Weekend Rambles

20 Feb

49 Days- excited!

First off- promo shots for 49 days are out and all we can say is: YES PLEASE!

Bae Soo Bin- we love you- our favourite love rival (Shining Inheritance) and that smile, those earnest eyes…sigh*

Also Death is played by Jung II Woo- yum. So pretttty. Yes we’re aware we’re being completely perverted and superficial and what? Please note we’re not hormonal 12 year old girls. We just occasionally like to act like it.

Aside from man perving, we’re really excited about the concept and how there is so much potential to be really original and move away from the traditional K-drama set up that feels so outdated and artificial.

My Princess:

We hadn’t officially acknowledged it but yes we have indeed dropped My Princess. The cut off point for us was episode 6/7 where we realised that, this drama wasn’t working for us and we better get out before we’ve invested too much time and feel obliged to complete the drama (UGH- I am Legend.)  Funny enough, we think that was a lot of peoples cut off point as the ratings dropped drastically. We have been keeping up to date with recaps and they do nothing but make us grateful for using our instincts and dropping this timewaster, seriously, our lives don’t need to be wasted with so much fluffy, confused drivel! As cute as the OTP are, there is only so many episodes that a drama can ride on the ‘cute factor’ and then after that we require some substances…like a plot that doesn’t revolve around two grownups that act like weird freaks that gasp at their hands accidently (on purpose) brushing or a OTP that go between hate and love in a space of five minutes. We were thinking about the last time we watched a half decent RomCom and for the life of us we can’t think of one.

This drama may have been good, say three years ago but now it feels so old fashioned and unoriginal. As drama viewers in 2011, we think that we’ve well and truly seen the best we’re going to get out of the RomCom genre because anything produced now will automatically be something we’ve already seen like a million times before. The reason why dramas like My Girl and My name is Kim Sam Soon are so loved is because they were the first of their kind and will hold a special place in drama viewers hearts years later but ask yourself this: If you watched either drama in 2011, would you like them as much as you did the first time? Doubt it.

Cyrano Dating Agency:

We watched Cyrano Dating Agency hoping that all the hype would suffice and  we might actually find a half decent Korean movie but sadly for us the search continues. First 10 minutes were great, funny, interesting and very fresh but after that it was so boring that we blanked out multiple times before we literally turned to each other and questioned what the hell are we watching!?

Our advice- avoid, it’s not worth the hype.



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