Crime Squad- episodes 9-10

14 Apr

Episode 9 was the turning point for us, where we went from liking the drama a lot to falling hard for it and eagerly awaiting the next lot of episodes. You know you’ve got it bad when you’re waiting impatiently for subs and nothing else seems appealing because all you want to do is watch Park Se rock up and come to the rescue, naturally with the help of his sidekicks and his very own Lois Lane- Min Joo.

We love how effortlessly the writers brought Min Joo and Park Se together. Their relationship is both realistic in its pace and utterly adorable to witness. Episode 10 was perfect, we liked everything about it-  despite the fact that Min Joo was kidnapped and tied up, she still managed to help rescue herself using her brains and her hard head in this case. We love that about her, she isn’t helpless and incompetent like other leading ladies. She’s smart, sassy and someone you can relate to on a basic level. 

Watching Park Se’s tentative steps in acknowledging Min Joo as a woman is brilliant. It’s the small, subtle things like sending her a text message or wondering where she is that is refreshing to see in a Kdrama. This guy is broken and so grand declarations of love or even immediate realisations of feelings for her is incredibly unrealistic and would feel disjointed in this drama, so we appreciate the small actions and we look forward to watching it further develop.

Our favourite scene from episode 10:

Min Joo declaring she likes Park Se as she hangs off the edge of the building.

 OMG- how great was that scene!

We love how Park Se never lets go of her hand and actually fell with her. LOVE HIM.

We really like how the writers manage to reflect Park Se’s heartbreak and pain in the cases explored. This week’s storyline was great, we like how the writers managed to clearly present how nothing is quite black or white and having Min Joo kidnapped may have been the turning point for Park Se to sit up and realise that maybe it was time to move past his grief and get on with life.

Episodes 9 and 10 also provided us with lots of revelations for Eun Young- How harsh was Park Se’s rejection?! We actually felt for her, she too lost a daughter and she was simply a pawn in her father’s master plan. Poor thing and then to find out that the guy she likes was actually the person responsible for her daughter’s death- now that is just cruel! In many ways, we appreciate the clean cut, yet brutal rejection from Park Se, as it makes it crystal clear to the audience that he has no lingering feelings for her and that his relationship with Min Joo is not going to be overshadowed by his ex wife’s presence.

Other thoughts:

Min Joo wanted a daddy and it looks like she’s going to get one fresh from Prison. Can’t wait to see how that one plays out!



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