My love by my side: episode 21-25

12 Sep

It was all about episode 23! It’s as simple as that. Seriously it was sooooo good. Yes, it was nuts and Seok Bin has totally lost the plot but hell who cares when it’s this good?

Seok Bin currently holds the prize for the character you love to hate. Getting in the heavies to beat up So Ryong, while warning him off Mi Sol is so wrong. Especially when you consider the fact that his lovely wife is sitting at home waiting for his sorry arse to return. We love how the more we watch the more despicable his character becomes as his obsession with Mi Sol gets that much more twisted. Considering this drama has decided to throw caution to the wind when it comes to presenting any form of reality, we must confess we’re really excited to see how dysfunctional it will become.

The best part about Seok Bin’s transformation into a crazy stalker love rival is the fact that we know exactly where he’s coming from. We saw his innocent romance with Mi Sol, we saw how he was manipulated by his mother against his will and ultimately we know that his love for Mi Sol came from a good place. We hate dramas where you get insane love rivals that are irrational for no good reason at all. Love rivals that hardly know the lead but feel the urge to do nutty things like bankrupt their romantic rival (Scent of a woman) or frame them for a crime they didn’t commit (Delightful Girl). It’s just groan inducing and the whole time they are on screen you just want them to get hit by a truck already! From all the dramas we’ve watched in our time, it’s a definite rarity to find a solid love rival that is compelling and adds to the overall experience of a drama. Usually they’re 2D and annoying but when they are done right its great viewing- look at the love rivals in: Thank You, Baker King and Hana Yori Dango. 


Poor So Ryong- the guy proposes to Mi Sol, only to be given the biggest shock of his life. You could literally see his heart break into a million pieces. We really liked his response. It was harsh, honest and most of all realistic. Despite So Ryong being a really nice guy, it’s completely understandable that he would want nothing to do with her.  That said how glad are we that we only got an episode and a half of angsty So Ryong. The idea of him wrestling his conscience with what is practical against what his heart wants was really lovely viewing.  We’re also glad that he’s decided to man up and protect Mi Sol against sleazy Seok Bin. At first we questioned whether So Ryong would be a strong enough lead to compete against Seok Bin but as the weeks have past, we’ve really fallen for his gentle, considerate character and the very sweet romance that has subtly bloomed between him and Mi Sol.

It’s a shame that there is bound to be trouble ahead to ruin all the happy smiles and love confessions- can’t wait! Hehehe.

How crazy will it become when Seok Bin works out who Yeon Hoon is?

Other thoughts:

-We love how long family dramas cram in the romance from all angles- it’s even better when it’s a romance we actually care about. We’re loving Mi Sol’s mother Seon Ah and Jin Gook’s romance. We’re so glad that she’s got herself a romance with such a nice guy, who happens to be instrumental in potentially ruining all of Seok Bin and Mother dearest’s greedy plans. We also like how their romance incorporates every Kdrama love scenario imaginable – disapproving mothers (in-law), manipulative friends/sisters in law, class divide- you name it this couple have it, but in this case it’s for a couple in their 40s!

-Poor Ju Ri- what an embarrassing way to find out what your OTP does for a living, especially with her judgemental mother right there to witness the shame of it all.


One Response to “My love by my side: episode 21-25”

  1. victoria January 12, 2015 at 4:02 am #

    where can I watch the drama in English sub??

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