Best Love- episodes 3-4

17 May

We really want to love this drama but at the moment it’s just not working for us.

Don’t get us wrong- we find it very funny and we like the characters but it’s all just so messy and unbelievable. The drama still feels disjointed and lacks that element that hooks you in. In many ways it feels like the drama is made up of lots of funny clips placed together in a really sloppy and unrealistic manner.

As drama viewers the thing that makes or breaks a drama for us is how much we care about the OTP and sadly (for now) we just haven’t connected with Jin and Ae Jung – despite really wanting to. Damn it!

Ae Jung…has disarmed me. –That whole sequence was so funny!

They are very funny together but they lack chemistry. It’s as simple as that. As a result watching Jin’s discovery of love for Ae Jung feels rather flat and so very OTT. Jin’s character is very similar to Hyun Bin’s character in Secret Garden in the sense that they both feel that they are better than their OTP but despite that fact they are both utterly obsessed pretty much from the first meeting. The big difference between both characters is that; Hyun Bin’s character was indeed unbelievable and OTT like Jin but his chemistry with his OTP was HOT. We remember sitting back in our seats, eyes glued to the screen as we watched their lovely chemistry- we were fascinated by them as a couple and happily tuned in every week to see it develop.

We really want that for Jin and Ae Jung, we want to feel something other than mild amusement caused by an embarrassing situation.  We want that spark that makes us want to root for this couple for 16 episodes rather than secretly wanting Ae Jung to get together with the dashing Doctor Yoon.

Speaking of Pil Joo- could he be anymore adorable- where can we get one from?? The more scenes we see him in the more we like him. Normally we’re not that interested in the ‘nice’ guy but Ae Jung as a character has suffered so many knocks over the years that we can’t help but feel that a nice guy is exactly what she needs. It also helps that they are really charming together.

How sweet was the scene above where he shielded her ears from listening to his staff bitch about her? Sigh* What a sweetheart.

Despite its flaws we can’t help but want to tune in again with the hope that it can live up to the all that untapped potential which is just dying to be released. Plus let’s face it -this drama maybe a mess but at least it’s a fun mess.  Come on drama -you can do it! We’ve got our fingers crossed that you will fix up and give us what we want.


One Response to “Best Love- episodes 3-4”

  1. tirenard May 24, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Haha love your reviews, as usual 🙂 Have you watched the last episodes? Now we’ve got some nice strong romantic feelings and the angst begins! 😀

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