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Drama update

30 Aug
We’ve been completely MIA for the majority of August, real life has kept us super busy, and so we haven’t had a chance to really blog. However we’re back and more than ready to gush/rant away our thoughts on all things drama related. Yay!

Dramas that we dropped:

Heartstrings: we got to episode 10 and found that you know what? – We don’t like this drama enough to bother watching it. Aside from the OTP sharing unexpectedly hot chemistry together, the rest of the drama was just meh for us. We cared very little for the characters, the storyline was on a downward swirl of boredom and frankly we don’t know why we stuck around for so long. Maybe because it had so much potential; the first couple episodes were fresh and had a laid back feel to it but there are only so many episodes that can ride on that vibe before people get bored and demand some substance. Take Mary stayed out all night– on paper it sounded brilliant, the first couple episodes were quirky/ music centred and charming. It made us sit up excitedly in hopes that this was a winner but then it crashed and burned fast. Such a shame.  Despite Mary being a disappointment, we stuck around till the end and forgave it for the most part because Jang Geum Suk and Moon Geun Young are so awesome but sadly for Heartstrings- Park Shin Hye and Yong Hwa have awhile to go before they can carry a drama with just their presence.
One thing we’ll take away from Heartstrings is the fact that Yong Hwa found himself a decent acting coach and can finally put behind him the embarrassment that was his awful performance in You’re Beautiful. Shudder* He gave Ji Hoo sunbae a run for his money in the worst actor category. Muhaha. 

City Hunter: We’ve got a really weird relationship with this drama. When we’re tuned in, we’re hooked but as soon as it’s over, we have very little desire to sit down and watch it ASAP. It makes no sense what so ever.  Especially when you consider how much fandom there is for this drama. For us it just doesn’t have that crack factor that makes us drama obsessives. We got to episode 11 before it was shelved, simply because life got really busy and we had to make cut backs. We definitely plan to finish this drama off and will probably be watching the OTP more closely now that we know that they are a real couple. Good for them- We wouldn’t say no to Lee Min Ho either. Heheh.

Seriously, Park Min Young is such a lucky girl. So jealous.

Myung Wol the spy: How glad are we that we didn’t stick with this drama. We sat down and watched episode 1 when it first aired weeks ago but we swear we were completely and utterly bored by it. The drama felt stilted, the comedy just missed the mark and most importantly we didn’t care for any of the characters. Also from what we’ve followed through recaps- leading men that are still arseholes when you hit episode 10+ aren’t worth watching, leading men that slap their OTP definitely aren’t worth watching and well as we haven’t seen the infamous episode 13 with that bed scene- we’ll reframe from commenting.

We feel sorry for Eric, we have a feeling that he’ll be glad when filming is over. Not to mention he’ll probably be relieved to see the back of Han Ye Seul. The off scene antics seem to be more interesting than the actual drama, which is never good.  In-house fighting, accidental murder, dramatic departures to the other side of the world…come on you can’t make this crap up. 

 Dramas we’re watching:

Scent of a woman: it’s love!  This is our crack drama at the moment. It’s soooooo good. Aside from the fact that we’re going to be completely and utterly heartbroken by the time it finishes, it’s completely worth it. We can’t think of a single thing we’d change, it’s that good.

If you haven’t watched it yet- we demand you watch it NOW!

My love by my side: The drama appears to have completely lost the plot. The writer must be smoking the wacky backy because the drama has truly gone mad. Despite this fact we’re still tuned in, engrossed in the crazy antics and the twisted rationality of the majority of the characters. We know it’s wrong but still we’re obsessed.

Episode 23 was amazing but still twisted. We don’t know what is worst- the fact that we liked it because it was twisted, or in spite of that fact. Either way it’s bad. We need help.

Dramas we want to watch:

Protect the boss:  It looks fun and silly, plus goofy guy with tough girl is always great viewing- see Hana Yori Dango. Also we’re hoping that this will be a great drama to balance out the angst fest that is our current drama list. Also Ji Sung and Hero had us sold on this drama before we even knew what it was about. They are both soooooo purrrty. Giggles*

Office Girls (T): We don’t really want to watch this drama- it sounds completely crap BUT it has not one but two of our favourite HOT Tdrama love rivals. Roy Qiu and James Wen in the same drama- thank you drama makers- we salute you!


Scent of a Woman: 3-4

7 Aug

We are loving this drama. It leaves us feeling warm and happy and as soon as it’s finished we want to watch another episode. Episode 3 and 4 only cemented our feelings and now we’re hooked and we have our fingers crossed that the rest of the drama will be just as good.

We love how Ji Wook can’t stop thinking about her, his feelings clearly based on a strange combination of attraction and curiosity. Plus we like the fact that he’s interested in her despite her appearing like a complete stalker. Episode 3 allowed us to fall hard for the leading man, who manages to be all cool and spontaneous but at the same time sweet and vulnerable. We love how he ditched the real Miss Lee and decided to go with his heart. We like how he gradually changed through the course of the episode through her influence. He went from stiff and indifferent to playing in the rain and taking part in drinking competitions. Despite their unique and yes, contrived circumstances, we can totally believe their chemistry and the fact that they had such an impact on each other.  Plus it felt natural and easy to watch this odd couple interact even when they were doing unbelievable things like running away from gangsters!

As you probably guessed – we give this OTP- two thumbs up!

Although we would have liked more OTP time in Okinawa, we’re glad that they have both returned to Korea, back to reality. We like how despite being back to his everyday life, he’s constantly thinking about this woman that he barely knows. Also we like the fact that what he does know from others completely contradicts the opinions he’s formed for himself. It’s always a pleasure to watch the hot, rich guy obsess over the ‘ordinary’ leading lady and this drama doesn’t disappoint one bit.  

Eun Seok is going to be a love rival that we may just love too much. (Not again!). It’s that flicker of vulnerability in his eyes when he’s being a cold hearted bastard that gets us every time. He could have easily have been that standard stereotype but instead we’ve got a love rival that is complicated, emotionally stunted and far from perfect. We’re really looking forward to seeing how Yeon Jae’s presence in his life will change him for the better. We love how despite his cold ways, he can’t refuse her and that is bound to get him in a couple embarrassing situations in the future. Heeeee, can’t wait.

Maybe we spoke too soon about liking the love rivals because we went from mild intrigue to annoyance at the characterisation of Sae Kyung. Seriously episode 4 transformed her character into a completely stereotypical female love rival- crazy, jealous and bratty. Groan*

Quick random thoughts:

-The scene where Yeon Jae danced the Tango in Okinawa was so heartbreakingly sad but at the same time a lovely scene to watch.

-Why did Yeon Jae have to cut her hair?  She’s practically gone back to her Ahjumma ways.

-Thanks drama makers for giving us that very nice shower scene with LDW. We really appreciated it!

My love by my side- 16-20

7 Aug

We finished episode 20 and literally turned to each other and said: WTF?- Seriously did we really watch Seok Bin’s mother ask Seok Bin to have a baby only to give it away to his uncle in  a desperate bid to stay in favour with the family??? Come on, how stupid is that. Drama we are disappointed.

We expected something better or at least more rational from this drama that somehow manages to maintain a sense of reality in a strictly makjung setting but really does that make sense at all?

Aside from the most random request ever, the drama has given us lots of good stuff in the form of a budding romance between Mi Sol and So Ryong. They are so sweet together! He had to fall for the most screwed up girl in town didn’t he? We generally like our Kdrama men strictly Alpha and sadly for us So Ryong is a Beta male through and through but strangely enough we still love him. We like how Mi Sol is finally seeing So Ryong in a more romantic light and we eagerly await for more OTP moments in the future.

We’ve been waiting for the love square to be properly formed for ages and here it is: we’ve got Seok Bin stalking our OTP from a distance, So Ryong getting punched for his troubles and an unexpected and seriously messy friendship between Mi Sol and Yoon Jung. Creating a friendship between Mi Sol and Yoon Jung was genius. Can’t wait to see Seok Bin’s face when he realises that his wife is friends with his baby mamma- it’s going to be priceless!

We are thoroughly enjoying how utterly crazy mother and son have become over the course of this drama. Their unreasonable claim on an estate that has no real connection to them is beyond insane but at the same time strangely fascinating and we sit there wondering what they will do next.

Prize for the most evil character goes to: Seok Bin’s mummy dearest. She has literally blackmailed and lied her way through this drama and now the woman has outdone herself by throwing away Grandma  Kang’s cancer medicine! Come on that’s so screwed up. Despite her evil ways, why do we still like her? We need help.

Mi Sol’s uncle and Joo Ri are off our kill list (for now). We have to confess that we really like how their relationship has blossomed since they reunited. Two pathetic losers in love is rather funny to watch. Their morning movie date was hilarious!  Also it is sweet that Mi Sol’s uncle wants to change his useless ways to be a better man for Joo Ri.

Mi Sol’s mother has got herself a romantic storyline with Seok Bin’s uncle. Yay! We love how Kdramas love to keep everyone nicely connected together and this is just the icing on the cake in ruining Seok Bin’s mother’s evil plans. Muhaha.

Scent of a Woman: 1-2/ first impressions

1 Aug

We managed to catch the first couple episodes of Scent of a Woman and we really enjoyed it.

We want more!

Aside from the drama looking very pretty and we’re not just talking about the return of the lovely Lee Dong Wook (heheh) and the acting being solid- it’s the characters that really sold this drama for us. The love square all bring something interesting to the table and the more we watch them on screen, the more compelling they become.

Take the leading lady for instance: she’s the standard Kdrama leading lady- dumpy, hardworking and always taken advantage of. We love how this drama allowed her to stick two fingers up at everyone that has mistreated her and enabled her to truly be herself. As a character we have to confess, it was near impossible not to love her after she stood up for herself in spectacular fashion and seriously that slap was amazing! The position she’s found herself in is of course tragic but watching a very repressed character throwing caution to the wind and doing everything she never got the chance to do is exciting viewing. The scene where she decided to seduce Ji Wook at the bar while being completely drunk was hilarious. We can’t wait to see exactly how far she will go in her attempts to live life to the full.

We carefully scanned the drama synopsis and nowhere on it did we see the words melodrama, so we’re hoping that the terminal cancer element of the drama is very much a misdiagnosis and that the OTP get their HEA after. Fingers crossed*

Lee Dong Wook’s character hasn’t really been explored that much but we like what we’ve seen so far. He’s smart, charismatic and has that element of compassion that is often lacking from a chaebol leading man. We seriously can’t wait to see more scenes between him and KSA’s character as we’re hoping that they will be really great together, plus it helps that KSA can produce chemistry with a dead corpse. Love her or hate her- you can’t dispute the fact that the woman can act.

The love rivals are surprisingly great. We know- shock horror. They are both well developed and have enough of an edge to their personalities that makes you want to see what they will do next. Plus both characters managed to generate a healthy dose of chemistry with their love interests that it should be interesting viewing to watch how it all pans out for them.

We’re hoping that Uhm Ki Joon’s recent DUI doesn’t impact his role in the drama as we really took a liking to his cold, awkward character and would love to see more of him on screen. Also sudden script changes never have a positive outcome for anyone. Bad Guy anyone?

Random Thoughts:

-KSA is looking gooooood in this drama. Who doesn’t love a good drama transformation?

-Who else cheered when Yeon Jae slapped Se Kyung? muhahaha

-How many episodes do you think we have to wait until LDW gets his top off? Giggles*

If this post didn’t sell the drama to you…maybe this will: