49 days: 9-13

26 Apr

Three major things happened in last week’s lot of episodes:

-Ji Hyun got herself a tear- hooray!

-Kang knows she’s a spirit

-We got further evidence that the Scheduler and Yu Kyung were definitely a couple and seriously, how cute were they together in the past.

We salute you drama writers for giving us exactly what we wanted.

We are loving the development of Kang and Ji Hyun’s relationship- for us this is what we would classify as smart romance- especially for a Kdrama. It’s also original and quirky enough that it leaves us guessing how this OTP are going to get together. At first we were dubious as to how a romance between Kang and Ji Hyun was going to work, especially when Yu Kyung played such a vital role. However in many ways the sincerity of Kang’s love for Ji Hyun has only been magnified by having Yu Kyung as a substitute body as we’re shown time and time again that all he can think of is Ji Hyun’s character, rather than anything connected to Yu Kyung -like her appearance.

Now that Kang has worked out that Ji Hyun is actually a spirit, we imagine that we’ve got lots of sweet OTP moments ahead of us- yay. Honestly as a viewer it’s pretty hard not to like Kang- the guy has thrown all rationality and logic out the window and simply accepts that the woman he loves is a spirit who is sharing a random woman’s body to complete her 49 days of unfinished business… ummm we doubt we would have come to that conclusion first, but hey how often do you get a realistic Kdrama- where is the fun in that? In regards to Kang knowing about Ji Hyun, we really like how we’re provided with another voice in the drama that empathizes and is given an insight into the hardships that Ji Hyun has gone through. Also watching Kang adapt to the new situation is lovely- he’s gone from gruff and cold to considerate and supportive and it’s exactly what she needs- the woman has suffered enough!  

We can’t wait to for further progress in this dysfunction OTP relationship.

Tear theory week- 9-10:

Kang– Yep- the first tear is from none other than the adorable Kang- surprised? Not so much. However we have a feeling that Ji Hyun might be when she finally works out who gave her the first tear.

How glad are we that Ji Hyun got her tear when she did? That whole sequence of her bidding her final goodbyes was so sad and heartbreaking as we clearly saw her at her lowest point in her 49 day journey. She went from believing that she had lived her life in vain and that no one truly loved her and then suddenly gets a tear just when she needed it, it was just perfect.  

We’ve seemed to have developed a slightly obsessed connection to the Scheduler and Yu Kyung’s relationship in the sense that we love it and are utterly hooked. In many ways we find their relationship more compelling than Kang and Ji Hyun’s one, simply because it’s shrouded in mystery and each week the writers slips a scene in between the two that leaves us wanting more…and more.  Hehe

We love their back story- two orphans that were raised together and then fell in love- he is her family and the love of her life and to lose both at once is just cruel. No wonder she’s been a walking zombie for so long- we would be too. As drama viewers we love stuff like this- it invokes strong emotions that makes for great viewing and the more we watch, the more we hope for a HEA for this OTP. Pretty please.

The scene where Yu Kyung collapsed and the Scheduler caught her was such a subtle but lovely scene to watch. You could literally see the conflicting/ strange feelings that the Scheduler felt for her- even though he couldn’t explain why. Then to have her beg Yi Soo not to appear even in her dreams was so sad. Five years has passed since his death and she is still grieving and heartbroken, now that’s what you call OTP territory- what are you doing to us drama?!

Min Ho is still hot and evil but our attraction for the character is slightly dimming as the weeks go on. At first we were fascinated by the twisted relationship between him and Ji Hyun (as Yu Kyung) but now it’s like- why the hell would he bother- she’s clearly insane with her hot/cold responses. It’s just bazaar viewing for us- his reasoning to be with her makes little sense to us and the more we watch them together the less interest their interactions hold.

 Thoughts for the upcoming episodes:

-We wonder if Yu Kyung will find out that Ji Hyun’s been using her body through her hypnotherapy sessions – she’ll probably check herself into a mental institution herself!

-We really hope for more Scheduler and Yu Kyung moments.

-Also we love the bitchy/ uncomfortable scenes between Ji Hyun and In Jung and would happily welcome more- so much fun to watch!


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