Keizoku: Spec 2

22 Feb


More people need to watch this drama- it’s so good and so underrated!

This drama falls under the category of: Unexpected obsession.

Unexpected because it’s a crime drama first off- which we avoid like the plague because we always work out the crime way before the leads and spend the rest of the episode shouting- HURRY UP, DUMBOS!

Second, it’s a Jdrama and well… recent Jdramas have been rubbish to put it bluntly.

Sunao ni Narenakute, Tsuki no Koibito anyone?

Spec 2: think-  Fringe meets Sherlock Holmes:

The leading lady Toma played brilliantly by Erika Toda in this case is our Sherlock Holmes- she’s an eccentric genius with no sense of social etiquette. She has an abnormal appetite (don’t they all), wears a sling and drags around a suitcase where ever she goes. As a character she is so much more than the crazy nutcase she presents. Her character has layers, a mystery surrounding her past and the more you watch, the more you can’t help but care about her and want to know what made her the way she is. 


Then we’ve got Sebumi played by Ryo Kase as our Doctor Watson. For us, he is the stand out star of this drama and a character that transforms this easily mediocre drama into something so much more. His character is demoted from SIT and sent to work in the Unsolved Cases department where he finds himself partnered with Toma. Although Toma is obviously damaged, it’s Sebumi’s dark, tortured character that makes him fascinating to watch. J-dramas really know how to make their characters realistic and so human- love that. Kase portrays Sebumi with such intensity that he manages to effortlessly present this really cool character that is so very appealing to watch on screen. Strange how we don’t find Kase attractive at all but his character is pretty impressive that we found ourselves looking at him differently and thinking…hello, ello Detective Sebumi. Giggles* 

Toma and Sebumi are great together. He’s stern, serious and as by the book as you can get and well she’s completely insane. Despite their differences, they accept each other for who they are. They move from minimal interaction to suddenly relying on each other. We love when odd couples are produced well and these two are great together. The drama did really well in showing the development of their relationship in really small but important actions across the series. We really like watching these two seriously damaged characters come together and find themselves forced to trust and rely on one another while solving cases that are beyond logic and nothing like anything they’ve previously seen before.

Aside the writing and directing being a stand out, this drama is visually stunning at times and the way music is used is perfect. As well as the leads, this drama has solid assembled cast of very interesting characters who are far from simply being labelled as good or bad. As we mentioned before this drama has layers and more layers and you start questioning everything and everyone- There are some actions and scenes in this drama that will literally have you gasp in utter shock/ amazement of it all. It’s brilliant!

Don’t judge this drama from the first couple episodes- give it a chance and like us you will be pleasantly surprised at how great it is. Trust us, it’s so worth it!!


One Response to “Keizoku: Spec 2”

  1. your_insomnia February 23, 2011 at 3:43 am #

    Omg I’m so gonna watch this! A drama that’s been so highly recommended to me twice – it must be a gem =D

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