more we can say about this couple after awhile- they still remain completely adorable together and the added factor of jealousy makes them more entertaining to watch. Cute, cute, cute! Favourite secondary OTP in a drama by miles!

-The funniest scene has to go to Oh Hyuk’s sister and 2pm’s ChanSung/ Ma Doo Shik: – OMG how hilarious was this scene! At first we sat there wondering what the hell was happening and then suddenly it all made sense and we couldn’t believe the genius of ChanSung’s cameo. So funny. Also Director Ma is now good- she turned him straight with one drunken kiss. We got to confess that we’re going to miss crooked Director Ma, so entertaining to watch but we guess that him being ‘good’ means that he might get more airtime in the drama- which is fine with us.

How is it that Jin Man manages to steal every scene he is in?! He’s so funny and this week as Robo Teacher was no exception. Love this guy.


Gushed for far too long, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead.


One Response to “Dream High: 12-13”

  1. missjb February 18, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    You know? until this episode, I really thought Sam DOng want to bring The best in Jin Gook,that’s all… He cares about him, and give him a pendant and challenge him to give him some motivation. I always think by this point he doesn’t care about hye mi’s feeling for him anymore. He doesn’t force Hye Mi anymore and give hye mi room. He just doesn’t want everyone pitied him, that’s why he looks confident in front of everyone. It’s a good traits for a character to have. At this point, What I like about SD is way stronger than Jin Gook in this episode. I”m proud of him. It’s a great character development. I appreciate the writers. I really hope the next episode will be turning point for Jin Gook char. I hate his weakness side. And hope Jin Gook characer will be as stronger as SD, and they will become a bestfriend.
    Me too, I don’t care about triangle thing anymore, I want SD doesn’t deaf and be K, I will be happy.

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