Crime Squad:11-14

28 Apr

Tuning in for the last couple weeks have shown us that the writers for this drama may have chewed off more than they could handle.  Especially in regards to getting all the multiple issues addressed in a timely and satisfying manner.

There are only two episodes left and plenty to be resolved…we fear that we may get ourselves a rushed HEA for our favourite dysfunctional cops. We really hope that we’re wrong because we really enjoy watching this drama!

Things that need wrapping up:

-There is the mystery behind the shoot out five years ago which resulted in Hye In’s death- plus the sole reason for Park Se becoming an Officer.

-The shady activities/ cover up which involves Detective Kwon, II Do’s father and even Min Jo’s dad.

-Last but by no means least -we want a satisfying conclusion to Park Se and Min Jo’s relationship. This is a Kdrama after all, it’s a must!

Then there is everything else:

-Are we ever going to get the bromance we crave between II Do and Park Se?

-Are we ever going to find out why a government officer drives around in a bright yellow Ferrari?  Seriously we think we may be in the wrong profession and country if Dong Jin can afford to drive around in that car.

Quick recaps on moments worth mentioning in the past four episodes:

-We love Min Jo’s father! Yes we’re surprised as well, we thought he was definitely going to be the big bad of the drama.

We really liked how the drama didn’t try and sugar-coat Min Jo’s father’s past crimes but instead presented a character that is looking for redemption. We loved how the writers handled the whole scenario -they presented a man that was willing to sacrifice everything to protect his daughter against all he represented.  We can’t wait for Min Jo to properly reunite with him and finally get that father she’s been longing for.

-Eun Young knows that II Do was responsible for her daughter’s death! Her response to cut him out completely was brilliant- realistic, cold and something that we would do. We actually felt kind of sorry for the guy…

-Eun Young was coldly rejected by Park Se AGAIN! The conversation and his reasoning for not getting back with her was so heartfelt and honest. The drama never fails to give us really great emotional scenes within all the comedy and puzzles.

-Yes, the actual mysteries each week are easy to solve but for some strange reason we don’t mind at all. We actually enjoying watching them all work together and work out something we worked out half an hour earlier.

Ummm we’re not quite selling this drama are we? Seriously we do like it and it’s definitely something worth tuning in for!

Final thought:

We fear we may not even get a kiss between our OTP… say it ain’t so!

No hug, no wrist grab… nothing!


One Response to “Crime Squad:11-14”

  1. millie10468 April 28, 2011 at 11:48 pm #

    Don’t worry about not selling the drama. Everything you wrote definitely makes me want to watch it, even the parts that you’re not sure will be dealt with accordingly 🙂

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