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Best Love- 5-6

26 May

What a difference a week makes.

Finally some decent OTP action- let the angst begin!

Now this is what we’re talking about- mutual attraction, chemistry and trouble. Finally, we’ve been waiting for this progress for ages and now it’s finally arrived and we couldn’t be happier!
The thing we like most about their relationship is the fact that it’s so honest. They are refreshingly frank with one another- no facades, no mincing of words- they say it as it is and we love it. It makes their scenes together unpredictable and very entertaining. We really like the unexpected twist in their relationship- the drama went from Ae Jung being completely indifferent to Jin to feeding his fish and buying him potatoes in matter of two episodes! We really liked how the Camellia story was used as a way to manipulate the storyline and get that much desired progress between the OTP. Also how funny was it watching Jin trying to get her ‘chicken?’ – That sounds so wrong.

As much as we think that Ae Jung and Pil Joo are outrageously cute together, there is something about their moments that just doesn’t connect for us on an emotional level. When she’s with him- Ae Jung comes across rather fake and more interested in how she may come across on camera. She completely lacks sincerity in her conversations with him and as a result it dims our level of interest in their budding relationship.

We actually think that Se Ri and Pil Joo’s moments together are more interesting. Who would have thought we’d say that? The scene where she ate all of his ramen was so cute. They are rather awkward and geeky together. She’s found herself with a guy that isn’t awestruck by her sheer presence and he manages to make her relax long enough to do something human like- eat or laugh.  As a result we find that their moments together are a lot more authentic and natural to watch and if they happen to end up together, we guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Love rival appreciation corner:

The thing about Pil Joo we like most is the fact that he never misunderstands Ae Jung…ever. There are so many opportunities for him to get the wrong idea and think badly of her but he never does. The scene where he saw Jin drive away with her at the club and again at the cinema were key moments for him to think that she’s a cheat or a liar but instead he manages to rationalise her behaviour- which makes him a sweetheart and us complete suckers for him! Also how sweet was the whole pen scenario? Seriously the guy went to such lengths just to make sure she didn’t feel guilty for losing his pen. Damn it, we hate when we fall for the love rivals, it just makes it harder later.

Other thoughts:

-CSW looks weird without his chin strap- it might take awhile to get use to his new look.

-We can’t wait to watch Jin weasel his way back in Ae Jung’s good graces- honestly the man has the worst case of foot-in-mouth disease we’ve seen in a Kdrama in ages.

-We wonder how far Jin will go to be with Ae Jung and at what expense? We’re hoping for lots of romantic, angst worthy moments between our screwed up OTP.

-Finally, why does Ae Jung’s ex manager hate her so much?

Can’t wait to see what happens next!


Can you hear my heart? episodes 14-16

26 May

Dude, that’s your sister!

We really didn’t want Joon Ha to have romantic feelings for Woo Ri. Yes, we should have seen this coming a mile off but we’ve been in ignorant denial. He’s her Oppa, why complicate matters!?

This is some seriously messy love triangle- The drama has two fake brother’s loving the same girl- one of whom is her step brother. Yikes, this isn’t going to be pretty.

Joon Ha needs to be exposed as Ma Roo already- the guy is playing with fire. He doesn’t actually deserve them as a family (right now).  Even though he knows that his family have been looking for him for 16 years and that his grandmother is sick, he still doesn’t care enough to return or at least reveal his true identity. Now he’s gone and betrayed his brother by making a move on Woo Ri -when he knows exactly how Dong Joo feels for her. The fool! We sense lots of man pain ahead, which we don’t mind at all because Joon Ha looks hot with his angsty, guilt ridden tears. Hehehe.

Dong Joo and Woo Ri still remain super cute together. K-dramas never fail to make us laugh with their lame arse displays of public affection- Seriously that kiss was so pathetic but sweet. Then there were all the awkward ‘accidental’ hugs and hand brushing- so funny. If real life was a K-drama, the country would seriously be under populated. Despite their tentative steps to becoming a couple, they still remain very sweet together. It’s the small moments that make them such a lovely couple to watch. The scene where she sang a song to him with sign language and he watched from outside was soooo sweet.

Our hearts break a little more every week as we watch the grandmother’s health gets worse. The scene where she didn’t recognise her son or Woo Ri was so sad. Seriously- drama that’s just too cruel! We know that she will ultimately be the factor that makes Shin Ae become a decent human being but still… it’s horrible to watch her be bullied by her nasty excuse for a daughter. How can a daughter be so despicable to her own mother? Why do K-dramas love to redeem their nasty characters? We would have far preferred it if she was punished along with her disgusting partner in crime.

Other thoughts:

-Who is the mysterious Mi Sook? What an interesting twist getting Woo Ri’s mother to come back as a different character that shares the same name as her. How sweet would it be if she was a sort of mother figure for Woo Ri?

-Seung Chul still remains outrageously lovable. In many ways it would be so much better for Woo Ri, if she just loved him back. This is Ji Hoo Sumbae all over again…damn it!

Hopes for next week’s lot of episodes:

-We want Choi Jin Chul to suffer! We would love to see that villain be brought down a peg or two.

-We’re hoping that the grandma totally loses the plot and accidently shaves off Shin Ae’s hair- just kidding- although that would be funny. Muhaha

49 days episode 19-20/ final thoughts

24 May

We’ve decided to pretend that episode 20 never happened. Yes, we’re going to be childish and stubborn about this matter but seriously- how could you drama!!?

We get all the symbolism and the importance of fate and it is indeed original and touching but at the same time- completely and utterly unsatisfying! Why, why, why?

lots of rambling, gushing and occasional sobbing ahead

Can you hear my heart? episode 11-13

19 May

We’ve got nothing but love and praise for this drama. We utterly adore it and it is hands down our favourite currently airing drama.

If you’re not watching this drama, what are you waiting for???
It’s so good.

It’s all good but here are a few noteworthy mentions from the last few episodes

49 days – episodes 17-18

18 May

Like mad fan girls we found ourselves squealing with excitement by pretty much everything that happened in last week’s lot of episodes. The twists, the turns…oh drama you are just too good to us.

How utterly perfect was everything that happened last week? Seriously we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Gushing rampage ahead – spoiler alert

Best Love- episodes 3-4

17 May

We really want to love this drama but at the moment it’s just not working for us.

Don’t get us wrong- we find it very funny and we like the characters but it’s all just so messy and unbelievable. The drama still feels disjointed and lacks that element that hooks you in. In many ways it feels like the drama is made up of lots of funny clips placed together in a really sloppy and unrealistic manner.

As drama viewers the thing that makes or breaks a drama for us is how much we care about the OTP and sadly (for now) we just haven’t connected with Jin and Ae Jung – despite really wanting to. Damn it!

Ae Jung…has disarmed me. –That whole sequence was so funny!

They are very funny together but they lack chemistry. It’s as simple as that. As a result watching Jin’s discovery of love for Ae Jung feels rather flat and so very OTT. Jin’s character is very similar to Hyun Bin’s character in Secret Garden in the sense that they both feel that they are better than their OTP but despite that fact they are both utterly obsessed pretty much from the first meeting. The big difference between both characters is that; Hyun Bin’s character was indeed unbelievable and OTT like Jin but his chemistry with his OTP was HOT. We remember sitting back in our seats, eyes glued to the screen as we watched their lovely chemistry- we were fascinated by them as a couple and happily tuned in every week to see it develop.

We really want that for Jin and Ae Jung, we want to feel something other than mild amusement caused by an embarrassing situation.  We want that spark that makes us want to root for this couple for 16 episodes rather than secretly wanting Ae Jung to get together with the dashing Doctor Yoon.

Speaking of Pil Joo- could he be anymore adorable- where can we get one from?? The more scenes we see him in the more we like him. Normally we’re not that interested in the ‘nice’ guy but Ae Jung as a character has suffered so many knocks over the years that we can’t help but feel that a nice guy is exactly what she needs. It also helps that they are really charming together.

How sweet was the scene above where he shielded her ears from listening to his staff bitch about her? Sigh* What a sweetheart.

Despite its flaws we can’t help but want to tune in again with the hope that it can live up to the all that untapped potential which is just dying to be released. Plus let’s face it -this drama maybe a mess but at least it’s a fun mess.  Come on drama -you can do it! We’ve got our fingers crossed that you will fix up and give us what we want.

Drunken to love you- episode 4

12 May

The drama is just too damn cute for its own good.

We want them to be a couple already! Seriously this drama is teasing us to death with all the utterly sweet moments between our OTP. It’s the small things like her watching him from a distance, or him wondering whether she’s okay that makes them so compelling to watch. The foundations for their relationship maybe completely fake and based on lies but their budding feelings and interactions are 100% authentic and when you’re watching you can’t help but feel engaged because their just so cute together.

Yes, episode 4 was as subtle as a sledge hammer is hammering home the message that: Xiao Ru makes Jie Xiu a better man and that his life appears to be better with her in it. Cheesy- we know but we can forgive the drama because:

 a. this OTP are really adorable together.

b. We anticipate their relationship to step up a gear and provide us with (hopefully) lots of angsty/ romantic goodness.

 Also how glad are we that Xiao Ru has finally decided to let go of Yi Xian? We’re pleased that this issue wasn’t dragged out too long by the writers and that it allows for XR to properly move on and develop feelings for JX in a realistic manner. We think that if she desperately held onto her boyfriend for very long in the drama we may have found her unappealing as a lead. Only because despite the fact he may love her, he still got another woman pregnant- regardless of the circumstances it may have happened under and well she deserves better than that and should have more self respect for herself to not allow that fact to pass so easily.

To be honest we were actually surprised by Peggy in this episode. We were certain that she was going to be our crazy/ pathetic/ manipulative love rival that causes nothing but trouble for our leading lady right up to the very end. However, for it to be resolved so amicably was a very pleasant surprise for us.  
At least XR got to give her a good slap! Muhahah

Heres hoping we don’t regret our naive words…. shudder* nobody does crazy love rivals like T-dramas do.

Best Love- first impressions/ 1-2

11 May

We finally got around to watching Best Love and all we have to say is:

Yay for the Hong Sisters finally growing up- We have a feeling this OTP is going to be HOT!

If we’re honest- we didn’t completely and utterly fall in love with this drama (just yet anyway). We think this may be because it had a lot of hype surrounding it and the drama has received praise from pretty much everyone who tuned in, so naturally our expectations were sky high.

Episode 1 felt a little disjointed at times but as soon as it got into a rhyme we found ourselves happily enjoying it. The drama naturally had the Hong Sister’s trademark funny, sharp dialogue and fast as lightening pace, which we loved and have missed.  As a result we found ourselves laughing and cringing at the mishaps the OTP got themselves into and by the time we finished episode 2 we were left feeling excited by the possibilities and most importantly wanting to watch more!

Things that worked for us:

-The OTP: Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin don’t disappoint at all – you can already see all the potential hot chemistry and angst coming their way. They are funny, charming and very engaging together.

We love how Ae Jung is a mess- she’s far from the typical leading lady we get in K-dramas. She’s presented as very human; she’s impulsive, opinionated and a person that has a desperate need to hold onto the spotlight- sometimes at the expense of her pride/ dignity. We don’t think we’ve seen a Hong Sisters drama with such a realistic type of leading lady and well it’s a refreshing shake up to say the least. The fact that Ae Jung is so very realistic is something that works for us because we can’t help but connect and want to see how she gets her HEA.   

-Cha Seung Won is great as the leading man. We were so excited to hear that CSW was going to be in this drama because we knew he would be amazing. We’ve only ever seen him in City Hall and well we’ve been fangirls ever since. He was so romantic and funny in that drama. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s definitely one worth tuning in for- it’s rocks!  Plus, trust us when we say- if you don’t already love CSW…City Hall will make a fan out of you for sure!

-How cute is Yoon Kye Sang as the love rival Yoon Pil Joo? We loved his first scene with Ae Jung- what an introduction! We really like how quirky and blunt he is as a character. Finally the Hong Sisters have given us a couple love rivals that have some substance, rather than simply being crazy and boring.  From what we’ve seen of him so far we fear we may start rooting for him and Ae Jung to be the main couple…not again! Our soft spot for love rivals just seems to be getting worst. Oh Dear. 

-We love the comedy- yes, it’s the Hong Sisters all grown up but  the drama still remains whimsical and silly, which we adore.

 After a bumpy start, the drama is looking very promising – we’ve got an OTP worth tuning in for, a decent script and most importantly a very entertaining concept- can’t wait for the reality show to begin! HEEEE

What more can we ask for?

49 days- episodes 15-16

11 May

This drama really stepped up a gear last week and we finally got major revelations, confessions and consequences- seriously it was just sooooo good to watch!

There was so much good stuff to mention that to be honest we don’t know where to start.

That’s not quite true- OMG everyone knows that Ji Hyun is a spirit, including Yu Kyung.

It’s got to be the most unbelievable scenario ever explored in a Kdrama and the fact that everyone just accepts it is…crazy/ stupid but who cares when it’s this good!?

-Min Ho’s confrontation with Ji Hyun was brilliant. He’s transformed himself from being a minor baddie that had issues to being a complete villain in the space of two episodes and we love it! If we are going to have a character that we want to hate, at least make him a true villain and Min Ho fits the bill really well. He was unbelievably sneaky and ruthless in last week’s lot of episodes. Who would have thought that our favourite love rival Bae Soo Bin could play such a character so well? Still hot AND evil- love him!

-Yu Kyung can not only hear but also see Ji Hyun now!!! She has officially acknowledged her…well she asked her to leave but still, it’s the first steps to friendship. Heheh.

Listening to Yu Kyung describe her ghost to Doctor Noh was really sad. How pitiful and lonely must you be as a person if you’re comforted by a ghost? We wonder if Kang will come to the rescue and convince Yu Kyung to help save Ji Hyun? We do adore Kang’s inspirational speeches.

-We finally got to see In Jung get beaten up. Thank you writers for giving us what we wanted. We would have been so happy if only we got to see Seo Woo give her a few more slaps before flashing to another scene. MUHAHAH. Her reasoning for vowing revenge is pathetic!

-We got a love confession from Ji Hyun- so sweet. The best thing about the confession was how straightforward and heartfelt it was. She wants to live so she can confess her feelings to him. Kang and Ji Hyun’s relationship is by far the best thing about this whole drama. The development of their relationship was so lovely to watch- it was handled so sensitively and intelligently by the writers, that it makes it that much more poignant and engaging to watch.  

-We got lots of Scheduler angsty goodness. He now knows EVERYTHING and is impatiently waiting to get his girl. We love how protective he is of Yu Kyung, it’s really nice to hear someone speak about her that way, considering she has no one that looks out for her, well except Ji Hyun but she really doesn’t count. Please let them be a couple again- they have both suffered enough!

Two weeks left and then it’s all over. SOB*

We are so excited.

Best Love

6 May


It feels like forever since we obsessively waited for subs.

Someone, anyone please sub Best Love! Pretty please.

Just look at this promo shot- it’s just screaming to be watched.