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City Hunter: 5-10

25 Jun

We’re really enjoying this drama but we’re finding it hard to completely and utterly love it…just yet. When we’re watching we’re hooked, there is so much to love but at the same time we fear getting too emotionally attached because we have no doubt that this drama will break our hearts in the worst way possible by doing something evil like- killing Yoon Sung off to protect Na Na or having a faceoff between father and son and both ending up dying…shudder*

However as much as we try to reframe from getting too attached, we’re finding it really hard, especially when it’s soooooo good!

Lee Min Ho, what are you doing to us? Just when we thought we couldn’t love you anymore- you decide to do a drama about an idealistic hero willing to risk life and love to honourably get justice. Damn you- we’re goners. We love how he’s far from perfect, he acts like an idiot around Na Na half the time and the other half he’s stopping himself from making out with her on the Judo mat. His feelings for her are so sweet and sincere, that we just hope that nothing happens to ruin their romance or else someone will pay!  

Then there is the other romance in this drama between Yoon Sung and Ahjussi. Sooooo sweet! We love their moments together. As a character, Yoon Sung is really pitiful and so having a mother hen in the form  of a fat, balding man is perfect. We love how he fusses around him and is his partner in action. Once again- nothing better happen to him. Please writers, we beg you!

Evil Daddy dearest is such a great character, so many drama viewers utterly hate him but we think he’s amazing. This character is so driven by hate and revenge that watching how far he will go is fascinating. We have a feeling that this character is going to die in his pursuit of revenge or die protecting Yoon Sung. Either way, the chances of him surviving all 20 episodes is like 1%. Then again, this drama does surprise us at times, so we never know. Yes, he’s evil and hell bent on revenge but you have to admit he’s good. We loved the Russian roulette scene in episode 9. For an old, crippled dude, he’s still got it.

It can’t be just us that think that Young Yoo is an idiot. He’s a hopeless Prosecutor and most of the time he has his cases literally handed to him by Yoon Sung. Plus the scene where Na Na was left dangling off the second floor railing pretty much sealed our dislike for this character. For a character that has a major crush on Na Na, he didn’t look that interested when he ran off in pursuit of Seo Yong Huk while she was left hanging off a thin edge, at least Yoon Sung knows what’s important.

Quick thoughts:

-We loved Na Na’s love confession. She’s such a refreshing leading lady- she wears her heart on her sleeve, she’s smart, emotional and so very likable.

-We’re so glad that she knows all of his secrets- including the fact that he’s City Hunter! Yay, looks like he’s got someone else on team Yoon Sung. Heeeee.

-Poor Yoon Sung, the poor guy gets shot and he spends multiple episodes getting poked and punched- Ouch, we felt for him. 


The Unluckiest leading ladies in drama land

21 Jun

While watching Best Love we sat there wondering how is it possible for one person to be so unlucky? Ae Jung’s character happens to be hated by the nation for a bad reputation that just never seems to fade. This got us thinking about other leading ladies in drama land who may be just as unlucky (if not worst) and their struggle to finally get their HEA.  

As any drama viewer will know, it’s a long and bumpy road to happiness for any leading lady. There are many obstacles they face along the way including; evil parents, crazy love rivals and the fact that they must work at least four jobs to support their lazy family. We mustn’t forget that there is also a river worth tears they must shed, some brooding that needs doing in a dark corner and of course getting drunk and confessing their heartache to the person that has secretly crushed on them since their first meeting.

The unluckiest leading lady prize goes to the following:

49 days- Ji Hyun:

Surely she holds the prize for the unluckiest leading lady…ever?

She dies in a car accident when it really wasn’t meant to be her time.

She gets given the most impossible challenge ever in the aim to get her life back, while at the same time finding out that the love of her life was cheating on her with her best friend.

After a lot of heartache and tears she falls in love and wins her challenge (yay) only to getting one stinkin’ picnic with her OTP before she dies again. (Boo!)

We still can’t forgive you drama.  Honestly that is just too cruel.

Other unlucky leading ladies include:

Loving you a thousand times- Eun Nim

This woman truly suffered…shudder*

Her family goes bankrupt and her father suddenly falls sick – that’s fine, as that is a standard Kdrama scenario. However it doesn’t end there-

To earn money she becomes a surrogate mother- yes, you read correctly.

She changes her mind about giving her baby up, only to have it snatched away from her at the hospital. 

Then she tentatively falls in love with a young chaebol- of course! Only to find out that her OTP’s brother is in fact her baby daddy. It really is a small world in drama land.

Add a horrible confrontation, divorce and lots of tears.

Then to top it all off, Eun Nim gets stomach cancer, like she hasn’t suffered enough.

Well, at least she got to live unlike Ji Hyun.

Save the last dance for me- Eun Soo

Her father dies and her fiancé disappears on the same night!

She happened to fall in love with the only person in the world that has multiple lapses in memory and occasionally forgets his name and who his OTP is.

If that’s not bad enough, she gets into a horrible car accident caused by her psycho secondary love interest and loses the ability to walk. 

Shining Inheritance- Eun Sung

Her dad ‘dies’ and her evil step mother and sister throw her and her disabled brother out.

After almost committing suicide with her brother, she loses her brother!

Insert- leading lady hitting rock bottom: becomes a hostess ect ect.

Then she meets and falls in love with a nasty rich brat, who isn’t even good looking (sorry LSG fangirls/boys)

It’s not all bad, unlike her other leading lady counterparts she gets her dad and brother back and lives happily ever after.  


Down with Love- Yu Ping

How unlucky can you get… Jerry Yan ends up with Ella Chen.

Yes, we’re aware that Jerry Yan is not a leading lady but come on; we all know who was wearing the trousers in that drama!

Just kidding…or are we? muhahah

Best Love:10-14

21 Jun

How can a drama be so outrageously silly but at the same time be grounded in reality?

Somewhere between episode 10 to now, we fell for this drama and it’s such a pleasant surprise as we were so willing to write it off and move on to the next drama. However now that we’re in the last week… we’re actually kind of sad that the silliness is going to end soon.

Despite being set in the world of show business and all that glitters, this drama is a very simple story of immature boy meets unpopular girl. In fact the storyline is so simple that when reflecting on what exactly happens on a week by week basis we struggled to remember- they bicker, bicker some more and oh yes bicker a little more. Frankly we don’t have a problem with this scenario because as long as the OTP are interesting enough we’re game for anything. We have to hand it to the Hong Sisters as it appears that they have finally learnt to evenly spread out the painful angst proportion of their dramas. It can’t be just us that shudder in remembering the mid section of; My Girl, Delightful Girl ect– where we have lots of crying, longing and misery for the silliest of reasons. 

Gone are the days of hateful love rivals and meddling parents who cause nothing but pain and misery for the OTP and hello to angst worthy of tears- nothing is as big as life and death and we’re loving it!

We sat there with lumps in our throat as we watched this OTP come to terms with the idea that they might not get their HEA. This couple have come so far and watching their steady development over the weeks has been a pleasure.  Dokko Jin has transformed into possibly the sweetest leading man we’ve seen in ages- He’s willing to throw everything away to protect and love her in life and in death. Considering how immature, silly and outrageous he was at the start. He has grown into a leading man who is near impossible not to love.

Other quick thoughts:

-So glad Pil Joo has been rejected- he is sleep inducing dull.

-Se Ri has been redeemed enough. Please don’t give her a happily ever after!

-Dokko Jin’s engagement ring was pretty.

49 days has scarred us enough to question whether we will get a HEA- shudder* -Please drama don’t try to be too original, we demand a cheesy and OTT ending.

Can you hear my heart? 19-22

18 Jun

For now the bromance is dead and we’re gutted. 
Poor Dong Joo- you could literally see his little heart break at the end of episode 22.

We knew that something major was going to happen once Joon Ha found about being a pawn in evil Madame Kang’s plan but seriously drama- this is cruel. He’s a monster! We’re hoping that this is strictly temporary and it’s just a very believable facade he’s put on to get revenge on his daddy dearest. Pretty please writers.  

This week’s lot of episodes introduced evil Joon Ha and well we have to confess that we like it! This guy has the biggest reason for revenge and watching all the lies and deception finally be revealed and seeing the direct impact it had on his character is brilliant viewing. The faceoff between Madame Kang and Joon Ha was intense. She was literally spitting venom, her true colours were very much on show and seeing it on screen was amazing. How twisted and evil does a person have to be to emotionally manipulate a child for 16 years to get revenge on a father he didn’t know was his?

No wonder Joon Ha joined the dark side- we would too!

One thing about evil Joon Ha we like is the fact that he just doesn’t care anymore about anything. We especially loved the scene where he got his mother kicked out! All we have to say is: FINALLY! Muhahaha. Shin Ae has had it coming since episode 1 and we literally sat there with wide grins of appreciation at evil Joon Ha in action.

Speaking of Shin Ae- how delusional is this woman? After finding out that the child she abandoned since birth was alive, did she really think that he would welcome her with open arms? What a freak. We hope that she continues to be rejected and treated badly for the remainder of the drama. Some character aren’t worthy of redemption!

Woo Ri and Dong Joo still remain perfect as the dramas OTP. For now the drama isn’t about their romance, in many ways it never was, however the way the writer manages to slowly develop their feelings every week is lovely viewing. This week, we got a love confession from Woo Ri and it was so sweet. We just wish that Dong Joo would step it up a gear and admit some of his secrets or at least let her know he loves her too.

 At times both men treat Woo Ri like a toy that they like to fight over. It’s less about her and more about them, which as a viewer isn’t so appealing. Despite the fact that Woo Ri knows pretty much everything, neither Dong Joo nor Joon Ha ever confide in her about their issues, which we think is a shame because it would present a more realistic representation of love. Take Joon Ha- all he wants to do is feed her or dress her like a doll. As soon as she says something he doesn’t like, he spits his dummy out and has a tantrum. Then there is Dong Joo, who appears to be content smiling like a lovesick fool whenever she’s around. He never reveals anything deeper than what he likes to present to the outside world. We think it’s time that the drama took a leaf out of Dong Joo and Joon Ha’s bromance and injected some of that sincerity and heart in the romance between the drama’s OTP.

Other thoughts:

It can’t be just us that felt that Young Gyu’s reunion with Joon Ha felt…anticlimactic? When are they going to properly meet already!?!

City Hunter- First Impressions/ episode 1-4

14 Jun

Strangely enough we avoided this drama for ages before we gave in and found that it’s not too bad and…yes, we confess we’re really enjoying it! We blame rubbish promo material and a confused genre for the delay, however when one musthavesubs sister is possibly Lee Min Ho’s biggest fangirl (ahem Shams) – there is no escaping this drama. Add some real fan love for something other than HOT LMH and well it seems like a given that we’re going to check out this unexpected surprise.

If there was one word to sum up this drama we would have to choose- slick.

The drama is incredibly well executed from all angles. It not only looks amazing and at times very pretty to watch but it’s got a rock solid script and standout performances from pretty much the whole cast.

How is it that this drama manages to effortlessly fit in as much as it does in an hour slot? It’s amazing. From the promo material, we worried that the drama would go down the same route as Plan B and Crime Squad, where it completely failed to maintain a balance between the genres explored. However, so far sooooo good! Not only do have a very compelling revenge scenario at the heart of the drama, we’ve also got a very sweet romance blossoming between the dramas OTP- add a dash of humour and family related issues and it’s all looking very promising.

Thank you drama for giving us a decent excuse for revenge and crazy daddy figures. Seriously, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a drama where the plot is driven by a valid reason other than cheating husbands who have scorned illegitimate children looking for revenge or past psychos with random grudges. Killing 20 men right before your eyes and a big fat lot of betrayal is a good enough excuse for us to continue to stay tuned in.

We confess that despite episode 1 and 2 being extremely well produced and interesting to watch- we just couldn’t connect on an emotional level…just yet anyway. However the more we watched, the more we liked it.

We love LMH’s depiction of Yoon Sung. The character could have easily been a very stereotypical Kdrama leading man- damaged, cold and ruthless. Which he is to some extent but at the same time Yoon Sung has heart, he’s got a moral compass which his crazy daddy is lacking and despite the way he’s been brought up- he wants to eventually get his HEA. The guy was raised for the sole purpose to get revenge and kill five people responsible for his real father’s death- however at the same time he’s idealistic and hopeful that he can get justice within the framework of the law. We love that- he is definitely rare breed for a Kdrama. He’s not scared to challenge his father or stand up for himself and others when needed. Honestly, it can’t be just us that are tired of watching the same parental issues play out in dramas? So this is definitely a refreshing change and we love the crazy/ dangerous standoffs between father and son. So exciting to watch!

The leading lady of the drama Na Na played by Park Min Young is our favourite type- hardworking, strong and fearless. We approve. Na Na is an interesting character in the fact that she’s probably shrouded in the most mystery out of all of the characters in the drama. Who is her Daddy Long legs, how is Yoon Sung’s Ahjussi related to her and what’s the mystery behind her parent’s accident 10 years earlier??? The fact that she’s so strong and independent despite being possibly the most pitiful character in the drama makes us automatically like this character. Her life is pretty grim but still she just gets on with it and does the best she can.

We love the relationship between Na Na and Yoon Sung- it’s a bit slow but we’re not complaining. Their moments together are refreshingly frank despite their differences in status. We like how they are already friends and how the writer has slowly snuck in a little jealousy and romantic tension between our OTP. It’s just the right amount to balance out the action in the drama, it also feels more natural and realistic than if the drama went full throttle and shoved it in our face. Yoon Sung is from a different world from Na Na and so it’s nice to see him slowly understand her world and how she lives in it. We can’t wait to see further developments in their relationship but at the same time we fear the fallout when she finds out that their relationship has been based on a lie. Shudder*

Everything is looking very promising so we’ve got our fingers crossed that it stays like that way for its whole run. If not, at least we’ve got LMH to look at. Hehehehe- he’s so puuurrrty.

Baby Faced Beauty: 11-12

14 Jun
Episode 11 was the episode where So Young felt the fallout of her lie being exposed and all we have to say is finally! Episode 11 was so good and we’re so glad that she can at last get her true identity back and she can build a real relationship with the people around her without freaking out that someone is going to find out that she’s an old ahjumma!  

The scene that did it for us was the confrontation between her and Jin Wook. The poor guy, we felt so sorry for him. His love for her was so earnest and sincere and for him to find out that it was based on a lie was too cruel. The biggest shock was actually So Young’s admission of love. For a character that is so reserved, we were surprised to say the least but so pleased as well.  His rejection of her was really sad to watch- So Young always comes across as so pitiful and for her to not only admit but also put herself out there was brave. It was nice to see a little angst between the two characters as they are usually surrounded by lots of fluffy cuteness. At least any progress made in the future will be based on an even playing field rather than the idea of a one sided love.

We think that the foreboding of everyone finding out her lie was scarier than the actual results. We literally spent 10 whole episodes squirming in our seats and now that it’s been revealed we can’t tell you how happy we are. Although the confrontations were horrible to watch, we’re glad that it wasn’t as evil as it played out in our minds- shudder* If anything So Young took it with dignity and grace and her return to the company just made her appear more fearless and determined to fulfil her dream to be a designer. Also we loved the impact it had on revealing her true feelings to her mother and sister about how she felt about her upbringing and her general treatment. The scene where they’re fighting over the sewing machine was so intense and angry. It was a great way to enforce a change in dynamics and allow for progress to happen both in their relationships but also as individuals.

We’re glad that the writer didn’t allow the characters to wallow too long from the aftermath of the confession and the storyline moved along quickly to the next phase. We love the idea of the competition between good and bad / sensible vs fashionable- so excited.

Quick thoughts:

-We’re glad that Jin Wook couldn’t stay mad at So Young for too long. We can’t wait to see their relationship properly develop in the upcoming episodes.

-We can’t wait for everyone to find out how manipulative Yoon Seo is- seriously for a split second we actually thought she was going to be a love rival with some creditability. How wrong were we!?

 -The drama has been extended by two episodes- groan* -We hate drama extensions with a passion but we’re hoping that it was extended earlier enough that the writers can actually do something worthwhile with it. Fingers crossed.

Can you hear my heart? 17-19

8 Jun

Seriously drama- you are killing us with how awesome you are at the moment!

How is it that this drama manages to hit all the right kinks? – It has such wonderfully romantic, funny and dramatic moments all put together in such an effortless manner.

Episode 17-19 gave us lots of love confessions, revelations and the sweetest OTP moments –Thank you drama makers- we love you. Ramblings ahead

Best Love: 7-10

8 Jun

We really like how far this drama has come. It’s moved away from all the OTT silliness and has given us some depth and something we can connect with on an emotional level rather than lots of slapstick which frankly gets boring really quickly.

Watching episode 10 gave us the realisation that Dokko Jin aka Man child has actually grown up since he finally worked out:

A. he actually does love Ae Jung and B.  Unlike everything else in his life- he might not get what he wants- in this case his OTP.

As a character he has evolved so much since the first episode where he was full of ego and only thought about himself. We love how he beat up her old manager for spilling his coffee on her- finally! We hate her manager, he is so horrible. Beating up a person will no doubt have huge consequences on his career but he did it for love, he did it for her! For the first time in the drama he did something that wasn’t about him or progressing his career but all about protecting her pride/ honour. We love how this one action may affect everything but at the same time it was his choice and regardless of the impact it may have on his career- he chose to do it and there is no one to blame but himself.

We wondered how the drama was going to handle the status issue between the OTP. We worried that it would be very Cinderella-like and he would choose her and they would both live happily ever after. – Groan* that is so unoriginal and boring.  Plus the likelihood of that happening in real life is zero considering how hated she is by the public. In reality, Ae Jung would tarnish his good reputation and if they stayed together they would surely resent each other. However, Dokko Jin’s actions have already jeopardised his career and now Ae Jung will know that he not only cares more about her than his career but is also willing to risk everything for her. If the woman didn’t believe he loved her before, she better now!

 We are so loving the development between Ae Jung and Dokko Jin’s relationship that we just want the drama to kill Pil Joo and Ae Jung’s relationship already! Please, this is a slow torture watching this very boring couple on screen. Yes, yes he’s very sweet but their moments are so stilted and dull together. Ae Jung needs to put him out of his misery already- it’s just too cruel!    

Muhahaha, how glad are we that Pil Joo completely ignored Se Ri’s confession of love! Seriously we hate that girl, she’s so manipulative and nasty- her actions ruined Ae Jung’s life for 10 years and still she feels like the victim- what a brat. We really hope that the drama reveals her true colours by the end of it and she really suffers.

Final thoughts:

-We really hope that Ae Jung picks Dokko Jin before she finds out that he has a heart condition.

-Every scene with Dokko Jin and Ae Jung’s nephew is just too cute.

-Who is the big backer that protected Ae Jung back in her girl band days?

Romance Town – Impressions

6 Jun

We started watching Romance Town a couple weeks ago after reading lots of promising reviews from bloggers who seem to have loved it. So naturally we had to check it out and see what the fuss was all about. They don’t call us drama addicts for no reason!

RT is from the same writer of Pasta, a drama that completely lacked any form of a storyline but had the sweetest OTP, so all was forgiven. Our preconceived idea about this drama was that it would be in the same vein of being bright, cheerful and very light. However we were surprised by how much substance the drama had- the first few episodes were heavily influenced by the idea of social class, money and keeping up appearances- which all contributed to presenting quite a dark and thoughtful drama. All of which was appealing as it provided a nice balance to everything else we’re watching.

RT is full of the usual Kdrama clichés- we’ve got a hard working, feisty leading lady that spends half her time cleaning up the mess caused by her rotten dad. We’ve got a cold, rich leading man that frankly needs a good slap. Throw in a couple love rivals and we’ve got ourselves a Kdrama. This drama definitely gives off the same vibe as How to meet the perfect neighbour and Desperate Housewives combined.

As we’ve mentioned in the past- we love our leading ladies to be strong and forthright and lucky for us – Soon Geum is exactly that. She is definitely the reason why we’ve stayed tuned in for as long as we have. She is incredibly likable and a leading lady worth rooting for. It’s just such a shame that her OTP is a complete arse.

 The writer hasn’t veered that far away from Pasta in regards to the leading man’s characterisation. They both happen to be short tempered, rude and at times very unbearable to watch. We remember watching Pasta at the time and being completely oblivious to other bloggers dislike for the leading man, who was classified as borderline abusive. For us, we were smitten by how utterly cute the OTP were together- she was all sweet and loved up and he was stern and serious. They were an odd couple that shared lots of chemistry together, so despite his bad tempered ways we could understand why the leading lady would love her OTP in Pasta. However in RT- insert the same type of rude, aggressive and hypercritical leading man and suddenly it’s not as appealing. We thought for ages why it worked in Pasta but doesn’t quite appeal in RT and all we could conclude was that: Soon Geum can do better for herself. She wouldn’t put up with a guy like that. Yu Kyung in Pasta was mild natured and at times submissive- don’t get us wrong, she stood up for herself when she needed to but most of the time she just took it. Whereas, Soon Geum is the opposite and well it’s more realistic of her to shove two fingers up and tell him where to go rather than find his nasty ways attractive.

We stayed tuned in for seven episodes because like we said, we enjoyed the different pace and feel of the drama at the start, however seven episodes in and suddenly it’s all gone downhill and we’re sitting there groaning at the stupidity of pretty much all of the characters.

Soon Geum aka the best thing about the drama has suddenly become all pathetic and needy. Why would she like a guy that is so nasty to her- has she forgotten how he packed her bags and kicked her out of the house in episode 2? Or the fact that he openly looks down at her as he truly believes he is better than her in every way? Oh yes, there is that little fact of him not recognising her at all after she put a little make up on and wore some nice clothes! If we were Soon Geum and we saw the drastically different manner in which he treats her in comparison to her alter ego Si Ah- it would be the nail in the coffin in making us realise that this guy is a conceited idiot that appears to care more about appearances and status than anything else. Where is this girl’s self respect and dignity when it comes to this man? Something major has to happen to humble the leading man and make him not only worthy of Soon Guem but also the audience because at this point- who actually wants to see him get his HEA?

For some strange reason we can’t connect or believe the friendship between the maids on 1st Street. We know exactly what’s going to happen at the end- we find out that the winning lottery ticket was actually the maid’s ticket and then they all equally share out the winnings and live happily ever after. Is it bad that we don’t want the other maids to get any of the money? Maybe it’s because we saw them turn on each other so quickly the last time they won some money… either way, we have a feeling this isn’t the way we’re suppose to feel about them.

Reason’s we’re dropping the drama:

-We hate the OTP.

-The storyline is far too slow and full of clichés- add a sick grandma to that list now- groan!

-The friendships in the drama feel contrived.

– Also you know it’s bad when the love rival isn’t even good enough to keep us interested.

It’s a real shame that this drama didn’t work out for us, it had a lot of potential and we really did want to like it. We guess we’ll stick to reading the recaps to see how it all pans out- We think it will be a lot less frustrating…hopefully!

Baby faced beauty: first impressions- 1-10

6 Jun

Yep, we’ve been watching this drama for awhile now and we’re really enjoying it.

It isn’t groundbreaking or a drama that veers away from the general Kdrama framework but at the same time it’s very appealing to watch. The characters are likable, the drama is funny, sincere and when you’re tuned in you can’t help but feel invested in wanting to know what happens to the characters. Despite the fact that the drama lacks a certain level of originality- if we care enough about the characters or the story- it doesn’t matter, we’ll happily stay tuned in to the very end.

Quick synopsis– Lee So Young finds herself working in the job of her dreams which she gets under false pretenses. In this case they think she’s actually her younger sister Lee So Jin, who is 25 years old. The drama is basically about a lie that has gotten so out of hand and a leading lady desperately trying to keep the lie from being explosed, while in the process of not trying to fall in love with her younger OTP and trying to stay out of trouble. However like all Kdramas she’s failing miserably in the process!  

Reasons to tune in:

-The leading lady is not your average lead- first off she’s not cheerful, strong and feisty- Lee So Young is quiet and shy: she’s a character that you can relate to on a basic level as she is very human and hard working. When you’re watching her on screen- you want her to succeed, get the guy and live happily ever after. She’s suffered enough already! This being a Kdrama nothing comes easily, but we definitely can’t wait to see her finally succeed.

-Daniel Choi’s character is great as the leading man. The guy may overact but every scene he’s in never fails to make us smile or love his character just a little more every week.

-The OTP- He’s cheerful and so goofy and she’s shy and wary. We loved the transition of their relationship from friendship to love; it was done so well and in a very authentic manner. Sometimes in Kdramas, the jump from friendship to love is a tad unbelievable but in this drama, although it was something that neither character thought about at the start of their relationship, it slowly developed in a way that makes it all the more appealing to watch and more satisfying once they finally get together.

-The actually storyline moves along at a very good pace. Every week something happens to escalate the lie that much more and as a viewer you’re sitting there squirming in your seat desperately hoping that the leading lady doesn’t get discovered. It’s an odd combination of feeling: intrigued, nervous and excited by what is going to happen.  We guess it beats feeling indifferent!

If you’re looking for an old school Kdrama with more substance over style then look no further. This drama is well produced, has a half decent cast and a very likable OTP.

Heres hoping that the drama remains as good now that the lie has been revealed- can’t wait to see what happens next!