Heartstrings: 5-7

24 Jul

We nearly gave up on this drama multiple times when watching episodes 5 and 6. Seriously we groaned and moaned all the way through both episodes; Shin was a love sick idiot and Kyu Won’s crush was too sudden, too unreasonable and far too annoying to watch. Then suddenly we’re watching episode 7 and we were given everything we’ve wanted since the start of this drama.  We’ve been waiting impatiently since episode 1 for Shin to realise how awesome Kyu Won is and for him to stop mooning over his dull Ballerina and now the moment has come, hooray! Yes, it was rather sudden and their feelings felt a little disjointed at times;  what with all the jumping from extreme feelings for each other but hell who cares- better late than never!

We hope that Kyu Won plays hard to get for a little while longer and lets Shin do a bit of the chasing for once. It was nice to see him be ruffled by his unexpected feelings for Kyu Won and do something other than quietly watch from a distance.  We really like the scenes where they perform together or they watch each other perform. They both manage to convey that look of being affected by the performance while trying to hide how impressed they are.  They both perform from their souls and love the music and watching them see that in each other is great as it’s a genuine connection  and it’s a much better reason for crushing on someone  than  just because they’re hot, although it helps. Heheh. 

It seems like Kyu Won and Ki Young aren’t going to be romantically connected anytime soon- gutted! We would have loved to watch them interact and watch Shin be actually jealous of a guy that is the same age and equally as talented as him. Please tell us this is going to happen?

Speaking of Ki Young- he got over his stage fright pretty quickly, especially for a guy that was brooding and angsting his way through every scene. It’s a shame because we do like a good damaged, broken character to obsess over.


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