Can you hear my heart? 17-19

8 Jun

Seriously drama- you are killing us with how awesome you are at the moment!

How is it that this drama manages to hit all the right kinks? – It has such wonderfully romantic, funny and dramatic moments all put together in such an effortless manner.

Episode 17-19 gave us lots of love confessions, revelations and the sweetest OTP moments –Thank you drama makers- we love you.

The characterisation of Ma Roo/ Joon Ha is brilliant- one minute we love him the next we hate him. He is such a complicated character but so utterly fascinating to watch.

We thought that his original scene with his grandma was untouchable in terms of how intense and emotional it was but then we watched episode 19 and we literally sat at the edge of our seats watching the confrontation between Ma Roo and his grandma. OMG, it was so good. The man can cry such beautiful tears and he still remains hot- how is that possible?! We felt so sorry for him at that moment; this was such a great climax to him finding out who his real parents are. As well as concluding all his conflicted guilty feelings about abandoning his family 16 years earlier. The irony of the situation is just too tragic- this guy has been guilt ridden for so many years because of a decision he made when he was just a child and to find out that his real parents abandoned him without a second thought is just too cruel. Lucky that Ma Roo Oppa is rich, because no doubt he’s going to need a few years of therapy after that little revelation!

How glad are we that this wasn’t the turning point for Ma Roo- we literally sat there whimpering- Noooo, you can’t make Ma Roo a baddy! To be honest, it would have been a really good twist if Ma Roo turned bad after finding out the truth about his heritage of being born from evil incarnate. Seriously drama- you better not redeem Shin Ae or else… we want that woman to be punished.

Out of all of the characters in this drama Ma Roo’s character is the most complicated and compelling to watch and although we hoped for a happily ever after for this  character, we knew deep down that he would be the one to be sacrificed. Sob* At least he went down with dignity and not because of outside factors like daddy dearest reporting him to the police.

There are still 11 episodes left, so is it too optimistic for us to hope that he might get his HEA by episode 30 or is it just too late now?

OTP round up:

Dong Joo and Woo Ri just shouldn’t work as a couple, there are so many factors standing in the way but despite all there numerous issues- they still remain a very sweet couple to watch on screen. Their romance is incredibly straightforward and simple- he likes and she likes him. Forget the fact that his family was responsible for her mother’s death or that Dong Joo’s fake brother also loves her. Nothing seems to matter when they are together and it’s so lovely.

We felt for Dong Joo in episode 19- he must have felt so helpless in his inability to help Woo Ri when her grandma was rushed to hospital. The way Seung Chul stepped in and took charge must have made him feel so useless. It’s the first time we’ve actually seen him be so vulnerable in the drama and we wonder if this will play a factor in the future on their road to happiness?

 We love how Woo Ri told Joon Ha the reason she can’t pick him is because he’s Dong Joo’s brother. Loved that- she didn’t drag it out, she didn’t give him false hope- she said it as it was. Perfect. Naturally being a smart girl, she got a few handbags out of him and nice haircut. That said we have to confess that the whole sequence was just strange; why did she allow him to take her shopping? Plus he should know that she’s not the type to allow a guy to buy her lots of expensive stuff just for the sake of it. Ummm very weird- personally we just think it was just an excuse by the producers to get Woo Ri in a nice dress.

Scenes worth mentioning:

-The scene where Woo Ri finally convinced her grandma to come home. The scene was so emotionally charged and so heartfelt. The writing and acting in this drama is a standout and it’s scenes like this that makes you love the characters and ultimately the drama over the hundreds of dramas that come out year after year.

-The club scene- Woo Ri and Dong Joo dancing in the club was sooooo sweet. Even when they are both screwed up with their various issues, they still manage to be outrageously sweet together. Sigh*

-We love the faceoff between Madame Kang and Shin Ae. A very classy bitch off- we approve, plus It brought Shin Ae down a peg or two. 

Final thoughts:

-When is Ma Roo going to be reunited with Young Gyu?

-We’re still dying to know who Mi Sook is- we love every scene she’s in! 


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