49 days: 7-8

13 Apr

This was the scene that did it for us- the moment that we knew that the Scheduler and Yu Kyung had to be more than siblings- come on, this moment screamed OTP and yes the scene was literally two seconds but you can’t deny the chemistry! Yay- we can’t tell you how pleased we are. Hehehe

Aside from the semi verification that Yu Kyung might get some love by the end of the drama, the drama is moving along quite nicely and we eagerly wait for more- which is a refreshing change from the drama wasteland offerings we’ve had for the majority of 2011.  

The thing that is holding this drama together and makes it so appealing is the various and complicated relationships explored; most notably Ji Hyun and Yu Kyung. Despite being a one sided relationship (for now) it’s lovely to watch these two very isolated characters interact. Ji Hyun is rather sweet to Yu Kyung and the idea that she is indirectly taking care of Yu Kyung is lovely to watch as we know exactly how broken Yu Kyung is. The scene where Yu Kyung snapped and tried to hang herself was great…but disturbing. You could feel the urgency and the horror from Ji Hyun and such an experience will no doubt stay with her and cement their relationship in one form or another. We really hope that these two characters become ‘real’ friends by the end of it.

Kang made us laugh in this week’s lot of episodes- seriously she’s a housekeeper not his live in lover! His outrage at Yu Kyung working at Min Ho’s house was just a tad over the top for our liking. We had multiple scenes where he tried to drag her away from the ‘house of sin’- where she might be subjected to do horrible things like cooking rice and mopping the floors- shudder*  

Despite his macho protector of poor damsels act, we’re pleased to see more scenes between him and Ji Hyun. We love their odd couple routine with him being all gruff and serious and her being all sunshine and smiles. It’s nice to see why he cares so much about her and allows us to envision them as a couple rather than Kang with Yu Kyung. However the flash back scenes with Kang in a school uniform still makes us laugh for all the wrong reasons.

We can’t help ourselves- it’s Bae Soo Bin.

We’re sitting there and we’re watching Min Ho be a bastard and a real sleazebag but at the same time we’re literally sat there staring at him thinking one thought: you are so hot!

Hahaha. Yes, we’re aware we’re probably in the minority on this one, but still- he’s hot AND evil!

We approve.

Okay superficial thoughts aside; Min Ho is developing as a character really well.  It could be just us but who felt the flashback of In Jung being rescued by Min Ho felt…staged? Has Min Ho been planning his revenge longer than In Jung could ever imagine?  Oh that would be interesting.

Tears theory – week 7-8

Frankly we’re still lost on who will give Ji Hyun her three tears

-We’ve still got the Scheduler on the list: their friendship is adorable and we never get bored of watching them bicker.

Kang– He has to give her a tear, he’s her OTP.

– It’s the third tear that’s got us stumped… seriously, we don’t have a clue.

Does anyone have any theories that might shed some light; we’d love to hear people’s thoughts? It’s been ages since we’re watch a drama where we didn’t know everything after the credits rolled.

Other quick thoughts:

-The writers can’t kill off Ji Hyun’s daddy! That’s just too cruel.

-Scheduler attempts to get Yu Kyung another job was hilarious.

-Is anyone ever going to find out about Ji Hyun being a spirit?


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