Drunken to love you- episode 3

3 May

Still loving it! Three weeks in and we are enjoying all the lovely banter and chemistry between the OTP and the silly high jinks they get themselves into.

We love how this drama never takes itself too seriously but at the same time it has the injected sincerity and heart that makes it impossible not to root for this odd couple.

What’s refreshing about this particular marriage contract setup is the fact that both Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are friends already. Despite the 10 seconds of hostility where they both decided to go all Mortal Combat on us, they seem to have accepted each other very quickly and share an honest and tactile relationship. Neither of them are afraid to give their opinions on matters and you can believe that they really do enjoy each other’s company. How rare is that for a drama- especially when we’re only on episode 3, surely they should still be scowling at each other and plotting childish pranks?

To be honest we would probably feel a little uneasy if we were the girlfriend in the equation.  It will be interesting to see how far the marriage contract will push Ai Wei. This being a T-drama we wonder if she will go from being perfect to psycho love rival in a way that only T-dramas can do it, if she does…frankly the woman has no one else to blame but herself! Muhaha.

Episode 3 was all about Xiao Ru getting over her broken heart and through the process we were given an insight into her relationship with her boyfriend Yi Xian.  Rainie still remains brilliant in balancing the comedy with her character’s heartbreak. Watching her stroll through memory lane made us as viewers connect even more with this character because you just can’t help but feel for her – they were so happy together!

 Yi Xian is an interesting character for us- yes, he clearly loves Xiao Ru and he’s found himself trapped into a life he didn’t want. However in our opinion- if you do the dirty, it’s the price you pay. We have no doubt that conniving Peggy probably laced him with booze and jumped his bones one fateful night and that there is more to the story than what we’ve been given so far. On one hand we feel for him but in our opinion there are better ways to handle the situation; being cruel to be kind is just a copout especially if you’ve been in a relationship with someone for four years and most importantly- claim to love them.

Favourite scene from episode 3:

How funny was the scene where Jie Xiu went to ‘rescue’ Xiao Ru from the sea?

We got girly yelps for help from our manly leading man and enjoyed watching him jump into the sea to save her…even though he couldn’t swim- awwwww- so cute!

The funniest bit about the whole scene was watching Xiao Ru eating her sausage as she realised who the crazy man was that had to be rescued by life savers. So funny!

We also like what Xiao Ru’s presence in Jie Xiu’s life has done to him:

He went from this: professional, respected and serious-

To this…just look at him!

Final thought:

In terms of plot, this drama lacks substance and we doubt if we will be intelligently challenged at any point while watching this drama, but hey, who cares when it’s as cute and funny as this?


What do you think?

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