Baby Faced Beauty: 11-12

14 Jun
Episode 11 was the episode where So Young felt the fallout of her lie being exposed and all we have to say is finally! Episode 11 was so good and we’re so glad that she can at last get her true identity back and she can build a real relationship with the people around her without freaking out that someone is going to find out that she’s an old ahjumma!  

The scene that did it for us was the confrontation between her and Jin Wook. The poor guy, we felt so sorry for him. His love for her was so earnest and sincere and for him to find out that it was based on a lie was too cruel. The biggest shock was actually So Young’s admission of love. For a character that is so reserved, we were surprised to say the least but so pleased as well.  His rejection of her was really sad to watch- So Young always comes across as so pitiful and for her to not only admit but also put herself out there was brave. It was nice to see a little angst between the two characters as they are usually surrounded by lots of fluffy cuteness. At least any progress made in the future will be based on an even playing field rather than the idea of a one sided love.

We think that the foreboding of everyone finding out her lie was scarier than the actual results. We literally spent 10 whole episodes squirming in our seats and now that it’s been revealed we can’t tell you how happy we are. Although the confrontations were horrible to watch, we’re glad that it wasn’t as evil as it played out in our minds- shudder* If anything So Young took it with dignity and grace and her return to the company just made her appear more fearless and determined to fulfil her dream to be a designer. Also we loved the impact it had on revealing her true feelings to her mother and sister about how she felt about her upbringing and her general treatment. The scene where they’re fighting over the sewing machine was so intense and angry. It was a great way to enforce a change in dynamics and allow for progress to happen both in their relationships but also as individuals.

We’re glad that the writer didn’t allow the characters to wallow too long from the aftermath of the confession and the storyline moved along quickly to the next phase. We love the idea of the competition between good and bad / sensible vs fashionable- so excited.

Quick thoughts:

-We’re glad that Jin Wook couldn’t stay mad at So Young for too long. We can’t wait to see their relationship properly develop in the upcoming episodes.

-We can’t wait for everyone to find out how manipulative Yoon Seo is- seriously for a split second we actually thought she was going to be a love rival with some creditability. How wrong were we!?

 -The drama has been extended by two episodes- groan* -We hate drama extensions with a passion but we’re hoping that it was extended earlier enough that the writers can actually do something worthwhile with it. Fingers crossed.


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