Drunken to love you- episode 4

12 May

The drama is just too damn cute for its own good.

We want them to be a couple already! Seriously this drama is teasing us to death with all the utterly sweet moments between our OTP. It’s the small things like her watching him from a distance, or him wondering whether she’s okay that makes them so compelling to watch. The foundations for their relationship maybe completely fake and based on lies but their budding feelings and interactions are 100% authentic and when you’re watching you can’t help but feel engaged because their just so cute together.

Yes, episode 4 was as subtle as a sledge hammer is hammering home the message that: Xiao Ru makes Jie Xiu a better man and that his life appears to be better with her in it. Cheesy- we know but we can forgive the drama because:

 a. this OTP are really adorable together.

b. We anticipate their relationship to step up a gear and provide us with (hopefully) lots of angsty/ romantic goodness.

 Also how glad are we that Xiao Ru has finally decided to let go of Yi Xian? We’re pleased that this issue wasn’t dragged out too long by the writers and that it allows for XR to properly move on and develop feelings for JX in a realistic manner. We think that if she desperately held onto her boyfriend for very long in the drama we may have found her unappealing as a lead. Only because despite the fact he may love her, he still got another woman pregnant- regardless of the circumstances it may have happened under and well she deserves better than that and should have more self respect for herself to not allow that fact to pass so easily.

To be honest we were actually surprised by Peggy in this episode. We were certain that she was going to be our crazy/ pathetic/ manipulative love rival that causes nothing but trouble for our leading lady right up to the very end. However, for it to be resolved so amicably was a very pleasant surprise for us.  
At least XR got to give her a good slap! Muhahah

Heres hoping we don’t regret our naive words…. shudder* nobody does crazy love rivals like T-dramas do.


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