Scent of a Woman: 3-4

7 Aug

We are loving this drama. It leaves us feeling warm and happy and as soon as it’s finished we want to watch another episode. Episode 3 and 4 only cemented our feelings and now we’re hooked and we have our fingers crossed that the rest of the drama will be just as good.

We love how Ji Wook can’t stop thinking about her, his feelings clearly based on a strange combination of attraction and curiosity. Plus we like the fact that he’s interested in her despite her appearing like a complete stalker. Episode 3 allowed us to fall hard for the leading man, who manages to be all cool and spontaneous but at the same time sweet and vulnerable. We love how he ditched the real Miss Lee and decided to go with his heart. We like how he gradually changed through the course of the episode through her influence. He went from stiff and indifferent to playing in the rain and taking part in drinking competitions. Despite their unique and yes, contrived circumstances, we can totally believe their chemistry and the fact that they had such an impact on each other.  Plus it felt natural and easy to watch this odd couple interact even when they were doing unbelievable things like running away from gangsters!

As you probably guessed – we give this OTP- two thumbs up!

Although we would have liked more OTP time in Okinawa, we’re glad that they have both returned to Korea, back to reality. We like how despite being back to his everyday life, he’s constantly thinking about this woman that he barely knows. Also we like the fact that what he does know from others completely contradicts the opinions he’s formed for himself. It’s always a pleasure to watch the hot, rich guy obsess over the ‘ordinary’ leading lady and this drama doesn’t disappoint one bit.  

Eun Seok is going to be a love rival that we may just love too much. (Not again!). It’s that flicker of vulnerability in his eyes when he’s being a cold hearted bastard that gets us every time. He could have easily have been that standard stereotype but instead we’ve got a love rival that is complicated, emotionally stunted and far from perfect. We’re really looking forward to seeing how Yeon Jae’s presence in his life will change him for the better. We love how despite his cold ways, he can’t refuse her and that is bound to get him in a couple embarrassing situations in the future. Heeeee, can’t wait.

Maybe we spoke too soon about liking the love rivals because we went from mild intrigue to annoyance at the characterisation of Sae Kyung. Seriously episode 4 transformed her character into a completely stereotypical female love rival- crazy, jealous and bratty. Groan*

Quick random thoughts:

-The scene where Yeon Jae danced the Tango in Okinawa was so heartbreakingly sad but at the same time a lovely scene to watch.

-Why did Yeon Jae have to cut her hair?  She’s practically gone back to her Ahjumma ways.

-Thanks drama makers for giving us that very nice shower scene with LDW. We really appreciated it!


2 Responses to “Scent of a Woman: 3-4”

  1. your_insomnia August 7, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    That scene with the tango on the beach is my favorite scene from almost any drama. I bawled and bawled watching it and not only because it’s so sad and because I feel bad for Yeon Jae but because it’s so beautiful and it’s just…life…you know?
    That scene really encompasses that bittersweet feeling of life for me.

  2. your_insomnia August 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    I know! I have been addicted from the first episode (episode 5 was delicious btw. guhh more tango! it’s killing me!!). I love how sensible Yeon Jae is. So refreshing to see that in a kdrama, even if it was brought on by cancer…Like when she says “Forver isn’t that long for me”. Or when she asks “What is meaningful? Aren’t the things that I’ve never done before and that will make me happy meaningful enough?” This drama is smart, romantic and beautifully shot. I really can’t ask for me.

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