49 days- episodes 15-16

11 May

This drama really stepped up a gear last week and we finally got major revelations, confessions and consequences- seriously it was just sooooo good to watch!

There was so much good stuff to mention that to be honest we don’t know where to start.

That’s not quite true- OMG everyone knows that Ji Hyun is a spirit, including Yu Kyung.

It’s got to be the most unbelievable scenario ever explored in a Kdrama and the fact that everyone just accepts it is…crazy/ stupid but who cares when it’s this good!?

-Min Ho’s confrontation with Ji Hyun was brilliant. He’s transformed himself from being a minor baddie that had issues to being a complete villain in the space of two episodes and we love it! If we are going to have a character that we want to hate, at least make him a true villain and Min Ho fits the bill really well. He was unbelievably sneaky and ruthless in last week’s lot of episodes. Who would have thought that our favourite love rival Bae Soo Bin could play such a character so well? Still hot AND evil- love him!

-Yu Kyung can not only hear but also see Ji Hyun now!!! She has officially acknowledged her…well she asked her to leave but still, it’s the first steps to friendship. Heheh.

Listening to Yu Kyung describe her ghost to Doctor Noh was really sad. How pitiful and lonely must you be as a person if you’re comforted by a ghost? We wonder if Kang will come to the rescue and convince Yu Kyung to help save Ji Hyun? We do adore Kang’s inspirational speeches.

-We finally got to see In Jung get beaten up. Thank you writers for giving us what we wanted. We would have been so happy if only we got to see Seo Woo give her a few more slaps before flashing to another scene. MUHAHAH. Her reasoning for vowing revenge is pathetic!

-We got a love confession from Ji Hyun- so sweet. The best thing about the confession was how straightforward and heartfelt it was. She wants to live so she can confess her feelings to him. Kang and Ji Hyun’s relationship is by far the best thing about this whole drama. The development of their relationship was so lovely to watch- it was handled so sensitively and intelligently by the writers, that it makes it that much more poignant and engaging to watch.  

-We got lots of Scheduler angsty goodness. He now knows EVERYTHING and is impatiently waiting to get his girl. We love how protective he is of Yu Kyung, it’s really nice to hear someone speak about her that way, considering she has no one that looks out for her, well except Ji Hyun but she really doesn’t count. Please let them be a couple again- they have both suffered enough!

Two weeks left and then it’s all over. SOB*

We are so excited.


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