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Crime Squad:11-14

28 Apr

Tuning in for the last couple weeks have shown us that the writers for this drama may have chewed off more than they could handle.  Especially in regards to getting all the multiple issues addressed in a timely and satisfying manner.

There are only two episodes left and plenty to be resolved…we fear that we may get ourselves a rushed HEA for our favourite dysfunctional cops. We really hope that we’re wrong because we really enjoy watching this drama!

Things that need wrapping up:

-There is the mystery behind the shoot out five years ago which resulted in Hye In’s death- plus the sole reason for Park Se becoming an Officer.

-The shady activities/ cover up which involves Detective Kwon, II Do’s father and even Min Jo’s dad.

-Last but by no means least -we want a satisfying conclusion to Park Se and Min Jo’s relationship. This is a Kdrama after all, it’s a must!

Then there is everything else:

-Are we ever going to get the bromance we crave between II Do and Park Se?

-Are we ever going to find out why a government officer drives around in a bright yellow Ferrari?  Seriously we think we may be in the wrong profession and country if Dong Jin can afford to drive around in that car.

Quick recaps on moments worth mentioning in the past four episodes:

-We love Min Jo’s father! Yes we’re surprised as well, we thought he was definitely going to be the big bad of the drama.

We really liked how the drama didn’t try and sugar-coat Min Jo’s father’s past crimes but instead presented a character that is looking for redemption. We loved how the writers handled the whole scenario -they presented a man that was willing to sacrifice everything to protect his daughter against all he represented.  We can’t wait for Min Jo to properly reunite with him and finally get that father she’s been longing for.

-Eun Young knows that II Do was responsible for her daughter’s death! Her response to cut him out completely was brilliant- realistic, cold and something that we would do. We actually felt kind of sorry for the guy…

-Eun Young was coldly rejected by Park Se AGAIN! The conversation and his reasoning for not getting back with her was so heartfelt and honest. The drama never fails to give us really great emotional scenes within all the comedy and puzzles.

-Yes, the actual mysteries each week are easy to solve but for some strange reason we don’t mind at all. We actually enjoying watching them all work together and work out something we worked out half an hour earlier.

Ummm we’re not quite selling this drama are we? Seriously we do like it and it’s definitely something worth tuning in for!

Final thought:

We fear we may not even get a kiss between our OTP… say it ain’t so!

No hug, no wrist grab… nothing!


Drunken to love you- First impressions- episode 1-2

27 Apr

Think- The Hangover meets Fated to love you and every marriage contract drama ever made.

Yes, the title is stupid but over the years we’ve learnt to never judge a drama by its silly title. So despite the title we tuned in and we were pleasantly surprised by what we watched.

First off- Rainie Yang. There is something about Rainie Yang that we find very off putting- she’s in the same bracket of popular T-drama actresses as Ella and Ariel Lin- both of whom make us shudder! However by some strange miracle we really like her in this drama- she has excellent comedy timing, lovely chemistry with her leading man and is no pushover- which we always approve of in our leading lady.

The leading man is played by Joseph Chang. This is the first drama we’ve seen him in and so we have nothing to compare him against but so far so good. As we mentioned before, Rainie and Joseph share great chemistry together and their banter is very entertaining.  So the fact that this scenario is one we’ve seen a million times before is something we can overlook as we have no doubt that we’ll be thoroughly entertained in its 13 episode run.

To be honest we found the first episode to be adequate- it set up the scenario well enough and we were provided with a nice balance in moods. However it was the second episode that confirmed our decision to keep watching this drama- despite being an hour and half long!! Why so long T-drama makers?!  Our main reason why we’re staying tuned in is because: it was funny. We really liked watching the leads try and make sense of what they got up to in their drunken stupor.

Watching the flashbacks scenes of the fateful day before only made it easier to connect with this OTP and wonder what else they could have possibly got up to.

What did she do with her money? Also how hilarious was the hospital scene?!

The drama also moves along quite well, the writing is sharp and the way it’s filmed has a cheeky, fun element attached to it. We love how these characters are all so honest and blunt with each other- there are no illusions in their individual situations. As viewers we are clearly presented with realistic and relatable explanations for their actions, which is great for us as hopefully it will limit the number of groans and moans we produce as we tune in every week. (Fingers crossed).

As hopeless romantics we are all about the love and well every character in this drama is driven one way or another by the need/ want for love…even if it may not turn out the way they hoped. We like the themes addressed in the drama; like the idea that you can’t survive on just love alone or that it’s impossible to have your cake and eat it.  The drama has done really well in balancing the sad moments with the light-hearted ones- the water fountain scene aka brutal break up no. 1 was horrible and then the airport scene aka brutal break up no. 2 was worse but we love how Xiao Ru remained strong and determined in her decisions throughout both encounters because her lousy boyfriend was her love and so it was her responsibility to get answers, but how glad were we that Jie Xiu stepped in and protected her both times?

We have a feeling that we will fall for this OTP quite easily.

Other quick thoughts:

-Kingone Wang is playing the guy that doesn’t get Rainie Yang AGAIN! We can list three dramas that we’ve seen- Devil beside you, Why Why Love and now this?! Is he the Taiwanese Bae Soo Bin?

-Finally we read that Jerry Yan was going to be the lead in this drama and as much as we adore him- we’re glad he backed out because Jerry can’t pull off hot and manly at the same time. We still love you Jerry!

49 days: 9-13

26 Apr

Three major things happened in last week’s lot of episodes:

-Ji Hyun got herself a tear- hooray!

-Kang knows she’s a spirit

-We got further evidence that the Scheduler and Yu Kyung were definitely a couple and seriously, how cute were they together in the past.

We salute you drama writers for giving us exactly what we wanted.

We are loving the development of Kang and Ji Hyun’s relationship- for us this is what we would classify as smart romance- especially for a Kdrama. It’s also original and quirky enough that it leaves us guessing how this OTP are going to get together. At first we were dubious as to how a romance between Kang and Ji Hyun was going to work, especially when Yu Kyung played such a vital role. However in many ways the sincerity of Kang’s love for Ji Hyun has only been magnified by having Yu Kyung as a substitute body as we’re shown time and time again that all he can think of is Ji Hyun’s character, rather than anything connected to Yu Kyung -like her appearance.

Now that Kang has worked out that Ji Hyun is actually a spirit, we imagine that we’ve got lots of sweet OTP moments ahead of us- yay. Honestly as a viewer it’s pretty hard not to like Kang- the guy has thrown all rationality and logic out the window and simply accepts that the woman he loves is a spirit who is sharing a random woman’s body to complete her 49 days of unfinished business… ummm we doubt we would have come to that conclusion first, but hey how often do you get a realistic Kdrama- where is the fun in that? In regards to Kang knowing about Ji Hyun, we really like how we’re provided with another voice in the drama that empathizes and is given an insight into the hardships that Ji Hyun has gone through. Also watching Kang adapt to the new situation is lovely- he’s gone from gruff and cold to considerate and supportive and it’s exactly what she needs- the woman has suffered enough!  

We can’t wait to for further progress in this dysfunction OTP relationship.

Tear theory week- 9-10:

Kang– Yep- the first tear is from none other than the adorable Kang- surprised? Not so much. However we have a feeling that Ji Hyun might be when she finally works out who gave her the first tear.

How glad are we that Ji Hyun got her tear when she did? That whole sequence of her bidding her final goodbyes was so sad and heartbreaking as we clearly saw her at her lowest point in her 49 day journey. She went from believing that she had lived her life in vain and that no one truly loved her and then suddenly gets a tear just when she needed it, it was just perfect.  

We’ve seemed to have developed a slightly obsessed connection to the Scheduler and Yu Kyung’s relationship in the sense that we love it and are utterly hooked. In many ways we find their relationship more compelling than Kang and Ji Hyun’s one, simply because it’s shrouded in mystery and each week the writers slips a scene in between the two that leaves us wanting more…and more.  Hehe

We love their back story- two orphans that were raised together and then fell in love- he is her family and the love of her life and to lose both at once is just cruel. No wonder she’s been a walking zombie for so long- we would be too. As drama viewers we love stuff like this- it invokes strong emotions that makes for great viewing and the more we watch, the more we hope for a HEA for this OTP. Pretty please.

The scene where Yu Kyung collapsed and the Scheduler caught her was such a subtle but lovely scene to watch. You could literally see the conflicting/ strange feelings that the Scheduler felt for her- even though he couldn’t explain why. Then to have her beg Yi Soo not to appear even in her dreams was so sad. Five years has passed since his death and she is still grieving and heartbroken, now that’s what you call OTP territory- what are you doing to us drama?!

Min Ho is still hot and evil but our attraction for the character is slightly dimming as the weeks go on. At first we were fascinated by the twisted relationship between him and Ji Hyun (as Yu Kyung) but now it’s like- why the hell would he bother- she’s clearly insane with her hot/cold responses. It’s just bazaar viewing for us- his reasoning to be with her makes little sense to us and the more we watch them together the less interest their interactions hold.

 Thoughts for the upcoming episodes:

-We wonder if Yu Kyung will find out that Ji Hyun’s been using her body through her hypnotherapy sessions – she’ll probably check herself into a mental institution herself!

-We really hope for more Scheduler and Yu Kyung moments.

-Also we love the bitchy/ uncomfortable scenes between Ji Hyun and In Jung and would happily welcome more- so much fun to watch!

18 Apr

The Musthavesubs Girls are off to Rome for the week! YAY

Will resume blogging next week.


Crime Squad- episodes 9-10

14 Apr

Episode 9 was the turning point for us, where we went from liking the drama a lot to falling hard for it and eagerly awaiting the next lot of episodes. You know you’ve got it bad when you’re waiting impatiently for subs and nothing else seems appealing because all you want to do is watch Park Se rock up and come to the rescue, naturally with the help of his sidekicks and his very own Lois Lane- Min Joo.

We love how effortlessly the writers brought Min Joo and Park Se together. Their relationship is both realistic in its pace and utterly adorable to witness. Episode 10 was perfect, we liked everything about it-  despite the fact that Min Joo was kidnapped and tied up, she still managed to help rescue herself using her brains and her hard head in this case. We love that about her, she isn’t helpless and incompetent like other leading ladies. She’s smart, sassy and someone you can relate to on a basic level. 

Watching Park Se’s tentative steps in acknowledging Min Joo as a woman is brilliant. It’s the small, subtle things like sending her a text message or wondering where she is that is refreshing to see in a Kdrama. This guy is broken and so grand declarations of love or even immediate realisations of feelings for her is incredibly unrealistic and would feel disjointed in this drama, so we appreciate the small actions and we look forward to watching it further develop.

Our favourite scene from episode 10:

Min Joo declaring she likes Park Se as she hangs off the edge of the building.

 OMG- how great was that scene!

We love how Park Se never lets go of her hand and actually fell with her. LOVE HIM.

We really like how the writers manage to reflect Park Se’s heartbreak and pain in the cases explored. This week’s storyline was great, we like how the writers managed to clearly present how nothing is quite black or white and having Min Joo kidnapped may have been the turning point for Park Se to sit up and realise that maybe it was time to move past his grief and get on with life.

Episodes 9 and 10 also provided us with lots of revelations for Eun Young- How harsh was Park Se’s rejection?! We actually felt for her, she too lost a daughter and she was simply a pawn in her father’s master plan. Poor thing and then to find out that the guy she likes was actually the person responsible for her daughter’s death- now that is just cruel! In many ways, we appreciate the clean cut, yet brutal rejection from Park Se, as it makes it crystal clear to the audience that he has no lingering feelings for her and that his relationship with Min Joo is not going to be overshadowed by his ex wife’s presence.

Other thoughts:

Min Joo wanted a daddy and it looks like she’s going to get one fresh from Prison. Can’t wait to see how that one plays out!


49 days: 7-8

13 Apr

This was the scene that did it for us- the moment that we knew that the Scheduler and Yu Kyung had to be more than siblings- come on, this moment screamed OTP and yes the scene was literally two seconds but you can’t deny the chemistry! Yay- we can’t tell you how pleased we are. Hehehe

Aside from the semi verification that Yu Kyung might get some love by the end of the drama, the drama is moving along quite nicely and we eagerly wait for more- which is a refreshing change from the drama wasteland offerings we’ve had for the majority of 2011.  

The thing that is holding this drama together and makes it so appealing is the various and complicated relationships explored; most notably Ji Hyun and Yu Kyung. Despite being a one sided relationship (for now) it’s lovely to watch these two very isolated characters interact. Ji Hyun is rather sweet to Yu Kyung and the idea that she is indirectly taking care of Yu Kyung is lovely to watch as we know exactly how broken Yu Kyung is. The scene where Yu Kyung snapped and tried to hang herself was great…but disturbing. You could feel the urgency and the horror from Ji Hyun and such an experience will no doubt stay with her and cement their relationship in one form or another. We really hope that these two characters become ‘real’ friends by the end of it.

Kang made us laugh in this week’s lot of episodes- seriously she’s a housekeeper not his live in lover! His outrage at Yu Kyung working at Min Ho’s house was just a tad over the top for our liking. We had multiple scenes where he tried to drag her away from the ‘house of sin’- where she might be subjected to do horrible things like cooking rice and mopping the floors- shudder*  

Despite his macho protector of poor damsels act, we’re pleased to see more scenes between him and Ji Hyun. We love their odd couple routine with him being all gruff and serious and her being all sunshine and smiles. It’s nice to see why he cares so much about her and allows us to envision them as a couple rather than Kang with Yu Kyung. However the flash back scenes with Kang in a school uniform still makes us laugh for all the wrong reasons.

We can’t help ourselves- it’s Bae Soo Bin.

We’re sitting there and we’re watching Min Ho be a bastard and a real sleazebag but at the same time we’re literally sat there staring at him thinking one thought: you are so hot!

Hahaha. Yes, we’re aware we’re probably in the minority on this one, but still- he’s hot AND evil!

We approve.

Okay superficial thoughts aside; Min Ho is developing as a character really well.  It could be just us but who felt the flashback of In Jung being rescued by Min Ho felt…staged? Has Min Ho been planning his revenge longer than In Jung could ever imagine?  Oh that would be interesting.

Tears theory – week 7-8

Frankly we’re still lost on who will give Ji Hyun her three tears

-We’ve still got the Scheduler on the list: their friendship is adorable and we never get bored of watching them bicker.

Kang– He has to give her a tear, he’s her OTP.

– It’s the third tear that’s got us stumped… seriously, we don’t have a clue.

Does anyone have any theories that might shed some light; we’d love to hear people’s thoughts? It’s been ages since we’re watch a drama where we didn’t know everything after the credits rolled.

Other quick thoughts:

-The writers can’t kill off Ji Hyun’s daddy! That’s just too cruel.

-Scheduler attempts to get Yu Kyung another job was hilarious.

-Is anyone ever going to find out about Ji Hyun being a spirit?

Can you hear my heart? First impressions

12 Apr

We tuned into the first couple episodes last week and our initial verdict is:

so far so good.

In many ways this is as traditional as it gets for a K-family drama. The drama has the lot: birth secrets, rich guy/ poor girl divide, a smart/ hardworking leading lady with a heart of gold and naturally master villains seeking to swindle from the leading man’s family.

The thing we liked about this drama was the fact that despite being only two episodes in- we connected with the majority of the characters straight away. Having characters that you can connect with and care about is half the battle in winning viewers and this drama managed to do it really well. We’re still in the childhood proportion of the drama and have no idea how the drama will progress when we get a time leap but for now we love the OTP as individuals and together.

To our shock horror Can you hear my heart? has a leading man (well boy for now) that is absolutely lovely- a real sweetheart. We know what you’re thinking: a leading man in a Kdrama that isn’t cold, ruthless and a meat head- really? Yep, you read correctly. It’s near impossible not to be charmed by the young Dong Jae, here’s hoping he’s half as sweet when he grows up.

Woo Ri is the leading lady of the drama and well how can we resist a leading lady that is both plucky, smart and still sees the bright side to life despite being really poor, having a deaf mother and a step father that is mentally handicapped? Seriously Drama writers you have out done yourselves this time in creating a leading lady that has pretty much everything going against her!

Other notable characters that deserve a mention include:

Dong Jae’s mother – it’s none other than Madame Kang from Boys before Flowers! Let’s say its really creepy watching her be all smiles and loving to her son.

Woo Ri’s step father is excellent at managing to convey a sympathetic but realistic representation of a mentally handicapped man who happens to have a family and works for a living. His relationship with Woo Ri is really lovely to watch and made it easy to care for this unorthodox family.

Last but no means least Woo Ri’s step grandmother who is brilliant; she is so entertaining as the hard done, alcoholic, feisty grandmother that seems to end up cleaning up everyone’s mess all the time.  

Although we’ve only watched two episodes, this drama is all heart and we definitely look forward to watching more of the same.

Mid week rambles

6 Apr

Best Love:

We have a complicated relationship with the Hong Sister’s dramas in the sense that as much as we love their sharp, witty dialogue and fresh spin on old stories, there are plenty of elements that make us want to switch off; such as their insane love rivals and dragged out mid portion. Also the mania that surrounds their dramas (regardless of being any good or not) always turns us off. However we must confess that we’re really excited about their new drama Best Love.

We mean really excited!

 We’re especially pleased now that they dropped the Noona love storyline and brought in a leading man instead of a leading boy – no offense Lee Seung Ki.

Seriously, who actually likes the Noona Love storyline? – There is only so much that can be explored with the she’s old- he’s young, what will people say scenario.

Reasons we’re tuning in:

It’s got Gong Hyo Jin as the leading lady- we’ve loved her in every drama we’ve seen her in and have no doubt that she will be great in this one.

It’s got Cha Seung Won as the leading man- We’ve loved him ever since we watched him in City Hall– if he can generate half the chemistry he did in that drama we’ll be really happy. Despite being known for his action man roles, CSW is actually very funny and charismatic on screen and if the Hong Sisters produce a half decent script this could be amazing.   

We like the concept as well- we never get bored of the hate to love scenario especially when it involves a woman scorned. Also the idea of the We got Married concept sounds like it will be alot of fun.

We recently read that  Lee Hee Jin has joined the cast as a love rival which is kind of sad because we adored her in It’s okay, Daddy’s girl and we definitely looked forward to seeing what she did next, however as we said before the Hong Sisters Love rivals are a hateful bunch of annoying/ crazy.  Remember Delightful girl, You’re beautiful to name a few. So heres hoping she’s an inoffensive LR (pretty please!).

We really hope that the combined heavyweight acting prowess that is GHJ and CSW together can produce some hot chemistry and give us a memorable OTP that we can happily root for.

Skip Beat! – Update:

Not so long ago we were outraged at the news that Arial Lin and Jerry Yan were the leads in the Skip Beat live action remake, however since then the drama was shelved and no news of a comeback was mentioned. Well until we stumbled across the Viikii page for the drama and found out that our beloved Si Won has been cast as Ren – love!!!!, not only that but Dong Hae has been cast as Sho.

OMG- how exciting. Frankly Dong Hae doesn’t hold a candle to our Si Won love/ obsession but he’s not bad either- we thought he was wonderful in Its okay, Daddy’s girl.

Whoop, Whoop- If this drama ever happens, we are so there!

Can you hear my heart?

Has anyone seen this drama yet? It aired last week but there has been little written about it. We’re definitely going to tune in as soon as it’s subbed and fingers crossed it’s as good as we hope it is.

We love a good correlation chart, although we couldn’t help but notice the following:

-Lee Kyu Han is playing a love rival AGAIN! The poor guy just can’t catch a break.

-We don’t care how cute you are- that mushroom mop hair style is a no-no. Seriously what was she thinking?

49 days: 5-6

5 Apr

First off: Thank you writers for giving us lots of fan service in the last couple episodes!

-We got Scheduler in a school uniform- cute

-We got Kang in the shower singing Sunset Glow – funny

-Finally we got Min Ho brooding and scheming his way through every scene- hot

Getting Min Ho to be sexually attracted to Yu Kyung was an unexpected but genius twist of events. We love how this guy spent the past two years faking his way into Ji Hyun’s life with his charm and looks and now suddenly he’s found himself in the presence of a woman who appears to see right through his facade- we love how we can literally see him squirm under her glares but at the same time he’s attracted to her because of the challenge she presence. The conversations between Min Ho and Yu Kyung are heated, honest and so sexually charged, it’s refreshing to see their interactions in a drama that is full of lies, fake facades and a healthy dose of cute curiosity of Scheduler and Kang. 

As a viewer it’s nice to be presented with a villain who isn’t simply ‘bad’- he’s a complicated character with issues, secrets and someone seeking revenge. We like that, it makes for interesting viewing as we watch his back story unfold and we see his eventual downfall.  

We can’t wait to see how far his bruised ego will go in attempts to tame Yu Kyung; it’s going to be brilliant viewing if Yu Kyung actually becomes his house keeper. The guy is incapable of maintaining his composure around her and the more time he spends with her, the greater chance of him slipping up and everyone finding out that he is in fact a cheating swindler- oooh can’t wait for that!

Also poor Kang- how will he react?

Speaking of Kang, can he get any sweeter? Usually we’re not fans of the sweet natured/ stern leading man but Kang is perfect in this role. He is exactly the type of character that Yu Kyung/ Ji Hyun need in their life. Their interactions are just lovely viewing- so cute and charming that we can happily watch them for ages. The moment that solidified our love for this character was his honest confession to Manager Oh that Yu Kyung gave him the same romantic feelings he felt for Ji Hyun. He said it so simply and with such sincerity. Very anti- leading man of him, who we find spend multiple episodes in denial and don’t dare to mention such things as ‘feelings’ for at least 10 episodes.

Scheduler theory week 5-6:

Yes, we’ve unfortunately accepted that Scheduler is unlikely to be Yu Kyung’s dead lover but instead her brother from the Orphanage. Booo! Disappointed is an understatement. 


We’re finally getting small hints about the role creepy Convenient Store Stalker / Shrink plays in the drama, which is good because our imaginations were getting the better of us.  So he was responsible for the death of her brother/lover/given up guessing that one.

The big question is how?

In regards to Yu Kyung, we’ve still in the dark about her character.  Aside from knowing that she’s been in a depressed black hole of misery for the past five years, she still remains a mystery. Despite being romantics that would love to see her get together with someone…anyone. In reality, it wouldn’t really make any sense if she suddenly got herself together and found love in the course of the drama considering how damaged and screwed up she is, well unless there is a time leap, if that happened we would be really happy Musthavesubs girls!


They are so cute together.